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Technics Releases New EAH-AZ60 and EAH-AZ40 True Wireless Headphones Designed For Immersive Sound

Technics is proud to announce the Australian release of two new true wireless in-ear headphone models – the EAH-AZ60 and the EAH-AZ40 – delivering a pure, immersive sound experience within a compact design. Backed by more than 50 years of Hi-Fi audio engineering experience, the new models are designed with the Technics premium audio quality that consumers have come to love and appreciate, with an impressive acoustic housing design and advanced digital technologies.

“Australians have adopted new work/life routines, and our Technics headphones support this, with JustMyVoice™ Technology,”[1] said Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager – Audio and Video, Panasonic.

“Are you videoconferencing while working from home, or taking phone calls on the move? This technology will actively detect and capture your voice, while analysing and isolating surrounding noise to deliver crystal clear audio communication.”

Both true wireless headphones are perfectly suited for a “working from anywhere” lifestyle. The EAH-AZ60 model also incorporates Technics’ industry-leading[2] noise cancelling technology, and high-resolution audio quality with Bluetooth® and LDAC technology.[3] True wireless headphones have become a staple accessory from the desk to the workout and for relaxation and travel. Listeners can choose from a variety of colours, with the EAH-AZ60 model available in silver and black, while the EAH-AZ40 is available in silver, black and rose gold.

The Technics EAH-AZ60 and EAH-AZ40 are priced at $379RRP and $249RRP respectively and are available now from selected Technics audio specialist retailers.

Hear Every Detail

Premium Technics Sound Quality

Taking advantage of its Hi-Fi sound engineering philosophy and expertise cultivated over many years, Technics’ premium sound is now available in the palm of your hand.


The unique design of the Technics acoustic chamber, harmoniser and 8mm drivers deliver rich, expansive sound with smooth and detailed highlights allowing listeners to hear every detail. The Acoustic Control Chamber optimises air flow to create a powerful bass and enhance sounds in the mid-ranges. The newly adapted harmoniser generates smooth treble, enabling an unprecedented range of natural sounds. Inside the advanced 8mm dynamic driver is a bio cellulose diaphragm that is both strong and flexible allowing for pure, authentic sound, from clear lows to fluid highs.

Additionally, the EAH-AZ60 supports High-Resolution Audio Quality with Bluetooth® and LDAC technology,[4] delivering a wide dynamic range of sound with fast response and high definition.


With a slightly smaller, yet advanced 6mm dynamic driver, this newly developed model has been integrated with an Acoustic Control Chamber and Harmoniser to offer clear sound with a sense of range and depth while maintaining a small compact design.

Speak with Clarity

Superior Call Quality

Both the EAH-AZ60 and EAH-AZ40 models are equipped with JustMyVoice™ Technology which provides listeners with excellent call quality. The voice detection mics detect your voice when speaking, while the two MEMS mics actively capture your voice and reduce surrounding noise with beamforming technology for a clear call, even in noisy environments or while working from home.

The EAH-AZ60 has a total of eight mics, four each on the left and right, while the EAH-AZ40 has a total of six mics, three each on the left and right. These play a significant role in supporting more comfortable, natural conversation.

Wind Noise Reduction

Wind is one of the primary factors affecting call quality, so to ensure high audio performance in any environment, Technics equipped its new true wireless models with wind noise reduction technology. The EAH-AZ60 and EH-AZ40 use mics with small holes that are installed deep inside the headphones to minimise vibrations caused by air and facilitate wind-free conversation.

Immerse Yourself in Sound

Industry-leading Noise Cancelling (EAH-AZ60)

Available only in the EAH-AZ60 model, Technics’ Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology, composed of Feedforward and Feedback Noise Cancelling, captures both the noise outside and inside the headphones. When paired with the digital and analogue processing, this combination creates best-in-class[5] noise cancelling performance perfect for blocking out distractions, whether at home or outside.

Control the Sound Around You

Natural Ambient/Attention Mode

Both models are equipped with unique ambient sound modes which can be set to either ‘Natural Ambient’ or ‘Attention’ mode. Natural Ambient Mode captures all surrounding noise, allowing the user to listen to music or talk on the telephone while paying attention to their surroundings. Attention Mode, captures sounds in the human voice frequency range, ensuring the listener can hear human voices nearby, such as announcements at the airport or a family member’s voice at home.

Designed for Every Lifestyle

All-Day Comfort Fit Design

The new drop shape of the earbuds is designed to maximise contact with the user’s ear canal for an optimal fit, while the outer portion of the earbud is thinner than previous models, preventing it from falling out of place.

IPX4 Water Resistance Finish

Listeners can take the new Technics true wireless headphones virtually anywhere. Both the EAH-AZ60 and EAH-AZ40 models boast water resistant performance in line with the IPX4 standard and are unharmed when splashed with water from any direction.

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[1] Feature under continuous development; varying environmental conditions may affect performance.

[2] As of August 14, 2021; According to research by Panasonic Corporation, measured using JEITA-compliant guidelines in the true wireless noise cancelling headphones market.

[3] Effective with High-Resolution content transmitted with LDAC codec at a max. transfer rate of 990 kbps.

[4] When connected via Bluetooth®, LDAC supports up to 96 kHz/24 bits.

[5] As of August 14, 2021; According to research by Panasonic Corporation, measured using JEITA-compliant guidelines in the true wireless noise cancelling headphones market.

Technics announces launch of premium line-up in tune with growing Australian demand

Technics Australia has today unveiled three premium additions to its audio line-up, designed to deliver optimum quality and performance for the discerning Australian audiophile.

Together, the new models give enthusiasts the uniquely harmonious listening experience that only Technics can offer. The amplifier and speaker system will provide flawlessly matched and calibrated audio and can be co-ordinated with the newly-designed turntable. The new range encompasses:

  • The SU-G700M2 Grand Class Integrated Amplifier – a successor to the highly acclaimed SU-G700, inheriting Technics’ full-digital core amplifier technologies, such as the JENO Engine for the highest signal precision free of jitter and distortion, and LAPC for optimal matching to any speaker. The hairline-brushed aluminium casework is available in silver or black.
  • The SB-G90M2 Grand Class Floor-standing Speaker System significantly improves the already outstanding performance of the predecessor SB-G90 – with drivers, elements, and enclosure structures optimised to efficiently eliminate unwanted vibrations and distortions. Available in a luxurious high-quality black gloss finish.
  • The SL-1210G Grand Class High End Direct Drive Turntable encompasses all of the impressive technical specifications of the SL1200G – now encased in a minimalist black finish to deliver classic elegance.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager – Audio and Video, Panasonic said: “Since our first components landed earlier this year, there has been huge demand and enthusiasm from our retailers and loyal Technics customers. The introduction of this Grand Class range adds a new dimension to Technics in Australia.”

The new products will be available in store from late November via selected Technics audio specialist retailers. The SU-G700M2 is priced at $4,399RRP; the SB-G90M2 is $4,949RRP per speaker; and the SL-1210G is $6,999RRP.

Technics Product Details

Technics SU-G700M2 Integrated Amplifier: successor to the highly acclaimed SU-G700

The new SU-G700M2 Integrated Amplifier builds upon the platform of its successful and widely acclaimed predecessor, the SU-G700. The new model is a typical example of Technics’ untiring efforts to constantly improve even its most accomplished audiophile products.

With the new SU-G700M2, advanced technologies derived from Technics’ Reference SU-R1000 Integrated Amplifier were trickled down to set a new standard at this price point. The SU-G700M2 inherits Technics’ full-digital core amplifier technologies, such as the JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-Shaping Optimisation) for the highest signal precision free of jitter and distortion, and LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration) for optimal matching to any speaker.

The new SU-G700M2 also incorporates the following features:

  • An Advanced Speed Silent Power Supply (AS²PS), incorporating “fast” semiconductor parts such as GaN (Gallium-Nitride) FETs and Silicium Carbide (SiC) Diodes for a much more reactive, efficient supply of current to the power stage for higher drivability of speakers. This approach was used for the power supply of the Reference SU-R1000.
  • Improved sound image and dynamic power, combining low distortion and high transparency with energetic drive, improved soundstage and precise focus of voices and instruments without sharpness.
  • A high-quality MC phono input stage (in addition to MM input) for direct connectivity to turntables with high-end MC pickup cartridges.
  • Phono Input Phase selector for optimised playback of mainly older vinyl discs recorded with inverted phase.
  • Volume and source knobs now have the aluminium “spin” texture also derived from the SU-R1000 Reference Amplifier for a clear distinction from the original SU-G700.

Technics SB-G90M2 Floor-Standing Speaker System with impressive audiophile performance quality

The new SB-G90M2 is a floor-standing loudspeaker in the Grand Class series. Like its predecessor, the SB-G90, the new M2 version is a 3-way bass reflex speaker system consisting of a 2-way coaxial driver combining a 25mm dome and a 160mm midrange cone made of aluminium. This is accompanied by two 160mm woofers, also constructed from aluminium. Due to meticulous research and development, Technics’ engineering team has yet again succeeded in improving audiophile performance quality through knowledge in mechanical construction and evolutionary driver design.

With the new SB-G90M2, thorough CAE analysis was used to optimise drivers, elements, and enclosure structures to efficiently eliminate unwanted vibrations and distortions. Consequently, Technics has significantly improved the already outstanding performance qualities of the SB-G90. The new SB-G90M2 loudspeaker system demonstrates Technics’ leading position in manufacturing musically involving products with one single goal: to express an acoustic performance as close to the original as possible, regardless of musical genre. Below are the technical enhancements of the SB-G90M2 loudspeaker system in comparison to its predecessor, the SB-G90:

  • Advanced Phase Precision Driver: The diaphragm of the Coaxial Driver Unit has been reworked. The structure has been newly calculated by FEM (Finite Elements Method) simulation for reduced resonance and a more natural midrange with less distortion. Also, a Linear Phase Plug has been added, efficiently eliminating any phase disturbance, thus making the sound pressure characteristics of the tweeter more natural.
  • Advanced BDMA (Balanced Driver Mounting Architecture): The inner Speaker Mount Baffle onto which the woofers are mounted at their centre of gravity around the magnet has now been extended to one plate attached to the base board, so vibrations can ‘escape’ to the ground.
  • More Energetic Cabinet Structure: The whole inner stiffening structure has been redesigned in the lower part of the cabinet. The so-called Standing Wave Termination Structure – a multiple-folded wave guide containing a controlled amount of acoustically absorbing material – will efficiently eliminate standing waves, at the same time minimising the use of acoustic damping material.

Responding to requests from our customer base, the new SB-G90M2 now features bi-wiring speaker terminals.

Technics SL-1210G Direct Drive Turntable – a future classic

Taking all the technical specifications of the SL-1200G and encasing them in a minimalist black finish, the SL-1210G is another future Technics classic. Technics learned from the huge success of the limited-edition SL-1210GAE, which was launched in June 2020 and almost immediately sold out, realising there was high demand for a ‘regular’ black version of this flagship 1200 Series model. In its striking black finish, the new SL-1210G possesses genuine elegance.

The overall quality and performance level of the SL-1210G defines the highest turntable standards, deserving to be partnered with the very finest phono cartridges for truly inspirational vinyl playback.

Key features:

  • Iron-coreless direct drive motor with double rotor/single stator achieving ultimately stable rotation, free from cogging and with powerful torque.
  • Hybrid encoder for rotational speed detection, using a Hall Sensor for rotor position detection.
  • Highly sensitive yet robust tonearm made from cold-drawn magnesium for high damping effect. High-precision tonearm bearings use a cut-processed housing for high initial motion sensitivity, ensuring accurate reading of the music information etched in the record’s groove.
  • Three-layer platter with high vibration-damping performance for undisturbed tracking. Each platter is individually adjusted for balance.
  • 4-layer high-rigidity cabinet with heavy aluminium top plate and high-damping silicone-rubber insulators to effectively shut out vibration.

Technics Product History

About Technics amplifiers

Technics is the brand name of hi-fi audio products owned by the Panasonic Corporation of Osaka, Japan. The Technics brand was founded in 1965. Driven by a constant striving for innovation and excellence within the audio field, countless legendary hi-fi components have been released by the Technics brand, many of them setting new standards in the audio world. In the amplifier world, technologies such as OTL (Output transformer-less), OCL (Output capacitor-less), Class A+ or the Battery Driven Power Supply have been inventions by Technics and have gained legendary status. Since the brand rebirth in 2014, Technics has released amplifiers built on their proprietary full-digital approach based on the JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-Shaping Optimisation), also applying LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration) for perfectly matching a Technics amplifier to any speaker connected.

About Technics loudspeakers

The first-ever Technics product was a compact 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker system, released in 1965. It set new performance standards for compact speakers at that time. Since then, Technics has introduced many notable loudspeaker systems. In 1975, the SB-7000 founded the Linear Phase Technology which many speaker manufacturers later followed; while the SB-RX50 launched in 1986 can be seen as the forefather of Technics’ point source speaker systems with the Phase Precision Driver of today. The innovative, oversized AFP flat-panel monitors – due to their power and precision – were used at Vienna State Opera as stage monitor speakers, while the futuristic SST-1 folded-horn speaker system received entry to the New York Museum of Modern Art due to its exceptional milestone design concept.

About the Technics 1200 Series

The SL-1200 was launched as a popular direct drive turntable in 1972, becoming a best-selling model with cumulative sales of 3,500,000 units for the series. It was supported by powerful torque, easy operation, and high durability. It became greatly admired by both audio enthusiasts and DJs who helped to unleash the DJ culture in areas such as electronic dance music. The series is still highly acclaimed by DJs worldwide today. In 2016, after the revival of the Technics brand in 2014, Technics released the limited SL-1200GAE turntable, defining vinyl playback standards with the newly developed iron-coreless direct drive motor, eliminating unwanted “cogging”, and thus enabling a new standard of rotational stability. Together with evolutionary improvements in the fields of tonearm, platter and chassis construction, the new 1200 Series turntable generation made its way out of pure DJ usage towards the audiophile market with its high-quality integrity, accuracy, and musical enjoyment. Since then, Technics has released numerous turntable models in the new 1200 Series based on the coreless direct drive principle. The new SL-1210G, together with the SL-1200G, define the culmination of the Technics 1200 Series culture.

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nanoe™X Air Purification Technology Delivers Strong Results in Aged Care Trial

A leading Australian aged care provider recently engaged Panasonic to trial its unique nanoe™X air purification technology in two facilities in Albury and Wodonga, with an air quality analysis highlighting the true impact of such solutions in indoor living environments in Australia.

With Panasonic’s revolutionary nanoe™X technology, residents, staff and visitors to the facilities are enjoying a breath of ‘true’ fresh air as the 24-hour purification acts to neutralise harmful indoor pollutants such as VOCs, allergens, bacteria, mould and viruses, and reduce odours, creating a fresher and healthier living environment.

Australian Indoor Air quality experts Bell Laboratories conducted a detailed air quality analysis of the facilities, collecting samples from multiple locations within each facility before the installation of the revolutionary nanoe™X systems, and again two months later. It was found that odours were reduced by approximately 45 per cent and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) were reduced by approximately 50 per cent.

Leading mechanical services firm Air Everywhere were commissioned to install the systems. Andrew Barnes, Director of Air Everywhere explained the nanoe™X air purification technology – integrated in Panasonic’s new ceiling cassette air conditioning systems – was selected as indoor air quality is always front of mind for aged care facilities.

“As we all focus more and more these days on indoor air quality, and areas of concern such as bacteria and viruses, we are receiving growing interest in nanoe™X from a variety of industries including healthcare, childcare and education.”

“Aged care providers see the importance of investing in solutions that deliver real improvements and increased comfort for their staff and residents, however until Panasonic launched nanoe™X, these types of solutions were scarce. We are finding the nanoe™X solution to be very versatile with the complete air conditioning and air purification package, all the way down to the plug and play solutions.”

Australians are spending more time inside than ever before and indoor air quality is vital to optimise the comfort and health of people of all ages. With VOCs remaining a common pollutant in all indoor settings – released by everything from general building materials, through to cleaning chemicals – Panasonic’s nanoe™X technology plays an important part in neutralising common hazardous and harmful substances at particle sizes as small as PM2.5.

The technology also comes with industry recognition from the National Asthma Council Australia’s community program, Sensitive Choice, as an air purifying solution suitable for those with asthma or allergies.

Panasonic’s nanoe™X technology is available now in a broad range of air conditioning products to suit both residential and commercial applications, as well as a standalone retrofit solution. For more information or to request a quote visit:

Panasonic announces new full-frame LUMIX BS1H: Box-style camera for live broadcast and cinema production

Panasonic is proud to unveil the LUMIX BS1H full-frame box-style camera. The LUMIX BS1H is designed for video professionals, combining the cinematic video performance of the LUMIX S1H with advanced live stream functionality in an easily-deployable box-style body.

Incorporating a 24-megapixel full-frame sensor, the LUMIX BS1H further enhances its potential by including 6K full-area high resolution video with unlimited recording, impressive flexibility over depth of field and low-light performance, a wide dynamic range of 14+ stops, V-Log and more.

The LUMIX BS1H provides incredible flexibility to support and deliver the creative vision of industry professionals, with industry standard connections and interfaces – such as SDI, HDMI, Genlock IN and Timecode I/O – as well as offering LAN with PoE+ for power and control. With V-Log and V-Gamut, the BS1H also offers the colour reproduction and imagery of the VariCam line of Panasonic production cameras – similar to the S1H full-frame mirrorless camera or the EVA1 compact cinema camera.

The LUMIX BS1H is priced at $5,299 RRP and will be available in November 2021 from leading photographic and video specialists.

  1. Cinema production quality video with 35mm full-frame sensor

The LUMIX BS1H utilises the same 24.2-megapixel 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor (35.6 mm x 23.8mm) as the critically acclaimed LUMIX S1H. The Venus Engine processor delivers minimised noise and outstanding image quality with a maximum ISO of 51200. In addition, an optical low-pass filter effectively suppresses moiré patterns.

By maximising the use of the pixels in the full-frame image sensor, the LUMIX BS1H is capable of 6K/24p, 5.4K/30p (3:2 aspect ratio) or 5.9K/30p (16:9 aspect ratio) high-resolution, smooth video recording. It also provides 10-bit 60p 4K/C4K[i] HEVC video recording when using the image area equivalent to Super 35mm. The 4:2:2 10-bit 4K30p is recordable in H.264 at its full area. Its high-resolution data can also be used for creating 4K videos with higher image quality or for cropping images in 4K.

The LUMIX BS1H features V-Log/V-Gamut with a wide dynamic range of 14+ stops, in line with the dynamic range of the Panasonic VariCam, to precisely capture everything from dark to bright areas. Subtle gradations such as skin tones are faithfully reproduced, and consistent colour management is achieved in post-production.

In addition to HDR (High Dynamic Range) video recording, the camera records video with a designated gamma curve compatible with ITU-R BT.2100 and offers Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) in Photo Style.

The camera also incorporates an advanced Deep Learning autofocus algorithm that offers greater accuracy in detecting specific subjects – including humans, people’s faces, and fast-moving animals. In addition to the eye, face and body, the head is also separately recognised by real-time detection technology to provide even more precise focusing. The camera keeps tracking subjects when they move quickly, turn away, tilt their head or move far away from the camera.

  1. A wide variety of recording formats, frame rates and resolutions in maximum 6K

The LUMIX BS1H is capable of 4:2:2 10-bit 4K 60p/50p HDMI output. With a highly efficient heat dispersion structure, it can deliver unlimited video recording in a variety of recording formats, including 4:3 Anamorphic mode, to meet professional requirements for long form shooting.

In addition, with two alternatives for RAW workflow[ii], the LUMIX BS1H provides further support for wide-ranging creative needs. [5.9K] / [4K] / [Anamorphic (4:3) 3.5K] 12-bit RAW video data can be output over HDMI to save Apple ProRes RAW video on the Atomos Ninja V or Blackmagic RAW on the Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR external recorder.

Area Resolution Frame Rate Aspect HDMI Output
Full-frame 5.9K (5888×3312) 29.97p/25p/23.98p 16:9 12-bit
Super 35mm 4K (4128×2176) 59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/23.98p 17:9 12-bit
Super 35mm Anamorphic 3.5K (3536×2656) 50p/29.97p/25p/23.98p 4:3 12-bit
  • V-Log or V709 is selectable on the external monitor through SDI during RAW output.
  • Shooting assist functions including V-log View Assist, Luminance Spot Meter and Zebra Pattern can be used during RAW output.

VFR (variable frame rate) functionality supports video overcranking and undercranking. Users have access to 2.5x slow (24p/60 fps) in C4K/4K and 7.5x super-slow (24p/180 fps) in FHD. The minimum frame rate for quick motion video is 2 fps. In addition, HFR (High Frame Rate) recording includes audio and autofocus, allowing creation of slow-motion video in post-production.

To support live streaming, the LUMIX BS1H provides an IP streaming function over ethernet that enables high-quality image transmission to a PC on a wired network that can then be live streamed to the preferred social platform using PC software. Notably, the LUMIX BS1H can transmit 4K 60p (50p) video in H.265. H.265 is highly efficient, requiring half the bitrate when transmitting video with the same image quality as H.264, thus providing 2x higher image quality when transmitting at the same bitrate as H.264. Transmitting video in ultra-high definition 4K at low bitrates is possible even in low bandwidth situations.

  1. A wide range of connections for unlimited possibilities

With a body frame composed of aluminium and magnesium alloy, the LUMIX BS1H is compact and lightweight yet durable enough for field operation. This box-style camera provides a variety of practical ports. The LUMIX BS1H complies with Power over Ethernet+ (PoE+) which allows the camera to be operated and powered using a single ethernet cable through compatible peripherals. Control over a maximum of 12 BS1H cameras[iii] is available using Panasonic PC software LUMIX Tether for Multicam[iv]. Terminals include USB 3.1 Type-C; plus 3G-SDI and HDMI Type-A which can be used for simultaneous output. In addition, Genlock IN (BNC) and Timecode IN/OUT (BNC) functions enable multi-angle synchronised video recording to support a scalable system with third-party external monitors, rigs and gimbals. The camera is also equipped with two SD Card slots for backup or relay recording.

When using LUMIX S Series lenses with the BS1H, Linear Focus control is available for smooth and repeatable focus transitions. In addition, during video recording, Boost I.S. (Image Stabiliser) can be used when S Series lenses with Optical Image Stabilisation are mounted.

  1. Other practical features
  • Simultaneous HDMI RAW and SDI FHD output
  • Simultaneous output and internal recording to SD Cards
  • Tally lamps (front 1 and rear 1), a network connection lamp
  • Operation Lock switch and 5 function buttons
  • Φ3.5 Audio (in/out) jack and compatibility with XLR microphone DMW-XLR1 (sold separately)
  • Generic remote-control unit φ2.5mm
  • 4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE)
  • Remote camera control using application software[v] (LUMIX Tether for Multicam and LUMIX Sync)
  • Tethered photo shooting with LUMIX Tether for Multicam software
  • A SDK (Software Development Kit)[vi] for camera control via USB/LAN will be provided for free.

For further information, please visit or call 132 600.

▪ Apple and ProRes are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.
▪ ATOMOS / Ninja V are registered trademarks of ATOMOS Limited.
▪ ‘Blackmagic Design’, ‘Blackmagic RAW’ and ‘DaVinci Resolve’ are registered trademarks of Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd.
▪ Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
▪ Some accessories are not available in some countries.
▪ Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

[i] Corresponding to 4K (4096×2160) as defined by Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI).

[ii] Apple ProRes RAW

*Selectable recording mode depends on the firmware version of Atomos Ninja V.

*Please refer to the Atomos website for the information on the corresponding firmware version of Atomos Ninja V.

*Software that supports Apple ProRes RAW is required to edit RAW video recorded with NINJA V. Apply the LUT (Look up table) available on the following customer supports site to make the same colour grading as V-Log/V-Gamut

*All functions may not be available depending on the situation.

Blackmagic RAW

*Selectable recording mode depends on the firmware version of Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR.

*Please refer to the Blackmagic Design website for the information on the corresponding firmware version of Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR.

* DaVinci Resolve or DaVinci Resolve Studio is required to play back and edit Blackmagic RAW data. DaVinci Resolve Studio is required to deliver projects using Blackmagic RAW data in resolutions over 3840×2160.

*All functions may not be available depending on the situation.

[iii] Operation may be unstable depending on the connection environment and performance of the connected PC.

[iv] The SDK for BS1H is available at the following site.

[v] The SDK for BS1H is available at the following site.

[vi] The SDK for BS1H is available at the following site.