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Enjoy fresh food fast with compact steam microwave from Panasonic

Panasonic’s latest Microwave lets you enjoy fresh, healthy food fast – injecting steam directly into an upper compartment to cook food that retains the natural flavour of ingredients, with delicious texture and moisture.

For grilled treats, the Grill Tray creates crisp food that’s juicy inside, crunchy outside and cooked simultaneously top and bottom without the need to turn portions over. There’s also an Oven setting for baking or roasting.

The new NN-DS596B Combination Microwave is a compact 27 litres for smaller benchtops and has a convenient space-saving pull-down door. It’s ideal for apartment living or where kitchen space is limited.

Nicolas Cauzac, Product Marketing Manager, Microwaves, Panasonic, said: “With these versatile capabilities – steam, grill, oven and microwave – it’s easy and quick to prepare a variety of enjoyable meals.”

For example, simultaneous use of the oven and steam settings keeps meat succulent during roasting, while combining the grill and microwave modes speeds up cooking time and retains crispness. The new model also incorporates Panasonic’s Inverter Microwave technology which delivers graduated power continuously so food is evenly cooked, preserving texture and flavour, without spill-overs, burnt edges and hot spots.

Flatbed technology means there’s no turntable, freeing up greater oven capacity for larger dishes, and making the oven simpler to clean.

The NN-DS596B is priced at $859rrp and is available in November 2016 from consumer electronics retailers. For more information visit or call 132 600.

NN-DS596B-Combination-Microwave-steam NN-DS596B-Combination-Microwave-ftrd NN-DS596B-Combination-Microwave-frill


New Panasonic viewfinder lets operators see the entire picture at a distance and offers fast response

Panasonic Australia is set to release a new 1.5-inch viewfinder – the AJ-CVF50G – with a large display that supports continuous images so camera operators can see the entire picture within the viewfinder at all times, even when their eye is at a distance from the frame.

Matthew Alexander, Product Marketing Manager, Broadcast and Professional Video, Panasonic, said:

“This new viewfinder supports operators at live locations such as sports, where they need to keep the subject in the frame, while simultaneously observing the scene for any new events. High speed response ensures they can capture fast action as it happens.”

“The large 1.5 inch viewfinder ensures there’s no unintended magnification, as there’s no need to open and close the lens barrel or move the visual point between the LCD and viewfinder.”

The viewfinder will display continuous images without burn-in, so users don’t have to switch off the display periodically. A button on the front of the viewfinder allows quick switching between monochrome and colour mode.

Panasonic products supported include the P2 Series models AJ-PX5000G, AJ-HPX3100G AJ-PX800G, AJ-PX380G, and AG-HPX610/600; and the camera systems AK-UC3000, AK-HC5000, AK-HC3500, and AK-HC3800.


Pricing and availability

The new viewfinder will be available from authorised Panasonic Broadcast distributors and dealers in December 2016. Pricing will be available closer to the release date.

Conversations are loud and clear with Panasonic amplified cordless phone designed for Australians suffering from hearing loss

The Panasonic KX-TGM420 Series amplified cordless system is a home phone solution designed for easy and improved communications for anyone affected by hearing loss.

This fully-featured and highly reliable cordless phone simplifies everyday calling with a voice volume up to 40 decibels (dB) to make caller voices easier to hear. So you don’t miss a call, the base unit can be set to ring loudly at up to 112 dB. Understand every word, every time, more clearly with ‘Slow Talk’, which slows the speed of speech in real time and when checking voice messages.

For visual support, bright red LED visual ringers on the base unit and handset flash when there is an incoming call. The phone is also compatible with hearing aids.

Samantha Dawson, Product Marketing Manager, Cordless Phones, Panasonic, said: “This phone will give greater peace of mind and confidence to the hearing impaired and their carers. The amplification features ensure you won’t be frustrated by missed calls or inaudible callers, and the large, well-lit and easy to use controls make the phone simple to manage.”

And for amplified calling ease and comfort throughout the house, the KX-TGM420 system can be expanded with the option of up to six full-featured handsets.

The amplified phone makes everyday call management even easier and stress-free with an enlarged and backlit LCD and keys. The handset is highly visible with a large white-backlit 1.8-inch LCD and a big keypad to make calling quick and simple in any lighting conditions. On the base unit, large, easy to press buttons provide a choice of six tones to improve the audibility of a range of different voice types; and there are 1-touch dial buttons marked 1-3 so key numbers can be saved and recalled automatically – such as family or emergency services.

Calls from noisy places can be more easily heard with Noise Reduction to suppress background noise interference for clearer, more comfortable conversation. Nuisance calls can be avoided with Talking Caller ID and Call Block (up to 250 numbers). The phone also includes Talking Dial and Talking Phonebook to guide you through your calls.

The phone won’t let you down in a power failure, with an additional rechargeable battery in the base unit keeping you connected when the power goes out. When fully charged, both batteries provide power for up to 12 hours of use and up to 8 days standby.

Pricing and Availability

Available now
KX-TGM422 twin handset
Available December
Available December


The new cordless phones are available from consumer electronics retailers. For more information and local stockist details, contact Panasonic on 132 600 or visit

Australian first: Panasonic Full HD LED display in prime position for SBS World News reports

Using Panasonic technology, SBS has enhanced the delivery of the flagship SBS World News broadcast with the Artarmon news production studio now featuring a large format LED screen to display high-resolution graphics during broadcasts. Digital content ranges from maps and weather, to finance and property reports, as well as displaying breaking news.

The new LED display complements the studio’s full High Definition (HD) upgrade, with a 1920 x 1080 resolution as well as a 1.4mm pixel pitch to support extra fine detail. The screen spans an impressive 2.8 x 1.6 metres, and is able to provide up to 800 nits of brightness, which can be adjusted to suit the broadcaster’s requirements.

The solution is the first Panasonic Full HD LED display of its kind to be installed in Australia. Noel Leslie, Chief Technology Officer, SBS, said: “The previous 3 x 3 interactive news screen wall became outdated and no longer serviced the needs of our news production. The new LED display provides SBS with significantly enhanced technology to further integrate interactive motion graphics and high resolution images in the news and current affairs offering for our audiences.”

Delivering the news in detail


SBS required a solution to produce map graphics and showcase real or moving images on screen to support its news reporting, which the screen is able to deliver seamlessly, and in HD.

The new screen has been in operation for a few weeks and is used in a variety of news and current affairs programming. This includes: the 6.30pm weekday edition of SBS World News hosted by Anton Enus and Janice Petersen, and the SBS World News Late Edition. Ricardo Goncalves delivers most of his finance report standing in front of the large screen. The screen is seen on Monday night’s football wrap-up ‘The World Game’, and is also being used for social media interaction for National Indigenous Television’s (NITV), The Point.

Panasonic worked closely with SBS to manage the entire process, from initial consultation, to reviewing and testing potential solutions within the studio, through to final installation. The solution is backed up by a support and maintenance agreement and component warranty with annual reviews designed to keep the panel looking great and well-maintained.

The display has a surprisingly slim footprint and has been installed as a free-standing structure suitable for the studio installation where space is limited. As well as looking impressive, it has a number of features that offer both convenience and longevity.

All components can be serviced from the front, and because it is comprised of smaller LED modules, individual sections can be replaced within seconds, while the screen is still operating.

The modules are attached to the front of a magnetic frame, meaning there is no need to install expensive customised brackets, and the screen can easily be reconfigured as required.

Grant Stewart, National Manager, Professional Services, Panasonic said: “We’re very proud to support SBS and the SBS World News broadcast with the latest in LED technology. SBS provides a respected service to millions of Australian viewers, and our screen is designed to complement this with reliable and flexible operation for many years to come.”