Take the pain out of ironing with Panasonic Steam Generators – flawless results with minimal effort

With this powerful high-pressure steam system, clothes are easily pressed and wrinkle free.

Panasonic has today launched two new long-lasting steam generators, for ultimate ease and efficiency when ironing clothes. Say goodbye to wrinkles and burn marks – just press a button and the steam does the rest, with faultless results from ironing thick material to the most heat-sensitive fabrics.

What is a steam generator and how does it work? Unlike regular irons where the water evaporates easily on the soleplate, Panasonic’s steam generators release a continuous boost of steam that is maintained by an internal boiler. Both models have a large 1.8L water tank capacity, so it does not have to be refilled constantly, allowing you to effectively get through a larger amount of clothing in one sitting.

Ginger Yu, Product Marketing Manager – Appliances, Panasonic Australia, said: “Our aim is always to make things easier for our customers. With our high-pressure steam generators, we manage to achieve just that by helping busy people save time and energy. The steam is evenly distributed throughout the soleplate and delivers a perfect finish. No need to fear the dreaded disaster of leaving a burn mark on your clothes!  Since these are pure steam generators, whether it’s delicate like silk or tough like denim, it’ll never leave a burn mark on any type of fabric.”

Panasonic Steam Generators

NI-GT500NSJ – Black and gold with 2400W power input and 720g steam boost: $629

NI- GT200ASJ – Black and navy with 2400W power input and 600g steam boost: $439

To maintain steam power, both models are equipped with anti-calc measures to prevent buildup of impurities from water, which can develop inside the iron and lead to stains or poor steam output. This feature ensures a smooth flow of water and avoids any blockage disrupting the path of the steam. The NI-GT500 model only requires water inside the boiler to be poured out[1]once a year and has anti-calc technology which automatically prevents calc from accumulating inside. This technology extends the iron’s steam lifetime, for a guaranteed durable and reliable product that lasts. With an optimal soleplate temperature of 135°C, there is no need to set the temperature yourself, however it does come with an option to increase the temperature to 155°C if required.

The NI-GT200 model only requires the water to be emptied[2] once every three weeks and its inner structure is smartly designed with one-step anti-calc to prevent any clogging. It also features a handy temperature dial so that customers can easily adjust the heat based on what fabric they’re ironing.

Both models have a Calc-Indicator, which is a lamp that will notify when it is time to empty the steam generator.

Model No. NI-GT500NSJ NI-GT200ASJ
Price $629 $439
Voltage 220-240V 220-240V
Wattage 2400W 2400W
Pressure MAX 6.5bar MAX 5.5bar
Steam Amount Up to 130g/min Up to 120g/min
Steam Boost 720g 600g
Water Tank 1.8L 1.8L
Soleplate Ceramic Ceramic
Anti-Calc (scale) device/Maintenance Frequency Yes /
Once a year (using approx. 90L of water)
No (but includes one-step anti-calc)
Regular maintenance per approx. 3 weeks (using approx. 5L of water)
Automatic Switch-Off Yes, after 10 minutes Yes, after 10 minutes
Temperature Setting Optimal soleplate temp. of 135°C + features a 155°C mode Free dial adjustment from low to high
Heating Time 3 minutes 3 minutes
Weight 4.3kg w/water
0.9kg without water
4.3kg w/water
0.9kg without water

For further information, please visit www.panasonic.com.au

[1] In hard water areas, we recommend increasing the frequency.
[2] In hard water areas, we recommend increasing the frequency.