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Panasonic expands industry’s widest 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray range

Panasonic has today announced its 2018 line-up of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players, including an upgraded HCX (Hollywood Cinema Experience) processor with the latest chipset for a thrilling home entertainment experience; and selected models offering features such as HDR10+ and Dolby Vision compatibility.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager – Audio & Video, Panasonic, said: “We’re confident that our expertise, with fine-tuning by Panasonic’s Hollywood specialists, has created the highest-quality Blu-ray range to date.”

The new range, all Ultra HD Premium certified, takes in the entry-level DP-UB320, the DP-UB420 with HDR10+ support, and the enthusiast DP-UB820 and premium DP-UB9000 which incorporate both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.

Later in 2018, from the DP-UB420 and upwards, the players will support voice control from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant[i]. Simply speak to an enabled device and conveniently fast forward or pause your favourite movie without using the remote control.

In addition to the models being rolled out in June and July, Panasonic will be offering the reference-class UB9000 player in time for Christmas this year. Housed in a newly-developed vibration-reducing chassis, the UB9000 features the highest-ever picture and sound quality in the history of Panasonic Blu-ray players.

The quartet of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players expand on Panasonic’s existing line-up; the largest range of Blu-ray players and Recorders on the market today, as the company looks to build on a strong 12 months in the category.

Taking HDR to the max

Three of the new Panasonic Ultra HD Blu-ray players (the UB420, UB820 and UB9000) support open, royalty-free HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology, which will offer considerable benefits to viewers by optimising the viewing experience on a scene-by-scene basis. The UB820 and UB9000 also support Dolby Vision.™

High quality pictures: Proprietary technologies faithfully reproduce original images

The 4K engine powering the line-up is Panasonic’s proprietary HCX processor for Ultra HD Blu-ray, expertly developed and refined by specialists in the heart of Hollywood.

This has been improved by applying unique chroma and gradation processing to the video technologies which were developed at the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL), the R&D facility for enhancing Blu-ray picture quality. The HCX Processor reproduces Ultra HD Blu-ray and internet-streamed 4K video images with stunningly precise colours and optimal brightness. All models also have an original 4K Direct Chroma Upscaling feature that up-converts Full HD to 4K for high resolution and beautiful colours.

With more and more HDR content available on disc and via streaming services, the optimal reproduction of HDR content has become essential. In addition to having a wide range of contrast, images from Ultra HD Blu-ray players must be reproduced with fine detail in both dark and bright areas. To achieve this, Panasonic’s new players use unique technologies to provide three HDR adjustment functions – HDR Optimiser[ii], HDR Adjustment and HDR to SDR conversion.

HDR-compatible TVs use tone mapping to match the brightness range of images according to the static metadata within the content, but optimal results are sometimes not possible due to the limitations of the specific TV model. By conducting the tone mapping on the player, stable HDR picture quality is delivered regardless of the TV. Panasonic’s original image processing technologies achieve HDR images with higher definition, while tone mapping is used to adjust the brightness level of the content. Even HDR images from ordinary HDR10 and TV footage provide optimal playback.

The new models also have a HDR adjustment feature which reproduces dark and bright areas with high fidelity regardless of the viewing environment. Dark scenes in HDR images are sometimes difficult to see when viewed in a bright room and may require brightness adjustment. Because HDR signals are inherently different from SDR signals, existing adjustment functions are insufficient. The players use an original technology to optimise HDR video signals, which enables them to freely adjust the brightness of the HDR images. An HDR setting button on the remote control allows the user to simply select the optimal setting for the viewing environment.

Dynamic Range Conversion reproduces images with greater brightness and beauty than ordinary Blu-ray disc images, when played on a non-HDR TV with standard dynamic range (SDR-TV). This feature maximises the image expression that is inherent to Ultra HD Blu-ray.

Unique audio technologies achieve rich sound reproduction

The UB820 and UB9000 support analogue 7.1-channel audio, providing direct connection to a home theatre system for lifelike surround sound. Each terminal is gold-plated to resist oxidisation and maintain high signal conductivity.

The UB420, UB820 and UB9000 players feature dual HDMI outputs for isolating and transmitting TV (4K video) and amplifier audio. By separating audio and video signals, unwanted noise is suppressed, resulting in high-quality audio reproduction. The distinctive, warm, comforting sound characteristics of tube amplifiers are faithfully simulated. Six different kinds of sounds from vacuum tubes with 96kHz/192kHz up-sampling can be enjoyed in exceptionally high quality.

All models are designed for high-resolution audio reproduction. In addition to conventional WAV/FLAC/MP3/AAC/WMA formats, DSD[iii] (11.2MHz/5.6 MHz/2.8 MHz), ALAC and AIFF music files can be reproduced. Simply connect to a home audio system to enjoy music sources equivalent to studio master sound quality.

Outstanding audio from reference-class UB9000

The reference-class UB9000 raises the bar for AV enthusiasts with extremely high sound quality thanks to its analogue audio circuits, including a dedicated audio power supply, a high-performance D/A converter, and XLR balanced output. THX® certification replicates the finely nuanced colours and rich, detailed images required to reproduce the filmmaker’s intentions precisely. It also achieves truly life-like surround sound.

A newly-developed drive base with a 3-dimensional, thick steel plate fixes the optical disc drive to the centre of the 2-layer chassis to reduce vibration and noise during disc rotation; while the use of a 2-layer structure with a heavy steel plate for the chassis achieves a low centre of gravity and low vibration.

Voice control capability enhances viewing experience

Coming soon, the UB420, UB820 and UB9000 models will support voice control from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. By simply asking a Google Assistant device – like the SC-GA10 – or an Amazon Alexa device, a variety of operations, such as fast forward and pause, can be carried out by voice without having to use the remote control. Future plans will include starting and operating apps, such as VOD (video on demand).

4K VOD support

The Blu-ray range supports 4K VOD services[iv], offering a paramount video viewing experience for those who demand uncompromised quality in picture and sound when watching streamed content. The players also offer 4K networking for 4K Video playback[v] and 4K JPEG playback.

The stylish and compact design provides a high-quality presence

All of this advanced technology is packed inside a stylish, compact body, with the UB420 and UB820 featuring Panasonic’s 3D Glass Cut Design. This simple yet eye-catching design perfectly complements any flat-panel TV, while the Ultra HD Blu-ray player’s front panel features a bevel cut finish on all four sides for a subtle yet distinctive presence.

The UB9000 is finished with aluminium on the front and side panels to enhance sound quality and add a luxe touch to the design.






[i] Via firmware update
[ii] HDR Optimiser not available on DP-UB320
[iii] DP-UB320 only supports DSD at 5.6 MHz/2.8 MHz
[iv] DP-UB320 supports Netflix 4K VOD; DP-UB420, DP-UB820 and DP-UB9000 support Netflix and You Tube 4K VOD
[v] MP4, [4K/25p,30p] bit rate up to 100Mbps/resolution up to 3840 x 2160

Panasonic launches its first smart Hi-Fi speakers with Google Assistant built in

Designed for superior sound quality in a contemporary, compact design.

Panasonic has today launched its first smart Hi-Fi speakers with Google Assistant built in, designed to fill the room with rich, robust sound while being compact in size.

The SC-GA10 speakers include all of Google Assistant’s voice-assisted operations and support all major music streaming apps including Spotify, Google Play Music, and Tune-in radio.

“Research shows almost 65 per cent of smart speaker owners are using their products primarily to listen to music[i]. This is where the new Panasonic SC-GA10 smart Hi-Fi speakers really excel, by offering Panasonic’s high-quality sound technology that any music buff will be impressed with,” said Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager – Audio & Video, Panasonic.

“The new speakers also work with the entire Google ecosystem, allowing you to easily control your compatible smart devices, while blending effortlessly into any home décor with their modern, contemporary design.”

Superior sound quality in a compact body

Panasonic audio technology delivers serious performance in a compact body to fill a room with sound. The SC-GA10’s capabilities ensure balanced audio with smooth mid-range and distortion-free treble as well as strong bass.

At the front of the speakers, the two 20mm Soft Dome Tweeters have been specifically designed with a silk diaphragm for the diffuser, opening at a 45º angle. This gives a full 180º range to high-frequency directional sounds to create a wide, smooth and expansive audio effect.

To ensure crisp, clear vocals, an 8cm woofer with a Dual Voice Coil will suppress any acoustic impedance, rising between the medium- to high-frequency audio range. Compared with the single coil ordinarily used in woofers, the Dual Voice Coil produces a much more robust and impressive bass sound. The bass sounds are further enriched by a Long Port Back Bass Reflex System. Additionally, the Meshed Diaphragm with a Wide Role Rubber Edge design efficiently reduces distortion in the low-frequency sound range.

Designed to complement any décor

The SC-GA10’s simple yet modern styling blends seamlessly and unobtrusively into any room interior. The speaker has an attractive vertical design, with a sleek aluminium base combined with a fine, fabric mesh overlay. The SC-GA10 is available in the classic monogram colours of black and white and adds a subtle touch to the elegance of any room.

Serious sound just got smarter with Google Assistant

With the simple voice command of “Ok Google” to start a conversation, the SC-GA10 can stream music, answer questions and even control other compatible smart devices – such as Chromecast devices (either built-in or external), smart lights or temperature controls – via Google Assistant, to provide a seamless, coordinated experience.

Google Assistant’s Multi-room Audio function means users can also combine the SC-GA10 with Chromecast Audio or Chromecast integrated speakers – including Panasonic’s new SC-HC2020 micro hi-fi system – allowing music lovers to sync and control music playback through multiple speakers.

Unique functions with the new Panasonic Music Control App

A new Panasonic Music Control App has been released alongside the launch of the SC-GA10. By connecting the SC-GA10 to this app, the user can play music stored on a smartphone, tablet, or network-attached storage (NAS), while also taking advantage of a variety of unique functions. These functions include changing EQ settings, Stereo Pairing[ii] – where users can connect two SC-GA10 devices – and Party mode that transfers Bluetooth and AUX sound sources to multiple SC-GA10 speakers. The Music Control App’s unique features will continue to grow, with further updates in the future.

Panasonic micro hi-fi companions: SC-HC2020, SC-HC302 and SC-HC200

The SC-HC2020 – featuring Google Chromecast built-in – SC-HC302, and SC-HC200 micro hi-fi systems are housed in a compact design that harmonises with stylish room interiors and delivers, high-quality sound.

Connect more music services with Chromecast

With Chromecast built-in, the SC-HC2020 supports CD playback and radio listening and provides access to a wide range of music services via apps including Spotify, Google Play Music, TuneIn Radio and Deezer. Multi-room sync plays music across Chromecast compatible speakers.

Option for voice-operable compatibility

When combined with a Google Assistant Speaker such as the SC-GA10, the SC-HC2020 can be voice-controlled. Use easy voice commands via the microphone embedded in the SC-GA10 to play streaming services and podcasts from the SC-HC2020.

Impressive sound quality in compact design

The 8cm full-range speaker units contained within the micro hi-fi systems offer a fantastic music experience with room-filling sound that is pure and distortion-free. In addition, the SC-HC2020 incorporates Panasonic’s unique Twisted Acoustic Port, which amplifies resonance to produce robust bass sounds.

Bluetooth connectivity is key

All new micro models can play CD and radio as well as other music sources via Bluetooth, and the SC-HC302 is also equipped with AUX-IN Auto Play. Simply connect an existing audio device or streaming device, such as Chromecast Audio, to AUX-IN. Even if the SC-HC302 power is turned off, the sound signal from the device will be recognised, power will be automatically turned on, and music will be played from the AUX terminal.

Panasonic mini soundbar: SC-HTB250

Panasonic has added a mini soundbar to its line-up – the SC-HTB250 – which is designed to conveniently pair with the new FX700 and FX600 Series TVs to boost the cinema experience.  It fits snugly under the TV’s adjustable Switch Pedestal thanks to its compact profile, and can be controlled by the TV remote if required. It offers wireless Bluetooth capabilities for music streaming, and the wireless subwoofer can be placed freely in the room in a horizontal or vertical configuration.  The bar supports HDMI with Audio Return Channel (ARC) and optical connections.

Availability and Pricing





SC-GA10: Key features

  • 40W output power (RMS)
  • Room-filling expansive sound
  • 20mm Soft Dome Tweeter x 2
  • Strong bass with an 8cm Dual Voice Coil, Wide Role Rubber Edge, and Meshed Diaphram
  • Long Port Back Bass Reflex
  • Bluetooth / MP3 Re-master
  • Preset / Manual EQ
  • D.BASS
  • Google Assistant built in
  • Linking with Chromecast
  • Panasonic Music Control App (iOS / Android)
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Stylish, compact design
  • Available in two colours – black and white

SC-HC2020: Key features

  • 40W output power (RMS)
  • Lincs D-Amp 3rd generation
  • 8cm full range speaker x 2
  • Twisted acoustic port x 2
  • D.Bass
  • Wall mount mode
  • Bluetooth Re-Master
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Bluetooth and Wi-fi connecting
  • 5 Preset Buttons
  • FM Radio/DAB+
  • RDS
  • Panasonic Music Control App (iOS / Android)
  • Wall-Mountable
  • Fabric Mesh
  • Slim and Stylish Design

SC-HC302 and SC-HC200: Key features

  • 20W output power (RMS)
  • 2ch Digital Amp (LincsD-Amp) (SC-HC302)
  • 8cm full range speaker x 2
  • Strong Magnet (SC-HC302)
  • D. Bass
  • Surround Sound Mode
  • Bluetooth Re-Master
  • AM Radio (SC-HC200)
  • FM Radio
  • DAB+ (SC-HC302)
  • RDS
  • AUX-IN Auto Play (SC-HC302)
  • Wall-Mountable (SC-HC302)
  • Slim and Stylish Design


SC-HTB250: Key features

  • 120W, 2.1 channels
  • Compact mini soundbar
  • Designed to partner with FX700 and FX600 Series TVs
  • HDMI (ARC) Optical Input
  • Operate via soundbar or TV remote control
  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless horizontal/vertical subwoofer
[i] Research by Panasonic in the US, UK and Germany, May 2017.
[ii] Stereo Pairing will be available later in 2018 via firmware update.

Panasonic takes true Hollywood colour home with new OLED television range

Featuring 4K Pro HDR technology with next-generation HCX image processor to deliver outstanding picture quality.

Panasonic has unveiled its next generation of OLED televisions as the centrepiece of its impressive 2018 TV line-up. The FZ1000 and FZ950 OLED Series feature the latest enhancements to Panasonic’s proprietary Hollywood Cinema Experience (HCX) 4K processor, delivering the most accurate and compelling picture quality, as Hollywood filmmakers intended.

Doug Campbell, Category Manager, AV and Imaging, Panasonic, said: “Panasonic’s superior image processing techniques have been finessed over decades of TV development, with exceptional blacks and outstanding colour accuracy. As a result, we are confident our 2018 OLED range will deliver the most premium in-home entertainment experience for Australians to date.”

Continuing a 20-year Hollywood collaboration, Panasonic engineers partner with industry experts – including Deluxe post-production studios[i] – to perfect the tuning of the company’s OLED screens. In addition, many in the film industry choose Panasonic OLED TVs as reference monitors to support the creative process.

Doug Campbell added: “It’s exciting that Australian consumers can watch a Hollywood blockbuster at home knowing that not only does the technical accuracy of their OLED screen match the director’s creative intent, but it’s also the same screen used when perfecting the movie. Our customers can be certain that the movie they see in the loungeroom is precisely as it is meant to be experienced.”

Key capabilities – Panasonic Television 2018

Panasonic has expanded its OLED range this year with the introduction of four new models across two Series – the FZ1000 and FZ950.  All feature the most powerful generation of Panasonic’s 4K Pro HDR technology with the newest OLED panel and the advanced HCX 4K processor.

All models in the 2018 OLED range now feature an Absolute Black Filter to provide the purest, most accurate black levels by absorbing ambient light in order to eliminate reflections – especially beneficial in brightly lit rooms.  The new TVs are also THX® and Ultra HD Premium certified – further proof of their exceptional quality.

To complement its superior picture, the FZ1000 OLED Series boasts an upgraded Dynamic Blade Speaker, with Technics engineers responsible for every stage of development, from mechanical and electrical circuit design through to sound tuning, to produce best in class sound for an integrated TV speaker.

Both the impressive FZ1000 and FZ950 OLED Series are available in 65-inch and 55-inch panels. Panasonic is also launching an expanded range of 4K UHD LED LCD TVs, including the flagship FX800 Series in 65-inch and 55-inch screen sizes, and the FX780 75-inch TV. The full line-up also includes the FX700 and FX600 Series.

The premium FX800 Series incorporates the same advanced HCX processor as the OLED range, and this flagship TV represents the pinnacle of 4K HDR in an LED screen with a newly-developed Super Bright panel. Also inspired by OLED, the FX800 Series features Panasonic’s stunning ‘Art & Interior’ glass design concept – an ultra-thin panel with a glass bezel that creates a clean, elegant frame around the top and sides of the TV.

From the FX700 Series upwards, Panasonic will offer compatibility with open platform HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology – set to provide superior colour, contrast and highlights on a scene-by-scene basis, ushering Australian movie enthusiasts into a new era of home entertainment.

Amazon Prime Video is making its HDR library available to be streamed in HDR10+, including The Grand Tour, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, The Tick and The Man in the High Castle, plus hundreds more licensed titles. With 20th Century Fox as a founding partner and studios such as Warner Bros. adding their support, Panasonic expects a wide variety of high-quality HDR10+ entertainment will be available to enjoy.

All 2018 smart TVs have been upgraded to the new My Home Screen 3.0 operating system. This highly customisable OS allows even faster access to users’ favourite apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

Panasonic 2018 Television line-up

OLED RANGE: TH-65FZ1000U, TH-55FZ1000U, TH-65FZ950U and TH-55FZ950U

Tuned in conjunction with leading Hollywood experts, the 2018 OLED line-up delivers a truly flawless picture.  Supporting this, Panasonic has made significant advancements to its 4K Pro HDR technology – with its HCX processor now providing incredibly precise professional-level colour control through the introduction of a Dynamic LUT (Look Up Table) system and a new industry standard in calibration at just 2.5 per cent luminance. As a result, colour reproduction in areas that are particularly difficult to reproduce, such as dark shadows and bright highlights, is now exceptionally accurate.

Technologies for outstanding colour precision

To achieve its goal of amazing colour precision, Panasonic has taken technology used by Hollywood professionals in post-production and broadcast, and it’s now built into the HCX processor. The HCX chip delivers the processing power to drive a completely new Dynamic LUT (Look Up Table) system.

LUT is used extensively in professional circles to ensure colour accuracy. Generally, LUTs are static, not dynamic, so are fixed according to the source colour space. However, with this innovation, the HCX automatically monitors the average brightness level of a scene, and uses picture analysis to dynamically load the most appropriate LUT. As a result, mid-brightness scenes look much more natural.

Colour precision in shadows has also been significantly enhanced. Panasonic has included additional layers of LUT data at much darker levels than previously – so not only is the transition from pure black improved, but colours in the shadows are much more accurate.

Also, in response to feedback from Panasonic’s Hollywood post-production users, the company has extended the range and reduced the interval between calibration steps at the darkest end of the RGB and gamma scales. Panasonic OLED TVs now offer incredible control at just above complete blackness in low-lit scenes.  They support Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) calibration settings and new calibration points at 5 per cent and – in an industry first – just 2.5 per cent luminance.

These calibration steps can be adjusted by the user via Panasonic’s Colour Management System, and these industry-first calibration points will also be supported by Portrait Display’s® CalMAN® software with AutoCal functionality. Panasonic OLED TVs are the first to be CalMAN Ready.

Further enhancements that Panasonic has included are Dynamic Scene Optimiser and Auto HDR Brightness Enhancer. Dynamic Scene Optimiser uses picture analysis to mimic dynamic metadata when playing an HDR10 source.  The TV detects brightness and optimises the way each scene appears, to yield more accurate results, rather than relying on the ‘one size fits all’ metadata provided by material mastered in the industry standard HDR10 format.

Furthermore, Auto HDR Brightness Enhancer ensures the best viewing experience by adjusting HDR content manually or automatically. A light sensor built into the TV continually monitors the ambient light levels in a room and adjusts the way HDR pictures are reproduced accordingly. Consumers can adjust the HDR brightness manually, using 15 different setting levels.

Outstanding audio: Dynamic Blade Speaker – Tuned by Technics

The FZ1000’s upgraded Dynamic Blade Speaker uses audiophile grade Hi-Fi components to deliver a rich and powerful field of sound.  Created in conjunction with engineers from acclaimed audio brand Technics, the integrated TV speaker boasts a 40 per cent volume increase, with no less than eight multiple speaker units – four larger woofers, four squawkers and two tweeters, plus a quad passive radiator to boost bass. Design aesthetics have also been enhanced, with the sound blade able to be wall mounted completely flush with the TV.


Panasonic is launching an expanded range of 4K UHD LED LCD TVs, including the flagship FX800 Series in 65-inch and 55-inch screen sizes, and the FX780 75-inch TV. The full line-up also includes the FX700 and FX600 Series.

Picture quality has been taken to new levels across the LED TV range, with 4K HDR panels offering more powerful video processing and improved backlight dimming.

Key features include:

FX800 Series 4K Pro HDR UHD LED LCD: TH-65FX800A, TH-55FX800A

  • Powered by the same class-leading Hollywood Cinema Experience (HCX) 4K processor as Panasonic’s pro-grade OLED TVs.
  • The FX800 takes image quality to new levels with Panasonic’s 200 Hertz Super Bright panel, further enhanced with Local Dimming Pro.  With a 20 per cent increase in local brightness levels, Local Dimming Pro combines backlight control and signal processing control, so brightness can be fine-tuned in thousands of areas across the screen.
  • Premium styling with Panasonic’s ‘Art and Interior’ glass design.

FX780 Series 4K Pro HDR UHD LED LCD: TH-75FX780A

  • 75-inch big-screen viewing at its best with excellent picture quality – including the HCX processor; plus a 200 Hertz Super Bright panel and local dimming for clear bright images and precise contrast and gradation.
  • Dedicated modes for an optimum viewing experience, including sports mode to provide the smooth motion needed for fast-moving action; and 4K HDR Game mode with fast response times and rapid image processing to deliver crisp, finely detailed images.
  • Multiple HDR formats including compatibility with HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology, HDR10 and HLG.

FX700 Series 4K HDR UHD LED LCD: TH-65FX700A, TH-55FX700A

  • Delivers impressive 4K viewing with a 100 Hertz Super Bright panel and local dimming for rich colour and detail.
  • Versatility with a Twin Tuner and Bluetooth audio.
  • Hexa Chroma Drive Pro for six-colour reproduction delivers stunningly accurate, natural pictures.
  • Features a premium slim metal bezel and Panasonic’s Switch Pedestal with adjustable feet to conveniently adapt to the width of a TV cabinet.

FX600 Series 4K HDR UHD LED LCD: TH-65FX600A, TH-55FX600A, TH-49FX600A, TH-43FX600A

  • 100 Hertz HDR panel allows the TV to process and display a truly natural HDR picture from HDR10 and HLG sources with excellent performance in both high brightness areas and dark shadows.
  • With Adaptive Backlight Dimming, the TV’s backlighting is continually optimised to deliver rich contrast and immersive dark scenes.
  • Most models include Panasonic’s Switch Pedestal with adjustable feet.[ii]

2018 TV line-up: Intuitive home screen for hassle-free viewing and content access

  • An upgraded intuitive smart TV platform – My Home Screen 3.0 – allows further customisation of the home screen for easier access to on-demand or streaming services, and frequently used web browsers, apps and devices.
  • Features all the most popular apps including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, ABC iView, SBS On Demand, BigPond Movies, YouTube and Freeview Plus.
  • TV Anytime, Swipe and Share, and Twin HD Tuner[iii] capabilities offer flexible viewing.
  • Available later in 2018, new voice control technology via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers.


[i] Company 3, EFILM and Encore
[ii] Excluding TH-43FX600A
[iii] Excluding FX600 Series and FS500 Series.