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Technics Noise Cancelling Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Deliver Excellent Sound and Superior Call Quality

Technics today announced the release of the new EAH-A800 Noise Cancelling Wireless Over-Ear Headphones. These new headphones offer superior call quality with four-microphone beamforming and noise supression technology to clearly convey the speaker’s voice to the listener[i].

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager – Imaging & Technics, Panasonic, said: “The Technics heritage of excellence sees us continue to impress enthusiasts around the world. The new EAH-800 pushes boundaries to offer industry-leading[ii] noise-cancelling technology, so users can immerse themselves in sound both indoors and out. And for maximum convenience, the best-of-class[iii] battery life provides around 50 hours of music listening or 30 hours of talk time.”

The EAH-A800 headphones cater to work-from-anywhere lifestyles. Picking up only the speaker’s voice, they provide crystal-clear voice communication even in noisy environments.

Technics is dedicated to delivering the ideal sound to communicate the dynamics of music – such as the breath-taking silence and tension of musical performances, the energy of instrumentalists, and the inspiration of singers’ voices.

This dedication is evident in the new headphones, which boast excellent audio quality, bringing together the outstanding technologies and experience that the brand has cultivated over more than 50 years of hi-fi audio development.

Technics EAH-A800 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones: $549RRP

Available in silver and black at selected Technics audio specialist retailers from mid-February.

Hear Every Detail – Premium Technics Sound Quality

For an excellent audio experience, the newly developed 40mm dynamic driver with a free edge diaphragm in the dome, and the edge part composed of different multi-layer material that has optimal strength and flexibility, ensures clear sound and deep bass with minimal distortion. The Acoustic Control Chamber accurately controls air flow to enhance the performance of the driver for precise bass and rich spatial expression. Further, use of thin-film polymer multi- layer capacitors – a technology used in Technics’ high-grade audio amplifiers – facilitates a stable current through the audio circuit, which limits distortion and generates high-quality sound. The EAH-A800 also supports High-Resolution Audio Quality with Bluetooth® and LDAC technology[iv], delivering a wide, dynamic range of sound with fast response and high definition.

Speak with clarity – superior call quality

A total of eight mics play a huge role in supporting more comfortable, natural conversation. Four MEMS mics operate simultaneously to pick up the speaker’s voice with superior precision, while noise cancellation makes it easy to focus on the conversation. Another four mics with beamforming technology and noise reduction activate simultaneously from both sides of the headphones to reduce background noise and capture voices in three dimensions. Technics’ unique signal processing analyses the voice and suppresses surrounding noise to deliver the voice clearly.

Wind Noise Suppression

Wind is one factor that can negatively affect call quality; to ensure excellent call clarity in any environment, Technics changed its microphone design to minimise wind noise. The EAH-A800 headphones use a Feed-Forward Mic with small holes installed deep inside the unit to improve air resistance and reduce vibrations. Further supporting this noise suppresion, the headphones are equipped with multiple chambers; the Main Talk Mic has been designed with a different mesh material at the front and back; while the windshield on the Sub Talk Mic has a top cover to prevent direct wind exposure.

Immerse Yourself in Sound: Industry-leading Noise Cancelling

Technics’ industry-leading noise cancelling allows you to immerse yourself in sound, no matter what the location. Through Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology, which combines two pairs of noise cancelling functions – an analog filter and a Feed-Back Mic, and a Feed-Forward Mic and a digital filter – noise both inside and outside the headphones can be minimised for Industry-leading noise cancelling performance.

Control the Sound Around You – Natural Ambient / Attention Mode

The EAH-A800 headphones are equipped with two ambient sound modes: Natural Ambient Mode and Attention Mode. Natural Ambient Mode comprehensively captures a wide range of low to high frequencies, leading to a more natural sound that allows the user to pay attention to surrounding noise while listening to music or making calls. Attention Mode reduces unwanted external noise to make it easier to hear voices, so users can listen for airport and train announcements or speak to their families at home while listening to music.

Bluetooth® Multipoint Pairing

Multipoint pairing allows users to connect to two Bluetooth® devices at the same time. This makes it extra convenient when a call comes in, as the headphones will connect to the device that needs to be active when you simply click the call button.

Comfort Fit for Your Every Move-Best Fit for the Best Sound

The EAH-A800 has been designed to ensure a comfortable fit. The 3D earpads feature a curved design to apply uniform pressure to the whole ear. The earpads are cushioned with memory foam to distribute pressure and fit securely, while a wire spring in the headband optimises pressure across the entire head. The inner diameter of the earpad has been enlarged to wrap around the ear, yet the headphones themselves can be stored in a compact carrying case.

About Technics

Technics is the brand name of hi-fi audio products owned by the Panasonic Corporation based in Osaka, Japan. The Technics brand was founded in 1965. Driven by a constant thirst for innovation and excellence within the audio field, scores of legendary hi-fi components have been released by the Technics brand, many of them having set new standards in the audio world.

[i] Varying environmental conditions may affect performance.

[ii] As of Oct 31, 2021, According to research by Panasonic Corporation, based on published playback time (AAC, NC ON) in the over- ear style noise cancelling

[iii] As of Oct 31, 2021, According to research by Panasonic Corporation, based on published playback time (AAC, NC ON) in the over- ear style noise cancelling

[iv] Delivered in 96 kHz/24 bit LDAC when connected by Bluetooth®.

Technics Premium C600 Series launches in Australia: Introducing SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver and SB-C600 Compact Bookshelf Speaker System

Technics today announced the launch of the new ‘Premium C600’ Series – comprised of the compact and connected SA-C600 Network CD Receiver, and the small but impressive SB-C600 Bookshelf Speaker System.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager – Imaging & Technics, Panasonic, said: “The SB-C600 is an ideal match for the high-quality performance of the SA-C600. Together, they form an attractive, audiophile-standard duo that modern music lovers will enjoy, setting new standards for audio quality and design within the modern home.”

For hi-fi enthusiasts, the SA-C600 and SB-C600 combination offers the advantage of a compact option while ensuring high performance, without the need for additional components to complete their home audio setup.

The SA-C600 is an addition to the Technics portfolio that fills the gap between the all-in-one compact speaker systems, such as the C70MK2, and true separate component systems, such as the C700 and the G700M2 systems. This elegant receiver component delivers a superior audio environment, with design aesthetics that ensure harmonious matching with other Technics offerings.

Despite its small size, the SB-C600 Speaker System can recreate a spacious, ‘concert hall’ impression in the home – revealing every detail with vibrancy, power and a large soundstage. As befits this premium class, the SA-C600 has an elegant silver hairline-brushed aluminum top plate, while the SB-C600 features a minimalist matte black finish.

Technics SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver: $1,749RRP

Technics SB-C600 Compact Bookshelf Speaker System: $1,749RRP

Both models are available at selected Technics audio specialist retailers from mid-February.

SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver

The SA-C600 has an impressive list of specifications. It incorporates the sophisticated full-digital amplification technology of the JENO Engine, which is the basis for the powerful and dynamic audio quality of all Technics products, while also meeting today’s consumer demand for connectivity and flexibility.

  • Elegant, compact CD top-loader design
  • 2 x 60W into 4 ohms for room-filling power and dynamics
  • Technics’ proprietary full-digital amplifier based on the JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-Shaping Optimisation)
  • Low noise power supply
  • Left and right channel individual Space Tune with additional “In-shelf” option
  • High-quality Phono MM input
  • Optical SPDIF input with auto power-on function when detecting source signal – especially comfortable with TV signals
  • Subwoofer output
  • Chromecast built-in for multiroom capability and access to streaming services
  • Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Deezer and Amazon Music
  • Internet Radio / DAB / FM
  • AirPlay 2
  • MQA decoding

SB-C600 Compact Bookshelf Speaker System

When hearing the name ‘Technics’, most hi-fi and music lovers immediately think of the brand‘s legendary turntables. However, the first Technics product ever built, back in 1965, was a small two-way bookshelf speaker system. This design set a new performance level for compact speakers at the time. It is no challenge to design huge speaker systems capable of a large, realistic performance.

However, to craft a very compact speaker system that can recreate a spacious, ‘concert hall’ experience in the home requires advanced expertise. Technics’ engineers have made the best use of their know-how, perfectly demonstrated in the new SB-C600 speaker system. The SB-C600 is a compact two-way bass reflex speaker with a unique coaxial drive unit working as a point source, built on the ‘Linear Phase’ principle.

Technologically, it borrows many aspects from its bigger sibling, the Technics SB-G90M2 speaker system. With the SB-C600, thorough CAE analysis was used to optimise drivers, elements and enclosure structures to efficiently eliminate unwanted vibrations and distortions, and to significantly improve overall clarity and performance quality.

Key features:

  • Phase Precision Driver, emulating the driver in the SB-G90M2 floorstanding speaker, consisting of a 15cm large-diameter woofer, accompanied by a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter
  • Linear Phase Plug, as used in the SB-G90M2, suppressing unwanted phase disturbance, thus enabling a seamless integration of mid and high range, with a natural sound free of distortion
  • Balanced Driver Mounting Architecture (BDMA), fixing the driver to an inner Speaker Mount Baffle in the centre of gravity around the magnet, thus preventing tumbling motion. This eliminates unnecessary vibration of the sound wall for higher purity of sound
  • Front port with accurate curve and vortex generators designed via airflow analysis to eliminate any ventilating noise
  • Rigid cabinet with inner Speaker Mount Baffle, suppressing vibrations for an ultimately natural sound with superb timing and soundstage

About Technics

Technics is the brand name of hi-fi audio products owned by the Panasonic Corporation based in Osaka, Japan. The Technics brand was founded in 1965. Driven by a constant thirst for innovation and excellence within the audio field, scores of legendary hi-fi components have been released by the Technics brand, many of them having set new standards in the audio world.

Delivering cleaner air for healthier living: Panasonic unveils latest Air Purifier with nanoe™X technology

The latest Air Purifier helps inhibit bacteria and viruses within your home, for total peace of mind

Panasonic has today unveiled a floor-standing Air Purifier, featuring the company’s unique nanoe™X technology. Creating a safe space for Australians in their homes, the purifier filters unwanted pollutants coming into the home and reduces unwanted contaminants lingering inside to provide optimal indoor air quality.

With the average person breathing in 18kg of air every day[1], air is an essential part of our lives. Employing its innovative features, the new range purifies the air with nanoe™X which actively cleans the air in the room, impacting upon airborne and surface impurities. OH radicals encapsulated in water neutralise micro-organisms and pollutants – inhibiting up to 99 per cent of bacteria, viruses, mould and allergens, both airborne and on surfaces, as well as reducing odours.

Ginger Yu, Product Marketing Manager, Appliances, Panasonic said: “Australians are now more conscious than ever about what they’re breathing into their bodies. With our Air Purifier, they can create an atmosphere that feels clean and is clean. At Panasonic, our goal is to help make our customers’ lives easier while always maintaining the highest quality in all our products.”

“We’re happy to be able to do that with our nanoe™X technology, which helps them create a safe space to breathe in. We want customers to be able to relax at home and know that their Air Purifier is working constantly to purify the air, and to provide them with a healthier environment.”

The units’ rounded superellipse design has a small footprint, making it an attractive and discreet addition to the modern home. Style and functionality intersect in Panasonic’s newest Air Purifier to enhance any space it’s in. Suitable for rooms of up to 95m2, it’s perfect for any room within the house whether it is the bedroom, living room or office space.

More than just fresh air for your health, Panasonic’s latest Air Purifier helps retain the moisture in the skin and hair – there is no need to sacrifice hydrated skin for clean air. The revolutionary nanoe™X technology helps to prevent moisture loss so that the skin and hair remains hydrated.

Ensuring comfort and cleanliness

  • Equipped with a HEPA composite filter – prevents bacteria reproduction and effectively removes up to 99.99% of ultra-fine particles of 0.003 microns that can potentially travel deep into your lungs and cause health problems.
  • De-formaldehyde Technology – using a 3-step process, formaldehyde contaminants which may be present in household items such as furniture are removed by chemical decomposition, activated carbon absorption and trapping.
  • Odour/PM2.5 (Particulate Matter) Indicator – displays the PM2.5 concentration level within the home on an LCD panel in numerical form and indicates odour level via a coloured line on the LCD panel (purple indicates a high level, green is medium level and blue is low level).
  • Nanoe™X technology – helps inhibit pollutants, both airborne and on surfaces in the home. Pollutants inhibited include bacteria, viruses, mould, pollen, dust mite allergens, pet allergens, pollution, and bushfire smoke.
  • Variety of features – a multitude of features including a brightness sensor, ability to control air volume, child lock, filter replacement indicator and LCD indication panel that has a smart light sensor which dims when ambient light is low.

Maintaining health and hydration

  • Skin Hydration – the nanoe™X capabilities combine with the natural sebum to coat and hydrate the skin.
  • Hair Hydration – the moisture in nanoe™X hydrates the hair as well.

The latest Air Purifier will be available from selected consumer electronics retailers and rolls-out from January 2022, retailing at $989 RRP.

Model Number Details Availability RRP
F-PXU70MWL Air Purifier Jan 2022 $989
F-ZXTD70ZL Deodorising filter
sold separately
Feb 2022 $99
F-ZXTP70ZL HEPA filter sold separately Feb 2022 $169

For further information, visit

[1] Department of Occupational Health, National Institute of Public Health

Take the pain out of ironing with Panasonic Steam Generators – flawless results with minimal effort

With this powerful high-pressure steam system, clothes are easily pressed and wrinkle free.

Panasonic has today launched two new long-lasting steam generators, for ultimate ease and efficiency when ironing clothes. Say goodbye to wrinkles and burn marks – just press a button and the steam does the rest, with faultless results from ironing thick material to the most heat-sensitive fabrics.

What is a steam generator and how does it work? Unlike regular irons where the water evaporates easily on the soleplate, Panasonic’s steam generators release a continuous boost of steam that is maintained by an internal boiler. Both models have a large 1.8L water tank capacity, so it does not have to be refilled constantly, allowing you to effectively get through a larger amount of clothing in one sitting.

Ginger Yu, Product Marketing Manager – Appliances, Panasonic Australia, said: “Our aim is always to make things easier for our customers. With our high-pressure steam generators, we manage to achieve just that by helping busy people save time and energy. The steam is evenly distributed throughout the soleplate and delivers a perfect finish. No need to fear the dreaded disaster of leaving a burn mark on your clothes!  Since these are pure steam generators, whether it’s delicate like silk or tough like denim, it’ll never leave a burn mark on any type of fabric.”

Panasonic Steam Generators

NI-GT500NSJ – Black and gold with 2400W power input and 720g steam boost: $629

NI- GT200ASJ – Black and navy with 2400W power input and 600g steam boost: $439

To maintain steam power, both models are equipped with anti-calc measures to prevent buildup of impurities from water, which can develop inside the iron and lead to stains or poor steam output. This feature ensures a smooth flow of water and avoids any blockage disrupting the path of the steam. The NI-GT500 model only requires water inside the boiler to be poured out[1]once a year and has anti-calc technology which automatically prevents calc from accumulating inside. This technology extends the iron’s steam lifetime, for a guaranteed durable and reliable product that lasts. With an optimal soleplate temperature of 135°C, there is no need to set the temperature yourself, however it does come with an option to increase the temperature to 155°C if required.

The NI-GT200 model only requires the water to be emptied[2] once every three weeks and its inner structure is smartly designed with one-step anti-calc to prevent any clogging. It also features a handy temperature dial so that customers can easily adjust the heat based on what fabric they’re ironing.

Both models have a Calc-Indicator, which is a lamp that will notify when it is time to empty the steam generator.

Model No. NI-GT500NSJ NI-GT200ASJ
Price $629 $439
Voltage 220-240V 220-240V
Wattage 2400W 2400W
Pressure MAX 6.5bar MAX 5.5bar
Steam Amount Up to 130g/min Up to 120g/min
Steam Boost 720g 600g
Water Tank 1.8L 1.8L
Soleplate Ceramic Ceramic
Anti-Calc (scale) device/Maintenance Frequency Yes /
Once a year (using approx. 90L of water)
No (but includes one-step anti-calc)
Regular maintenance per approx. 3 weeks (using approx. 5L of water)
Automatic Switch-Off Yes, after 10 minutes Yes, after 10 minutes
Temperature Setting Optimal soleplate temp. of 135°C + features a 155°C mode Free dial adjustment from low to high
Heating Time 3 minutes 3 minutes
Weight 4.3kg w/water
0.9kg without water
4.3kg w/water
0.9kg without water

For further information, please visit

[1] In hard water areas, we recommend increasing the frequency.
[2] In hard water areas, we recommend increasing the frequency.