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Control your ducted air conditioning from your smart device with Panasonic’s CONEX Zone Controller

Panasonic has today launched the next generation in zone control air conditioning, allowing access to your ducted air conditioning anytime, anywhere from your smart devices. With built-in Wi-Fi, the CONEX Zone Controller can be wall-mounted in one or several locations in a modern household environment, connecting directly to a ducted system. Consumers can simply use the wired remote control or download Panasonic’s Comfort Cloud App to their smart device to personalise and control various air settings at the touch of a button. This latest innovation from Panasonic allows up to eight zones in the home to be managed individually, offering tailored comfort to meet the specific needs of each family member.

Jack Tey, Product Marketing Manager, Air Conditioning at Panasonic Australia said: “COVID-19 has changed the way we live, with people spending more time at home whether working, studying, entertaining, relaxing or exercising. The new CONEX Zone Controller supports this new flexible lifestyle by making it easier than ever to adjust air settings across multiple zones to suit different needs at different times of the day or week.”

“In fact, the CONEX Zone Controller offers daily and weekly timers that can be set up for each zone, providing greater comfort from a regulated temperature as soon as you arrive home.”

“The timers also help reduce household energy consumption, which we know is important for Australian families. By setting a timer, you can have the air conditioning turn off when you leave the house and turn on as you return home, rather than leave it running while you’re out.”

Another new feature is the Smart E Box [1] which is installed inside the ceiling and is connected to one or multiple Damper kits – a technology which enables or restricts airflow to specific areas of the house via the damper blade. These blade adjustments (opening and closing in ten per cent increments [2]) help to control room temperatures and save electricity. A target temperature control setting[2] easily switches temperature in targeted zones to make the whole family comfortable, as one room can be warmed or cooled without impacting the rest of the household’s air settings.

Panasonic’s revolutionary nanoe™ X technology can be controlled via the CONEX Zone Controller and Comfort Cloud App, allowing you to turn this function on and purify your home’s air even when you are away from the home. Panasonic’s nanoe™ X technology inhibits indoor pollutants and odours in the air and on surfaces through the release of nano-sized, atomised water particles.

Tey said: “At Panasonic, we aim to provide heating, cooling, and air purifying solutions that allow for convenience and comfort. Our CONEX Zone Controller is the ultimate solution, giving users complete control of their ducted air conditioning and settings from their smart devices.”

Unique features

  • Built-in Wi-Fi for App control via smart devices including both android and IOS smartphones or tablets.
  • Individual air flow control with damper technology
  • Ideal temperature control with optional up to 5 temperature sensing points [3]
  • Control of Panasonic’s nanoe™ X purification4 technology
  • Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant devices for basic functions like turn on/off ducted air conditioning, mode changes and temperature changes.
Model Description
CZ-RTC6Z Zone Controller – 24V, up to eight zones
CZ-CAPZ1S Smart E Box (On/Off) – 24V, up to eight zones
CZ-CAPZ1M Smart E Box (Multiple) – 24V, up to eight zones
CZ-CSRC3 Remote Temperature Sensor

The CONEX Zone Controller is available through Panasonic Air Conditioning distributors (excluding VIC/TAS) or Panasonic Air Conditioning dealers (VIC/TAS only) and requires a specialist installer to install this system.

Applicable Ducted Ranges

  • PE3 High Static Ducted Indoor Units
  • PF3 Adaptive Ducted Indoor Units
  • ME1 High Static Ducted FSV Indoor Units
  • ME2 High Static Ducted FSV Indoor Units
  • ME1R High Static Ducted FSV Indoor Units
  • MF3 Adaptive Ducted FSV Indoor Units
  • MM1 Low Profile Ducted FSV Indoor Units
  • MZ1 Slim Line Ducted FSV Indoor Unit

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[1] Two types of Smart E Boxes – On/Off Opening (CZ-CAPZ1S) and Multiple Opening (CZ-CAPZ1M).
[2] CZ-CAPZ1M and field supply damper motor are required, installers should refer to technical manuals for details.
[3] Five temperature sensors – one Indoor ducted built-in sensor, two CONEX Zone Controller built-in sensor and two Remote temperature sensors.