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Care for your pet with 4-filter pet drinking fountain and smart pet feeder from Panasonic

Panasonic has launched a 4-filter pet drinking fountain and a smart pet feeder in the Australian market. The new products aim to simplify the lives of pet owners who want to be sure that their beloved pets have a regular eating schedule and fresh drinking water.

Chris Moore, Business Manager, Pet Care, Panasonic said: “Australians value the positive impact a pet has on their lives, and we want to help them care for their pet.  These new products provide the peace of mind that your pet is well fed and hydrated even when you are not at home.

“The drinking fountain and feeder are suitable for cats and small dogs.  These convenient new products are also backed by the quality and after-sales support you’d expect from the Panasonic brand name.”

Key features

Panasonic pet drinking fountain

The Panasonic pet drinking fountain is designed to provide continuous circulation of fresh water. It has a 1.9 litre capacity, which is around 7 days’ water supply for the average cat.   A translucent design means the water level can be easily monitored. It operates quietly at 25 decibels, so it is not alarming to your pet, or noisy for humans either.

The filter design encourages your pet to drink, with water that is always clean, soft and pleasant-tasting. Hair and other large particles are removed, as well as dust, sand and finer particles. It includes an activated ion and carbon exchange resin which removes calcium and magnesium as well as deodorising and removing residual chlorine. Other handy features include an LED low water and filter change indicator, and one-touch operation.  The fountain is easy to take apart when you want to clean it or change the filters.

Panasonic smart pet feeder

The Panasonic smart pet feeder ensures that your precious pet gets the right amount of food at the right time when you are working, travelling or sleeping. It is easily controlled by setting up the app on your smartphone and selecting the required feeding time and portion size.  You’ll receive alerts if food is running low or the unit is offline. The feeder is available in white with a dishwasher-safe stainless-steel bowl for easy hygienic cleaning.  The bowl is a wide 155mm and sits at a 6-degree angle so it’s easy for small pets to eat from.

The feeder is suitable for dry, air-dried and freeze-dried food and puffed grain up to 12mm in diameter and has an anti-jam design for smooth, reliable operation. A dessicant compartment ensures food stays dry and palatable at all times.  Other convenient features include child lock, powering by mains or battery, a durable nylon cable and a manual feeding button.

Pricing and Availability

  • The Panasonic Pet Drinking Fountain (CP-JNW01FW) is priced at $99.99 RRP
  • The Panasonic Smart Pet Feeder (CP-JNF01FW) is priced at $199.99 RRP
  • Both models are available from August 14.

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