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Handheld In-Camera High-Resolution Capture for LUMIX S5II and S5IIX now available with latest Panasonic firmware release

The newest firmware update for the LUMIX S5II and S5IIX will see them become the first full frame mirrorless cameras to feature handheld in-camera high resolution capture with motion correction for images of 96 megapixels (MP)[i]

This capability further expands the scope of landscape and commercial shooting, allowing photographers to benefit from the 24MP sensor’s low light performance, while also being able to capture impressive 96MP still images of landscapes and streetscapes. The latest updates demonstrate the ongoing LUMIX commitment to continuous improvement of current S Series full frame cameras via regular firmware releases, at no cost to users.

In the same way as the LUMIX G9II and GH6, the handheld mode includes advanced computational photography technology that analyses motion during the image capture and intelligently processes in-camera to produce a higher resolution image. Photographers can then view a 96MP RAW and/or JPG file, without requiring any proprietary software.

With the firmware update, Panasonic has also increased the shutter speed range for High Resolution mode to a maximum 8 seconds, for enhanced results when capturing slow shutter scenes such as waterfalls or nightscapes with light trails.

Improvements have also been made to the general user interface based on user feedback, with the addition of the AF scope function for wildlife photography, and improved MF Assist with magnification up to 20X.

The firmware update will be available at the LUMIX Global Customer Support website at AEDT 12PM on 24 October 2023.

Key updates – S5II Firmware Version 2.2 / S5IIX Firmware Version 1.3

・AF-Point Scope function

AF-Point Scope has been added to magnify the focus position during AF.

High Resolution Mode

Shutter speed at high resolution mode can now be set to a maximum 8 seconds with long exposure noise reduction applied. Thanks to the image stabiliser, [Handheld High-Res] mode has been added to enable recording pictures with higher resolution even when shooting without a tripod.

Improved MF Assist

It is now possible to magnify the full screen mode display in MF Assist up to approximately 20x, allowing more precise MF.

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– Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
[i] Based on Panasonic Australia Survey of 35mm Full Frame Cameras currently available in the market 11/10/2003.

Panasonic and Reclaim Energy announce exclusive partnership to bring new energy efficient hot water solution to Australian market

Panasonic Australia and Reclaim Energy have announced a partnership to launch a CO2 hot water heat pump solution in the Australian market, delivering consumers energy savings, as a cost-effective alternative to gas and electric hot water heating.

The installation pairs Panasonic’s CO2 Heat Pump technology with Reclaim Energy’s hot water system design solution and will be available to both the residential and commercial market in December 2023.

Reclaim Energy has over 20 years’ experience in providing leading-edge, environmentally friendly hot water systems. Panasonic has a long history of innovation in the Heat Pump market and has been the long-term number one market share holder in Japan. By combining the expertise of Reclaim Energy and Panasonic, Australian consumers will be delivered the latest innovation in CO2 water heating solutions.

L-R: Paul Reid, Managing Director, Panasonic Australia and Chris Taylor, Managing Director, Reclaim Energy.

Chris Taylor, Managing Director, Reclaim Energy said: “The focus of our business is to allow householders to have a greater level of control of their own energy consumption and management, while contributing to net zero emissions.”

“We’re pleased to partner with Panasonic.  They are known as an innovative and trusted air conditioning provider in Australia and have sold hot water heat pumps in overseas markets for over 20 years, so we are excited to be working with them to bring this solution to the local market.”

Paul Reid, Managing Director of Panasonic Australia, said that the company’s global mission was to help humanity live well while reducing environmental impacts for the benefit of future generations, and that the local partnership with Reclaim aligned with this goal.

“Panasonic understands that we’re all searching for ways to overcome the environmental and societal challenges we’re facing in today’s world. We want to support Australians who are looking to make more sustainable choices, lower their energy costs and replace outdated water heating solutions. Panasonic has installed approximately two million hot water heat pumps in the Japanese market, and we’re very pleased to be rolling this technology out locally here in Australia.”

Heat Pump operation and benefits

The Panasonic CO2 Heat Pump is up to 5 times more efficient than gas or traditional electric heating and can quickly and safely heat water up to 80 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use. The refrigerant it uses has a low global warming potential (GWP).

The heat pump uses a heat exchanger to collect heat from the air outside to use as energy for the refrigerant and transfers energy from the hot refrigerant into water to produce hot water. The Panasonic product has an industry leading Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 6.1. This means that for every unit of electrical energy used, 6.1 units of heating energy is produced, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions compared to conventional water heating via electricity or natural gas.

The heat pump and storage tank are designed to be installed externally, for example at the back or side of a free-standing home. They operate quietly and have a small footprint.

Chris Taylor explained: “We are committed to energy efficiency through innovative, interactive, and customised environmental hot water solutions. With the ability to use up to 80% less energy compared to traditional electrical hot water systems, and to combine with existing renewable energy installations, the financial and sustainable benefits are significant.”

About Panasonic Australia

For well over 100 years, Panasonic has focused on making a positive impact on society through innovation. In Australia, Panasonic has long been known for a diverse range of familiar and much-loved products that help people live their best lives.  They include Air Conditioners that deliver the best in air quality and reliable comfort, kitchen appliances and personal care solutions that support our wellbeing, and LUMIX cameras designed for passionate creators.

Panasonic has been manufacturing air conditioners for over 60 years and supplying hot water Heat Pumps for over 20 years and is a leader in air conditioning and air purification solutions. For more information visit:

The company’s global commitment, Panasonic Green Impact, has the target of reducing CO2 emissions by more than 300 million tons, or the equivalent of 1% of total global emissions by 2050. Initiatives include zero-CO2 emissions factories and further development of environmental technologies and businesses. [i]

About Reclaim Energy

With almost 20 years’ experience at the forefront of innovative, environmentally friendly hot water systems, Reclaim Energy is an Australian owned reputable engineering company built on problem solving. We are passionate about the potential of energy efficient and sustainable hot water solutions tailored to Australian conditions, for Australian families and businesses. We are committed to ensuring consumers get optimum savings in their hot water needs, while reducing the impact on the planet.