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Panasonic expands its PRIME+ Edition Range in Australia

New Quad Door Refrigerator delivers freedom, flexibility and  fresher food storage for every entertaining occasion

Panasonic has unveiled the latest addition to its Refrigerator range – the PRIME+ Edition Quad Door range – to redefine how Australians entertain their friends and family.

The versatility of the PRIME+ Edition Quad Door’s large interior storage system allows households to customise their Refrigerator to suit their specific needs.

Building upon the same innovative technology featured in the current PRIME+ Edition models, the new Quad Door Refrigerator features two Prime Fresh compartments, offering variable temperature control and extending the life of food.


The Quad Door Refrigerator’s Prime Fresh technology features not one, but two separate compartments, delivering more freedom and flexibility with each offering variable temperature control between -5oC to 4oC. This allows you to store foods of different types separately – from cake to beverages, meat, deli plates, or pre-cooked meals – and set the temperature individually. It’s ideal for busy lifestyles or entertaining.

Using the ‘soft freezing’ capabilities of Prime Fresh when storing food such as meat or fish, nutrients and flavour are locked in, and cells are not damaged, preventing deterioration[1]. Food preparation is easier and quicker as food can be cut up easily straight from the fridge and cooked immediately.

The Quad Door’s Fresh Safe fruit and vegetable drawer in the middle section maintains up to 90 per cent[2] humidity. This is the optimal temperature to retain moisture and keep produce fresh and succulent for longer.

In the freezer section, the Prime Freeze drawer quickly removes heat and cools food, to freeze it five times faster[3] than a standard freezer – designed for food prepping while retaining flavour and nutrients.


Fitted with moveable trays, door pockets, a wine rack and a flexible divided ice box, the PRIME+ Edition Quad Door models go one step further in improving usability for every household. Featuring three separate trays with two different height levels to match food and beverage sizes, the internal environment can be fine-tuned for any occasion.

For additional convenience, the frequently used Prime Freeze, Prime Fresh and Fresh Safe compartments are placed in the most accessible position, so users do not need to stand on tiptoes or bend over to reach them. Offering separate cases and layers of storage also delivers greater hygiene and prevents the mixing of odours.

In the Freezer, as well as four storage levels, the automatic ice box can hold more than 500 ice cubes, with a divider should you need the additional space for other frozen items. Combined with the ‘Quick Chill’ feature that cools drinks in just 15 minutes, the PRIME+ Edition Quad Door Refrigerator is the perfect host. People can also enjoy a glass of cool, crisp water from the water dispenser without ever opening the door – the direct connection to the water tube makes the inside of the fridge more spacious.


PRIME+ Edition Quad Door models are supported by Panasonic’s SmartApp+, providing the convenience to control the Refrigerator with a simple tap of their smartphone. Whether changing the temperature of the Prime Fresh drawers in preparation for the next item, or selecting quick ice making for some unexpected guests, the SmartApp+ offers consumers an unparalleled level of convenience.

The app can switch to energy-saving mode as consumers leave home and will notify them when the door is left open. The Quad Door models also have a 4.5-star energy rating, the best available in the market in this class.

The NR-XY680LVSA Quad Door is available with a stainless-steel finish, while the NR-XY680LVKA Quad Door boasts a dark stainless-steel finish. Both models are available from selected consumer electronics retailers in late September 2023.

Model Pricing Features
NR-XY680LVSA $4,069 Quad Door with water dispenser, stainless-steel finish
NR-XY680LVKA $4,289 Quad Door with water dispenser, dark stainless-steel finish
[1] Data prepared by Panasonic. Effectiveness varies according to the usage conditions as well as the quality, quantity, and type.
[2] Data prepared by Panasonic.
[3] Data prepared by Panasonic.

LUMIX announces winners of Australia-first 72-hour filmmaking challenge

Panasonic is proud to announce the winners of its inaugural LUMIX 72-hour filmmaking challenge. The creativity and storytelling expertise of Australian filmmakers was celebrated last night at an exclusive screening and award ceremony at Sydney’s iconic Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace.

Paul Reid, Managing Director, Panasonic Australia, said: “We were amazed by the talent the entrants demonstrated. These films are dramatic, thought-provoking and heartfelt – impressive when you know they were tasked to go from concept to screen in just three days.”

The overall winner of the Challenge is the film Big Chef, Little Chef created by Kerrod Cooper, with Aiman Malik and Caimaniacs crowned on the night as the recipient of the ‘People’s Choice’ Award for their film Making Magic.

With a prize pool of over $25,000, the challenge attracted entries from every corner of the country. In June, entrants were required to create a 30-60 second video to demonstrate what made them the perfect candidate for the competition. Ten successful applicants were then loaned the recently launched Panasonic LUMIX S5IIX and supporting equipment to create a short film between 3-6 minutes long within just 72 hours. The brief was intriguing: creators had to integrate the theme ‘Broken’ and object ‘Egg’ into their film!

The ten finalists and their guests attended the gala evening, where the overall winner was selected by a panel of expert judges who evaluated each film using strict criteria – creativity and originality, cinematography, and the smooth and unique integration of the theme. The audience was also part of the action, with the ‘People’s Choice’ Award decided by the votes of those in attendance on the night.

Paul Reid added: “We were thrilled to finally meet the filmmakers and their crew in person and discover what went on behind the scenes to create these cinematic gems.”

Inaugural Winner: LUMIX 72-hour filmmaking challenge.

Kerrod Cooper, the inaugural winner for Big Chef, Little Chef, received a prize package including over $14,000RRP in LUMIX imaging products and equipment from sponsors CR Kennedy Imaging, SmallRig and Atomos, plus $5,000 cash.

Inaugural Winner: LUMIX 72-hour filmmaking challenge – Big Chef, Little Chef – Kerrod Cooper and team K/D Ratio: L-R: Danny Kim, Kerrod Cooper, Jemma Ha, Kevin Rickert, David Shannon.

Kerrod Cooper said: “The competition was an excellent opportunity and we jumped at it. We started with the premise: ‘what if The Bear was a kids’ show?’ and went from there. These types of projects are our bread and butter, and our team thrives on being creative and collaborative.”

“There is so much untapped filmmaking talent in Australia, and it was great to see so many of us get together in this way. My advice to other filmmakers is to continue making cool films, and eventually somebody important will take notice.”

In Big Chef, Little Chef, a charismatic children’s show presenter – in an empathetic performance by Danny Kim – whisks young viewers into a culinary adventure filled with laughter and learning. But behind the cheerful facade, he must grapple with a simmering internal struggle as the hustle of the kitchen mirrors the intensity of his emotional past.

Big Chef, Little Chef – Danny Kim and ‘Little Chef’.

The winner was selected by a judging panel of industry experts – Liam Brennan, Carolyn Constantine, and John Harvey. The judges praised the winning film’s strong concept, complete story and sublime cinematography with great editing and use of lighting to convey tone and emotion.  The tonal shifts also impressed, with the two key characters delivering a moving and powerful performance, while the creators successfully integrated the theme and the object in a meaningful way.

Big Chef, Little Chef  was created by Kerrod Cooper (Director, Editor, Sound Design) and team K/D Ratio – David Shannon (Director of Photography), Dylan Esguerra (Sound Recordist), Kevin Rickert (Art Department Lead), Danny Kim (lead actor and co-writer) and Jemma Ha (Production Assistant).

People’s Choice Winner

The People’s Choice Award was presented to Aiman Malik and Caimaniacs, for their film titled Making Magic. Selected by those in attendance at the award ceremony, the film received a prize package of over $5,000 RRP in LUMIX imaging products plus equipment from sponsors SmallRig and Atomos.

People’s Choice’ Award: – Making Magic – L-R: Aiman Malik and Cain Howlett

“We wanted to make a film that explored a parent and child relationship in a positive light. This is only our second project, and we are so pleased to be here among all these amazing filmmakers. It is such a dream of ours to win an award, and we never imagined we might be standing here so soon,” said Aiman Malik.

A spellbinding story, Making Magic proves true magic isn’t about spells and potions, but about the special moments we share with our loved ones. The film is a delightful reminder that sometimes, the most enchanting adventures happen in our own backyard.

People’s Choice’ Award: – Making Magic – Caimainacs

Paul Reid added that the LUMIX team was thoroughly impressed by the high standard demonstrated by all ten finalists. “Panasonic remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering Australian filmmakers of all experience levels and abilities. Part of that commitment is giving opportunities that challenge and grow the entire industry. While the LUMIX 72-hour filmmaking challenge created a competitive platform for cinematography, it also delivered an opportunity for ten outstanding filmmakers to explore and showcase their passion for the medium.”

“We are grateful to the judges for the time they took to carefully consider all entries, and we hope that the recognition of the award encourages and spurs the winners and finalists on to even greater success and look forward to seeing what next year brings!”

Thanks also go to CR Kennedy Imaging for generously providing all entrants with lighting equipment  (Zhiyun Molus 100 Combo Lighting Kit and IFootage Anglerfish RGBW Light) to shoot their films and keep permanently for their future endeavours.

Panasonic is proud to be supporting the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA), donating all the funds from event ticket sales, as well as matching this with a donation from the company.

To view the ten films, visit


The Perfect Date – William Qoro

Dive into a heartfelt journey of “The Perfect Date” as William Qoro from WQFilms takes you on a ride of love, anxiety and the unpredictable nature of relationships. When an anxiety-ridden man strives to craft the flawless date for his girlfriend, he learns that perfection in love is just an illusion.

Disconnect – Clayton Orgles & Aaron Vanderkley

Step into the enigmatic world crafted by Clayton Orgles & Aaron Vanderkley from COAV. “Disconnect” takes you on a thrilling ride where a young couple encounters an ancient relic with an eerie offer: trade self-inflicted pain for a surge in social media followers. As the seductive allure of online stardom beckons, they must confront the perilous consequences it brings.

Beyond the edge – Christian & Dean Kennedy

Experience heart-pounding action in “Beyond the edge”, coupled with mind-bending twists, and visual effects that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Christian & Dean Kennedy have woven a gripping narrative that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

A Small and Short Little Journey Through Exeter Station and its Surrounding Parts – Terry Hou

Join filmmaker Terry Hou on an unforgettable cinematic journey of his short film “A Small and Short Little Journey Through Exeter Station and its Surrounding Parts”! Get whisked away to a world of disillusionment, unexpected encounters, and the beauty of the unknown. Watch as a disillusioned city worker’s plans take an eccentric twist when he meets an unlikely accomplice in a quaint rural town.

Alone – Tea Van de Burgt & Darcy Michell

Get ready to be moved by the poignant tale spun by Tea Van de Burgt & Darcy Michell in their latest short film, “Alone.” Delve into the lives of a young couple bound by their shattered pasts, who make a lifelong promise to each other. But when Izzy’s pursuit of education takes her away, Micah is left adrift, struggling to find meaning in a world where his life’s compass no longer points toward her.

Making Magic – Aiman Malik

A spellbinding story by Aiman Malik and Caimaniacs that proves true magic isn’t about spells and potions, but about the special moments we share with our loved ones. “Making Magic” is a delightful reminder that sometimes, the most enchanting adventures happen in our own backyard.

Big Chef, Little Chef – Kerrod Cooper

Immerse yourself in the captivating tale of passion and personal growth expertly brought to life by Kerrod Cooper. “Big Chef, Little Chef” isn’t just about cooking – it’s a heartfelt exploration of the human experience.

Shells – Justine Hinz

Embark on a gripping journey to a haunting future in “Shells”. Immerse yourself in the dystopian world envisioned by the brilliant Justine Hinz from Haunted Astronaut. In a world on the brink of extinction 70 years from now, witness the poignant story of a young woman who shares the harrowing tale of her forced sterilisation.

I want to be Egg – Jesse Vogelaar & Vidya Rajan

Step into a world where a second shot at life is up for grabs, but the price tag is steep –only the privileged can afford it. Join us in this thought-provoking journey, “I want to be Egg,” crafted by the minds of Jesse Vogelaar and Vidya Rajan.

Baby you got it – Murray Enders & Garrett Eckerson

Murray Enders & Garrett Eckerson from Rogue Antechinus deliver an emotional punch in this gripping short film “Baby you got it”. Witness the raw vulnerability of a mother seized by her own grief, as she navigates the depths of her emotions in the face of unimaginable loss.


Carolyn Constantine – ACS Cinematographer

Filmmaker and Director Of Photography, Carolyn Constantine ACS  has numerous TV drama operating and main unit /2nd unit DOP credits: (Wildside, Young Lions, Headstart, All Saints, Rake, Please like Me, Headland, Janet King, Pulse & Australian Gangster, The Secret She Keeps, BUMP S1 & 2 and Born to Spy). She has lensed a number of high profile documentaries including Wide Open Sky which won the audience award for documentary at Sydney Film Festival 2015. The award-winning documentary Madhattan was her first long form film as both Director and cinematographer.

Her passion for the arts is reflected in the many films she has produced/directed and shot for Art Gallery of NSW, MCA, SCAF & the Kaldor Public Art Projects; her subjects have included Jeff Koons, Christo, Brian Eno, Wendy Whiteley, The Sydney Moderns, and America Exhibitions. Her recent music video for Tim Minchin “I’ll Take Lonely Tonight” has received over 405,000 views.  2021 has been a busy year having completed shooting the ABC Kids Action Spy Drama, Born to Spy before heading straight into the role of DOP for STAN’s popular series, BUMP S2.

John Harvey – writer, director and producer

John is an acclaimed writer, director and producer across film and theatre and the Creative Director of Brown Cabs.  In film, he has written and directed Katele (2023 Flickerfest – Best Australian Short Film, Melbourne International Film Festival – Best Australian Short Film), Still We Rise (2023 AIDC Best Documentary / Factual Single), Kutcha’s Koorioke (NITV), Water (Adelaide FF), Out of Range (MIFF), Off Country (2022 ADG Award for Best Direction, MIFF), and produced Spear (TIFF) and the chapter Sand for The Turning (MIFF, Berlinale) and The Warriors (ABC)His theatre writing credits include The Return (2023 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Drama), Heart is a Wasteland and Black Ties.    John received an ACMI (Australian Centre for Moving Image) commission to create multi-channel installation Canopy.  John is also a Board Director of Bangarra Dance Theatre.

Liam Edward Brennan – Cinematographer / DOP

My love of cinematography was born in the hustle of a mosh pit, touring with punk bands and brandishing a beat-up DSLR at every show. I’ve always been drawn to images that are vibrant, layered, and beautiful. Images that make you lean towards your screen. My work spans the worlds of commercial, entertainment and documentary filmmaking, and I’m the proud recipient of two ACS Gold Tripods – shiny metal trophies from the Australian Cinematographers Society that represent the pinnacle of achievement.

I pride myself on bringing out the best in production crews and creative collaborators of all kinds, realising the vision of Directors and Clients within the challenging, high-speed environment of a film set. I’m based in Sydney, Australia. I’ve come a long way from the DSLR smashing Moshpit Days, but I still sing punk songs in the shower.


2022 ACS GOLD TRIPOD for Brad Cox “Short Lived Love” Music Video

2018 ACS GOLD TRIPOD for Rough Hands EP5. Karim The Bladesmith

2019 GOLD ACS award for The Calile x QLD Ballet

2018 GOLD ACS award for Rough Hands Ep5. Karim The Bladesmith


The LUMIX G9II “Capture the Decisive Moment”

Powerful new Micro Four Thirds flagship delivers accurate auto-focus, high speed response and outstanding photographic performance.

Panasonic is proud to announce the launch of the LUMIX G9II digital mirrorless camera. This powerful new Micro Four Thirds flagship is the first G Series to offer Phase Detection Auto-Focus (PDAF) technology and features a brand-new sensor and engine.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager of Imaging at Panasonic said: “This camera’s impressive enhancements will delight G Series photographers with fast and reliable image capture in the field.  Improvements spanning from Auto-focus to burst-shooting and stabilisation reward the shooter by empowering them to record fleeting moments. And it’s backed by our highly mobile and extensive Micro Four Thirds lens lineup.  The two LEICA telephoto lenses announced today allow users to choose from a 32-strong lineup – making it easy to select the perfect kit.”

“The G9II is also a creative workflow dynamo, with REAL TIME LUT, Full Sensor 4:3 ‘open gate’ video recording, Apple ProRes video, 300fps slow motion & more on board.”

LUMIX G9II: Key Capabilities

The camera’s new 25.2-megapixel Live MOS sensor delivers high resolution and high-speed response, supporting V-Log/V-Gamut and 13+ stops of wide dynamic range[i] . The new engine achieves natural, three-dimensional textured images and ensures high-speed processing of high bitrate video.

The hybrid PDAF technology on board the LUMIX G9II enables accurate auto-focus and high-speed tracking of fast-moving subjects. New AI-powered recognition technology (developed using AI deep learning) for real-time auto-focus now recognises cars, motorcycles, and animal eyes for improved precision.

To deliver fast action photography, the LUMIX G9II offers burst shooting at 60 fps (AFC) and Super High Speed[ii] pre-burst recording[iii] that can commence shooting up to 1.5 seconds prior to shutter release, including support for RAW files. A blackout-free Live View Finderv means the user can continuously track and keep the subject in focus.

Providing incredible stabilisation for hybrid shooters, the excellent LUMIX image stabilisation system is further enhanced. For photographers, the in-body IS offers an impressive 8-stop at 60mm[iv], and when shooting with ultra-telephoto focal length, the Dual I.S 2 system offers 7.5-stop[v] at 140mm (280mm 35mm equivalent). Videographers will appreciate the  Active I.S. technology which is optimised for video shooting, offering smooth gimbal-like video even when walking with the camera. These capabilities provide even greater support for handheld shooting at ultra-telephoto focal lengths, capturing difficult, dynamic subjects such as wildlife. Using the precision gyro-sensor and in-body stabilisation unit, 100-megapixel images can be captured in camera using the High Resolution mode both with a tripod or when handheld.

There are also several modes that expand the possibilities of creativity. The 13+ stop V-Log/V-Gamut capture offers a high dynamic range, consistent colour management and streamlined post-production. With in-camera colour grading via REAL TIME LUT, creative scope is increased while workflow is reduced – excellent for repeatable setups such as content creators who work in the same studio or are looking to repeat the same style in camera instead of applying the same LUT in post. The newly-added LEICA Monochrome mode provides deep black/white contrast.

The Live View Composite Mode takes away the guess work, allowing the photographer to set the desired exposure, take the shot, then view the image on-screen as it is being exposed in real time. Once they are happy with how the shot looks, they simply hit the shutter button again to stop the exposure. This mode is also great for light painting, shooting light trails and other long exposure scenarios.

The G9II is a launching point for video creation. It includes 4:2:0 10-bit 5.8K (4:3) full sensor recording/ 5.7K (17:9), enabling flexible framing options for various social media formats, as well as 4:2:0 10-bit C4K/4K 120p/100p to enable slow motion videos. Recording and playback are supported using an external SSD via USB.

It also offers Apple ProRes[vi] video, which delivers high image quality at low compression, reducing computer load during post-production and allowing non-linear editing without transcoding, streamlining workflow from start to finish.

Panasonic is pleased to introduce a new optional battery grip (DMW-BG1E) equipped with an eight-direction joystick that is compatible with the LUMIX G9II and the already available LUMIX S5II and S5IIX.

LUMIX G9II: Pricing and Availability

DC-G9M2GN: Body only: RRP $3299
DC-G9M2M: Kit with 12-60mm F3.5-5.6 lens: RRP $3599
DC-G9M2LEICA: Kit with Leica DG 12-60mm F2.8-4 lens: RRP $4399
DC-G9M2LPRO: Kit with Leica DG 12-35 F2.8 lens: RRP $4799
DMW-BG1E: RRP $599

The camera and battery grip will be available in Australia from leading photographic specialists in late October 2023.

[i]When shooting video at a setting of over 60 fps (including slow and quick mode), the luminance range provides 12+ stops. The dynamic range boost will not function when shooting video at a setting of over 60 fps (including slow and quick mode), when using the SH burst function for still images, and when combining slow shutter speeds of more than 1/15 seconds with ISO.
[ii] Available in electronic shutter only.
[iii] When the ambient temperature is high or Pre-Burst recording is performed continuously, even if you press the shutter button halfway, Pre-Burst may not operate to protect the camera from overheating. Wait until the camera cools down.
[iv] Based on the CIPA standard [Yaw/Pitch direction: focusing distance f=60mm (35mm film camera equivalent f=120mm), when H-ES12060 is used.
[v] Based on the CIPA standard [Yaw/Pitch direction: focusing distance f=140mm (35mm film camera equivalent f=280mm), when H-FSA14140 is used.
[vi] Apple and ProRes are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.- Please see the website for video performance information, details, and specifications of the LUMIX G9II.

Panasonic announces two LEICA DG telephoto lenses for outstanding photographic performance

Panasonic is proud to introduce the H-ES35100 and H-RSA100400 interchangeable lenses for the LUMIX G Series that comply with the Micro Four Thirds system standard.

These telephoto zoom lenses are in line with LEICA’s stringent optical standards and achieve outstanding photographic performance.

Panasonic boasts a lineup of 32 Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lenses, of which 15 are LEICA DG lenses. This diverse range is designed for creative photography and videography, with lenses to suit a wide range of users from professionals and camera enthusiasts to digital mirrorless camera beginners.


Redesigned LEICA DG Lens: New Large-aperture Telephoto Zoom Lens with Outstanding Photographic Performance, High Mobility and Full-range F2.8 Brightness

Key Features

1. F2.8 LEICA DG VARIO-ELMARIT lens for outstanding photographic performance throughout zoom ranges
2. New ghosting and flare suppression to achieve the rigorous optical standards required for LEICA certification
3. High-speed, high-precision auto-focus for videography with Dual I.S. 2
4. Compact, lightweight model for excellent handheld photography and portability

This new ELMARIT full-range F2.8 lens delivers brightness in all zoom ranges, supporting compositions from evening shots that make use of the F2.8 brightness, to bokeh effects that are unique to telephoto zoom shots and help to highlight the subject.

An optimal lens structure comprising two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) lenses and one UED (Ultra Extra-Low Dispersion) lens ensures outstanding photographic performance throughout the 70mm to 200mm zoom range (35mm equivalent). In addition to Panasonic’s unique Nano Surface Coating technology, the use of light-shielding technology to eliminate unwanted light inside the lens enables the production of clear, natural color with reduced ghosting and flare.

The H-ES35100GC is priced at RRP $1999 and will be available in Australia from leading photographic specialists in November 2023.

LEICA DG VARIO-ELMAR 100-400mm/F4.0-6.3 II ASPH./POWER O.I.S. (H-RSA100400G)

New Teleconverter-Compatible LEICA DG Lens for Full Life-size Macro Shooting and Ultra Telephoto Zoom Photography

Key Features

1. LEICA DG VARIO-ELMAR lens for outstanding photographic performance throughout zoom ranges
2. Ultra telephoto zoom lens covering up to 1600mm for use in a wide range of shooting environments
3. Compact, lightweight, and excellent mobility with high-speed, high-precision auto-focus and teleconverter compatibility

This new lens achieves stunning photographic performance throughout the zoom range from the center of the frame to the edge. An optimally arranged lens structure featuring one aspherical lens, two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) lenses, and one UED (Ultra Extra-Low Dispersion) lens produces detailed and beautifully textured high-resolution, high-contrast images.

With a focal length of 200mm to 800mm (35mm equivalent), the lens is ideally suited to capture a range of subjects that are difficult to approach, such as wild birds and animals, as well as sporting events. Moreover, the separately sold 2.0x teleconverter[ii] enables 1600mm full life-size macro shooting[iii] for impressive, detailed shots of flowers, animals, and other subjects.

The H-RSA100400G is priced at RRP $3099 and will be available in Australia from leading photographic specialists in November 2023.

[i] 35 mm camera equivalent. When DMW-TC20A teleconverter is attached. Teleconverter range: 210 mm–400 mm.
[ii] Use of the DMW-TC20 teleconverter reduces the effective aperture by two f/stops
[iii] 35 mm camera equivalent. When DMW-TC20A teleconverter is attached. Teleconverter range: 210 mm–400 mm.
*Micro Four Thirds™ and Micro Four Thirds Logo marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of OM Digital Solutions Corporation, in Japan, the United States, the European Union and other countries.


Technics introduces the next-generation Direct Drive Turntable

Featuring a revolutionary new drive control method for smooth, accurate rotational stability and a new power supply for an exceptionally low-noise floor.

Renowned hi-fi brand Technics has released the new SL-1200GR2 / SL-1210GR2 turntable – the latest version of its legendary and widely acclaimed GR Grand Class turntables.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager, Technics, said: “This is the first offering in the fourth generation of the Technics turntable lineup. A key objective with this new model is to further enhance sound quality by eliminating micro vibrations from the motor, using the new Delta-Sigma-Drive system.”

“Customers will also enjoy the classic Technics design in both silver and black versions, with a robust and stable chassis, the benefit of expanded cartridge compatibility, and EPS-free smart cardboard packaging.”

The new Grand Class turntable will be available in Australia from late October 2023 via selected audio specialist retailers.

Technics SL-1200GR2BS Grand Class Turntable (Silver) – $3,299 RRP
Technics SL-1210GR2BK Grand Class Turntable (Black) – $3,299 RRP

SL-1200GR2 / SL-1210GR2 Key Capabilities

  • The new Delta-Sigma-Drive combines the highly reliable Technics coreless direct-drive motor with a new motor drive system. It ensures high accuracy and stable rotation, improving electromagnetic conversion accuracy.
  • The system makes use of a low-noise, low-voltage variation power circuit through the combination of a switching power supply – using expertise developed from Technics Grand Class amps and players – and a proprietary noise cancelling circuit.
  • The turntable boasts design inspired by high-end models, and excellent usability with a traditional Technics layout.
  • 3mm die-cast aluminium cartridge spacers ensure an improved cartridge height compatibility of 14-23mm.
  • It incorporates a rock-solid 2-layered bottom chassis made of aluminium and BMC (Bulk Moulding Compound), the combination of which enables high resistance against vibrations; a 2-layered platter made of aluminium and dampened by heavy-weight rubber; a high-sensitivity S-shaped aluminium tonearm and extremely effective insulator feet.
  • To reduce its environmental impact, while ensuring that the turntable is fully protected, the new packaging for SL-1200GR2 / SL-1210GR2 is free of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). Instead, it is made of smart-shaped cardboard, also including a cardboard box for the accessories for ease of removal and storage. Technics is currently working to expand new packaging to other line-ups and to integrate more recyclable content in the future.

Technical Background

The motor control signal for the new SL-1200GR2 / SL-1210GR2 is a huge leap in performance in comparison with earlier versions. Technics looked at how signal precision has been improved in its digital audio components, especially at the Reference amplifier SU-R1000, which optimises vinyl analogue signals using complex digital technology. Taking direct drive technology to the next level in terms of precision was achievable by reducing motor vibration, through optimising the driving sine waves via the PWM signal generation using Delta-Sigma (ΔΣ) Modulation, as employed in Technics full-digital amplifiers.

In the new GR2, the motor control signal is generated by the usage of a PWM signal generated by Delta-Sigma (ΔΣ) Modulation. This method of high precision 1bit D/A conversion is part of the signal procession in Technics’ full-digital amplifiers that use our proprietary technology JENO Engine.  With this approach, (given the name Delta-Sigma (ΔΣ)-Drive) a perfect sine wave is generated, and motor vibrations are radically reduced.

This has a significant impact especially on the frequency range where the motor vibrations overlap with the natural resonance of the tonearm / pickup cartridge combination. Thus, the tracking precision is drastically improved. The result is stunning signal precision with an accurate sound stage, superb imaging, and a very low-noise floor.

In combination with the rotation feedback system based on speed detection by the usage of a frequency generator (FG) which works on magnetic power generation, the rotational speed precision of the new GR2 is exceptional.

Along with the motor control, the general power supply has also been the focus of engineering. The new Multi-stage Silent Power Supply of the SL-1200GR2 / SL-1210GR2 is a combination of a low-noise, high-speed power supply working at over 100kHz and a noise cancelling circuit inherited from the reference class turntable SL-1000R – cancelling remaining noise, enabling exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and improving the overall signal performance.

For more information visit: Turntables – Technics Australia