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Panasonic releases Firmware Version 2.2 for LUMIX GH6 to support direct SSD recording over USB

GH6 SSD Firmware UpdatePanasonic has announced Firmware Update Ver.2.2 for its LUMIX GH6 mirrorless camera, which will enhance performance and usability for hybrid video professionals. The update will be available at the LUMIX Global Customer Support website at 11am AEST on 27 September 2022.

GH6 Firmware Version 2.2

Support for direct recording to SSD (solid-state drive) over USB

The new firmware supports direct recording and playback of video/photo using an external SSD connected via USB. It is possible to record high-quality, low-compression Apple ProRes 422 HQ (maximum 1.9Gbps) or high-bitrate, large-volume 4:2:2 10-bit All-Intra directly to a USB drive (SSD) with maximum 2TB capacity. Data files recorded on the SSD can be easily transferred to PC via USB, which minimises backup work, making the post-production process more efficient.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager, Imaging, Panasonic, said: “We’re excited to see this release, which was a highly anticipated update flagged at the initial launch of the GH6, and will further streamline workflow for creators. Through its strategy of offering regular firmware updates, Panasonic supports G Series users now and in the future, providing innovative and flexible solutions for creative filmmaking.”

Please note:

  • High frame rate video exceeding 60.00p cannot be recorded to an external SSD.
  • It is not possible to record video and images on the SD card or CFexpress card simultaneously while also recording it to the external SSD.
  • Use an external SSD no more than 2 TB in size that is compatible with USB Type-C. We recommend using an external SSD whose operation has been confirmed by Panasonic. Note that this is not a guarantee of operation on all devices.
  • Latest information on the external SSDs will be available at the compatibility support page at the same time as the firmware release.

Panasonic adds to popular LUMIX S F1.8 Lens lineup: Compact, lightweight LUMIX S 18mm F1.8 (S-S18)

LUMIX S 18mm F1.8 LensPanasonic is pleased to introduce a new large-aperture wide fixed focal length LUMIX S Series lens, the 18mm F1.8 (S-S18). Following the 85mm, 50mm, 35mm and 24mm models, it is the fifth in the series of F1.8 large-aperture lenses based on the L-Mount system.

At a compact 340g, the LUMIX S-S18 is highly mobile and can be paired with the S5, LUMIX’s smallest full-frame model. The rugged dust/splash-resistant[i] design ensures reliable field use in challenging conditions and temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius.

This large-aperture lens delivers high optical performance for professional shooting, despite its compact size. The ultra-wide 18mm perspective offers impressive versatility at different shooting distances. The focal length supports landscapes, astrophotography and architecture shots and the lens can also be used for close-ups thanks to the 0.18m minimum focusing distance.

The five-strong LUMIX F1.8 lens series has a common positioning of controls for ease of use and a common barrel diameter that provides the convenience of using the same filters across lenses. Using lenses of a similar size, diameter and centre of gravity also makes it easy to switch between them when an S Series camera is mounted on a gimbal, for example. Covering virtually any framing and composition, use of these fixed focal length lenses ensures filmmaking with streamlined workflow and post-production.

The LUMIX S 18mm F1.8 is comprised of thirteen lens elements in twelve groups including three aspherical lenses, three ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) lenses, one UED (Ultra Extra-Low Dispersion) lens and one UHR (Ultra High Refractive Index) lens. The use of three aspherical lenses realises beautiful bokeh, a common advantage across the series, while the ED lenses effectively suppress chromatic aberration. The filter diameter is 67 mm, with a 9-blade circular aperture diaphragm.

The LUMIX S 18mm F1.8 is compatible with the LUMIX sensor drive at 240fps to take advantage of high-speed, high-precision auto focusing. For the non-linear setting, focus is shifted with a variable amount according to the rotation speed of the focus ring; while for linear setting focus is shifted with a designated amount according to the rotational quantum of the focus ring. Sensitivity (the amount of focus shift per rotational quantum) can be selected from 90 to 360 degrees by 30-degree increments[ii].

The lens will be available in late October from leading photographic specialists.

LUMIX S 18mm F1.8 (S-S18) lens: RRP $1549

The Panasonic and L-Mount system alliance is committed to the development of L-Mount lenses for the further expansion of its lineup, fulfilling the needs of customers.

LUMIX S5 + S18mm F1.8 Lens

For further information, please visit or call 132 600.

[i] Dust and Splash Resistant does not guarantee that damage will not occur if this lens is subjected to direct contact with dust and water. To avoid damage when using the camera under these conditions, it must be used in accordance with associated instructions in the manual.

[ii] The maximum sensitivity differs by camera model, from 1080 degrees on BS1H (as of September 2022) .

Panasonic introduces professional 4K 50/60p camcorders incorporating 1-inch type sensor 20x zoom lens with built-in ND filters

Panasonic X2 / X20 4K CamcorderPanasonic is pleased to announce two professional 4K camcorders which offer the rich features and performance demanded by videographers, coupled with an integrated lens design that makes them ideal for news, interviews, weddings/events and single operator/small scale TV productions.

The new HC-X2 and HC-X20 models offer impressive optical capabilities and stunning 4K video capture as well as functions and customisable controls that streamline video production and workflow.

For excellent results whatever the shooting situation, the camcorders include features such as a 20x optical zoom, 24.5mm[i] wide angle for both UHD and FHD, 4K high-precision AF with face detection, 5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S.+, high brightness LCD, and more.

To deliver stunning content, the new models support 4:2:2 10-bit internal video recording up to 4K 30p and the high-efficiency HEVC codec. A wide variety of recording formats are available, while super slow motion (120/100 fps) and VFR (2 to 60 fps) allow for a wider range of video expression.

There is an array of features to satisfy professional video production needs, including simultaneous display on the LCD monitor and EVF, triple manual rings, 2-Channel XLR audio input terminals, ND filter, dual SD card slots, unlimited shooting time, built-in Wi-Fi, and more. The HC-X2 also includes direct connection to Ethernet terminals, simultaneous SDI/HDMI output, has HD live streaming capabilities and supports a variety of streaming protocols.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager, Imaging, Panasonic, said: “Our new camcorders ensure ultra-sharp 4K video up to 50/60 frames per second in 10-bit. The 20x optical zoom lens incorporates powerful image stabilisation and built-in neutral density filters, supporting a variety of professional shooting requirements.”

The professional camcorders are available in late October from leading photographic specialists.

HC-X20: RRP $4,499

HC-X2: RRP $5,499


Key Capabilities

 1-inch type 4K Sensor for superb image quality

The 1-inch type MOS sensor (approximately 15.03 effective megapixels) is capable of recording at UHD (3840 x 2160) without cropping and offers a moderate depth of field and an excellent balance between image quality and sensitivity.

High-quality recording with versatile modes

The camcorders support a variety of bit rates and formats to meet professional needs. Internal recording of UHD up to 29.98p/25p and FHD up to 59.94p/50p in 4:2:2 10-bit quality is available. In 10-bit recording, the camcorders deliver 4K 60p 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI output, enabling high image quality capture with an external recorder. HEVC recording (LongGOP/10-bit 4:2:0/MOV) is also supported for recording 59.94p at a high bit rate of 200 Mbps.

Powerful 20x Optical Zoom

The integrated lens has a powerful optical 20x zoom ranging from 24.5mm* wide angle to 490mm* tele. i.ZOOM achieves 24x at 4K resolution, and 32x at FHD.

*35mm camera equivalent.

5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S.+ for stable image acquisition

In both UHD and FHD modes – in addition to OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) – Electronic Image Stabilisation operates to detect and correct handshake in 5 axes, including rotational blurring, to produce stable images at 20x optical zoom. This provides strong correction in unstable conditions, from low-angle to high-angle shooting. A Ball O.I.S. System reduces friction on the drive section, achieving delicate correction even for small-amplitude handshake.

Super slow motion and variable frame rate (2 to 60 fps)

The Super Slow Motion function records HD images at a high speed of 120 fps (59.94 Hz) and 100 fps (50 Hz). The HC-X2/X20 are also equipped with a VFR (variable frame rate) recording function that can be set in ten steps from 2 to 60 fps. This lets the user produce creative and expressive videos using techniques such as over cranking for a slow-motion effect and undercranking for a quick-motion effect.

HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) /V-log for HDR video production (HC-X2 only)

The HC-X2 is equipped with HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) which allows for high dynamic range video shooting with minimal need for editing, thanks to its broadcast-ready colour gamut format. In addition, it supports V-Log, providing 13 stops of latitude. Designed with consistent colour management and an easier post production workflow in mind, the recorded footage is easily matched with both V-Log L and V-Log footage from LUMIX and VariCam cameras.

High-speed, high-precision AF including Face Detection AF/AE

Superior focusing speed, stability and tracking performance for both 4K and Full-HD is achieved thanks to Face Detection AF/AE together with the focus lens drive. In addition, precise subject tracking with skin tone recognition to distinguish between faces and backgrounds can be activated by touching the LCD panel.

Panasonic X2 / X20 Professional 4K Camcorder


Features to streamline professional camera work

Versatile network functions expand user workflow

A Wi-Fi module is built-in, so there is no need for a separate wireless LAN module. The HC-ROP tablet/smartphone app enables wireless remote control, including camera settings and lens control. The HC-X2 is equipped with Ethernet for more stable live streaming, and USB tethering for streaming using 5G smartphones. The HC-X20 can also be connected to a wired LAN by using an USB Ethernet adapter (sold separately).

RTSP/RTP/RTMP/RTMPS-compatible FHD streaming enables direct connection and streaming of content such as live concerts, sporting events, and breaking news to Facebook, YouTube, etc. It is also now possible to record while streaming.

Enhanced viewing and monitoring

The 3.5-inch LCD monitor has a high resolution of approximately 2,760k dots, providing enhanced viewing in bright sunlight. The electrostatic touch panel also improves operability when selecting menu items.

The 2,360K-dot tiltable viewfinder and LCD output simultaneously, offering faster image confirmation to improve work efficiency. Also, to support fast, accurate manual focusing, Focus Assist functions include Expand, Peaking and Area Mode. For shooting in very dark conditions, commercially available infrared (IR) lights[ii] are supported. When capturing video outdoors or in bright light, the ND filter has Clear, 1/4, 1/16 or 1/64 settings. Gain and White Balance can be changed in camera.

The lens barrel features triple manual rings for quick zoom, focus and iris operations. There are 14 customisable buttons, nine on the body and five on the LCD touch panel, which can be assigned to different functions to improve workflow.

The included battery does not protrude when attached and can provide around 3 hours and 50 minutes (HC-X2)/4 hours and 25 minutes (HC-X20) of continuous shooting.

Dual SD Card Slots and UHD/FHD Dual Codec recording

There are two SD memory card slots to suit various recording scenarios, depending on the user’s workflow or project requirements. Benefits available include:

  • Unlimited[iii] Relay Recording: Video can be continuously recorded by hot swapping SD cards. When the SD card in one slot reaches capacity, the camcorder will automatically switch to the other card, allowing users to exchange the full card with a new one while continuing to shoot.
  • Simultaneous Recording: The same data is recorded simultaneously onto two cards as backup against data loss.
  • Background Recording: The SD card in Slot 2 can be set to record continuously, while the SD card in Slot 1 will only record when the REC button is pressed.
  • Dual Codec Recording[iv](HC-X2 only): Records images simultaneously to separate cards in two different formats, such as Main (UHD/FHD) and Sub (FHD), etc. This improves workflow for users who want to edit videos quickly or want to use the same video for different applications.

48-kHz/24-bit high resolution Linear PCM audio recording

The camcorders offer +48V Phantom Power Supply/MIC/LINE Selectable XLR Audio Input with manual volume controls, available for each of the 2 channels. Also supported are a 24-bit linear PCM system (MOV), 16-bit AAC (MP4), or Dolby Audio system (AVCHD) high-quality 2-channel audio recording.

Panasonic X2 / X20 Professional 4K Camcorder


[i] 35mm camera equivalent.

[ii] Recommended: 850-nm wavelength light

[iii] Maximum file size that can be recorded over multiple SD cards is 96 GB. Recording will not stop even when the data size exceeds 96 GB.

[iv] Only MOV format is supported

Panasonic launches ‘Recommended by Food’ campaign for PRIME+ Edition Refrigerator range

Panasonic has launched a new creative campaign to introduce its PRIME+ Edition Refrigerator range to the Australian market.

Created by independent agency Cocogun, the fresh take on white goods marketing highlights the innovative designs and technology of the PRIME+ Edition range. These include class-leading freezer space, soft freeze functionality to keep food fresher for longer, a 15-minute Quick Cooling function to get drinks chilled fast, and nanoeTMX technology killing up to 99.99% of bacteria for safer, cleaner food storage.

Based around the theme ‘Recommended by Food’, the campaign is anchored in the idea that if food (and drink) items could choose a fridge to be stored in, they’d choose the Panasonic PRIME+ Edition. Through a wide range of media channels, various food and drink ambassadors, including Brock_Coli, Phil.Ett, Scoop.Dogg, Wag_Yu, L.Ettis and Hot-Chick explain why they are such big fans of the fridge.

Tye_carrey talks about how he came out of the PRIME+ Edition feeling “more fabulous than ever before”. While ice cold beer Cold1 gives the fridge five stars with the comment “I’ve never lost my cool here”.

Globally, Panasonic is renowned for innovative technology backed by over 100 years of consumer trust. The brand is continuing this focus on innovation not only through its technology, but also by delivering a bold, cut-through creative campaign to Australian consumers.

Olga Link, Marketing Communications Manager, Panasonic said: “The Panasonic PRIME+ Edition fridge range is packed with cutting edge, user-friendly technology. We want to make the features easy to understand and fun to get to know, so using our heroes to share their opinions was a suitably fresh and engaging way to get the message across.”

Chiquita King, Co-founder & Managing Director at creative agency Cocogun, said: “We’ve had a lot of fun creating these food characters who all sing the praises of the Panasonic PRIME+ Edition fridge range in an insightful, irreverent way that helps drive home the key benefits.”

The ‘Recommended by Food’ campaign will run nationwide from September 1, across BVOD, socials, search, and display as well as in-store executions with key consumer electronics retailers.

The PRIME+ Edition Refrigerator range is available in store now.

For more information, please visit or call 132 600.