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Panasonic delivers clean air and comfort with new HZ Series

Ultra Premium range delivers superior performance and functionality to the Australian market, with stronger air purification than ever before.

Panasonic has unveiled its latest range of reverse-cycle, wall mounted split system residential air-conditioners, delivering industry-leading comfort and peace of mind with the latest in 24-hour air purification technology. This latest HZ Series builds upon the success of Panasonic’s Premium Reverse Cycle series, providing top of the range efficiency, design and an operating range to meet the demands of the extreme Australian climate.

The HZ Series incorporates Panasonic’s new nanoe™X Generator Mark 2 air purifying system, providing stronger and more effective air purification. The new range inhibits pollutants more effectively by releasing twice as many hydroxyl radicals than its Z Series predecessor (9.6 trillion/sec versus 4.8 trillion/sec).[1]

The nanoe™X air purifying system provides 24-hour purification in the home, to neutralise pollutants and deodorise interiors even when the cooling or heating system is not in operation. Nanoe™X benefits include the neutralising of bacteria and viruses, active deodorisation, inhibition of mould growth and allergens such as pollen or pet dander, and the breakdown over time of potentially harmful substances that can be found in particle sizes as small as PM2.5. At the heart of any air conditioning system is comfort – and the HZ Series has this at the forefront of its offering, to ensure an optimal sleep environment in homes of any size.

This new Series includes a Humidity Sensor which measures and analyses the humidity level and adjusts accordingly to maximise comfort levels in the home. Additionally, the unit incorporates iAUTO-X, a one button option for a fast cool down. An updated AEROWINGS design – with larger blades that provide 19 per cent increased airflow and long distance cooling up to 15 metres – also ensures a wider area of coverage, making the new solution perfect for larger rooms.

The HZ Series also includes the latest in device connectivity, with built-in Wi-Fi allowing for convenient control and monitoring anytime, anywhere through the Panasonic Comfort Cloud app, as well as through Google Assistant enabled devices.[2]

The advances in technology do not stop there. The HZ Series features Panasonic’s ECO Mode, harnessing the power of AI to both monitor the room conditions and amount of heat generated at any given time, and adjust settings accordingly to maximise energy savings by up to 20 per cent[3] – while maintaining a pleasant environment.

Reggie Lam, Product Marketing Manager, Air Conditioning at Panasonic Australia, said: “We know that Australians rely on air conditioning units to provide them with optimum comfort in the home, no matter whether cooling or heating is the requirement of the day. But with the latest in innovation – such as our new nanoe™X Generator Mark 2 technology, enhanced device compatibility and increased climate control options – we know that our new ultra-premium HZ Series will take both comfort and air quality to the next level.”

The new HZ Series Ultra Premium Reverse Cycle Wall Split range is available from Panasonic Air Conditioning specialist dealers from February 2023, with a full five-year part and labour warranty.

Model Number Capacity Star Rating* Availability RRP
(cooling) (heating) (cooling) (heating)
CS/CU-HZ25YKR 2.5 kW 3.2 kW 4.5 3.5 Feb-23 $1,449
CS/CU-HZ35YKR 3.5 kW 4.1 kW 5.0 3.5 Feb-23 $1,719
CS/CU-HZ50YKR 5.0 kW 6.0 kW 4.5 3.0 Feb-23 $2,309
CS/CU-HZ71YKR 7.1 kW 8.0 kW 4.0 3.0 Feb-23 $2,759
CS/CU-HZ80YKR 8.0 kW 9.0 kW 3.5 2.5 Feb-23 $3,439

*Star rating based on the Zoned Energy rating Label for average climate

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[1] The HZ series can produce up to 9.6 trillion/sec hydroxyls radical. The Z series can produce up to 4.8 trillion/sec hydroxyl radicals.
[2] Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC
[3] Comparison of ECO Mode & normal mode by using 3.5kW INVERTER model