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Panasonic announces LUMIX DC-GH5 Firmware Update Service Ver.2.0 for exceptional enhancement of performance and functions

Panasonic has announced a new firmware update program Ver.2.0 for the LUMIX DC-GH5 to further enhance the camera’s performance. Interviewing front-line photographers and cinematographers worldwide after they had used the GH5, Panasonic investigated what was needed in the field and provided the functions that were strongly demanded. This enhancement is not just a firmware update, but an exceptional upgrade of camera performance to satisfy professional GH5 users.

The firmware will be released at the end of September at

Doug Campbell, Category Manager AV and Imaging, Panasonic, said: “At the launch of the GH5, we announced further key updates to come. Not only are we delivering on this functionality, but we have also added a number of other major improvements via this firmware release that we’re sure will satisfy our key GH5 customers. These videographers and photographers won’t need to wait for the next camera generation to see their feedback realised. They are able to update their GH5 with new functionality from tethered shooting to 18-megapixel Anamorphic video – giving them even greater scope and performance as a working professional.”

As announced, the camera will offer compatibility with 400-Mbps 4:2:2 10-bit ALL-Intra video recording in 4K 30p/25p/24p and Full-HD; high-resolution video recording in Anamorphic mode; 4K Hybrid Gamma Profile compatible with 4K HDR television; and USB tethering.

The new firmware includes the following upgrades:

1. Compatibility with “LUMIX Tether” PC software

The new firmware enables GH5 tethered shooting via USB, using “LUMIX Tether” PC software. It lets you view the image on a large PC screen while shooting, which is helpful in commercial photoshoots such as portraits or products, etc., where continuous confirmation is required. You can use ‘6K PHOTO’ and ‘4K PHOTO’ and start and stop video recording during tethered shooting.

2. Improved autofocus performance

The GH5’s autofocus performance has been improved in this firmware update with the goal of supporting enhanced video and stills shooting in challenging lighting conditions.

Furthermore, the following AF area enhancements have been made:

  • The customised AF area can be continuously displayed in ‘Multi AF’ and ‘Custom Multi AF’ during live-view.
  • The AF area in ‘Multi AF’ can be moved to the other edge (side, top or bottom) when it reaches one edge.
  • The start point of AF lock can be set on the live view screen in advance in ‘AF Tracking’.
  • The AF area can be moved while the shutter button is half-pressed or while recording in ‘Burst Mode’, ‘6K PHOTO’ and ‘4K PHOTO’.

3. Improved performance in ‘6K PHOTO’ and ‘4K PHOTO’

  • When using 6K Burst’ and ‘4K Burst’, the waiting time before starting the next burst shooting sequence has been shortened to less than half the time.
  • ‘Loop Rec’, which allows the user to continually record and overwrite data on an SD Memory Card, is now available in ‘6K PHOTO’, as well as the original ‘4K PHOTO’. [i]

4. An additional ALL-Intra Video Recording mode

As originally announced, a 4:2:2, 10-bit ALL-Intra video recording mode has been added to 4K/FHD video recording.[ii]

New 4:2:2,10-bit ALL-Intra Recording Mode

5. 4K HDR video recording

  • As promised, ‘Hybrid Log Gamma’ (HLG) Profile has been added to the ‘Photo Style’ menu. HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode reproduces both bright and dark areas in an image for outstanding, natural contrast, and preserves fine detail. The camera records video with a designated gamma curve compatible with ITU-R BT.2100.
  • A new low bit-rate 4K HEVC for HLG recording mode enables playback on AV equipment compatible with the HEVC compression format, such as Panasonic 4K HDR TVs.

6. Enhancement of the Anamorphic video recording mode

Building on the existing 4K Anamorphic video capabilities, High-Resolution Anamorphic mode adds the ability to record Anamorphic video in 18 megapixels for the ultimate resolution and quality.[iii]

New High-Resolution Anamorphic Mode[iv]

  • A new ‘Anamorphic Desqueeze Display’ lets the user view an enlarged image in Cinescope while recording with 2.0x and 1.33x Anamorphic lenses, and in playback.
  • A feature that will be welcomed is ‘Video Guide Line’, which displays guide lines in a variety of aspect ratios, such as Cinescope, 16:9 and 1:1 while recording video. The mode spans Anamorphic mode and all video recording modes.

7. Enhancement of Body I.S. (Image Stabiliser)

  • The new I.S. Lock (video) powerfully compensates for handshake when the viewing angle is fixed.
  • A new handshake correction mode provides optimum correction when using 2.0x and 1.33x Anamorphic lenses.

8. Correction of white balance setting

  • When the K (Kelvin) value was changed after adjusting the color temperature with 2-axis white balance compensation, the setting was reset. This has been corrected.

9. Improved usability of Time Lapse Shot

  • The remaining shooting time and the number of recordable pictures are displayed on the stand-by screen.

10. Improved usability of Power Save LVF

  • Power Save LVF can now be used during all stand-by display options.

11. Wireless functions

  • A new Bluetooth Remote Control function has been added to Panasonic’s Image App. Users can now operate the shutter, video and bulb functionality remotely without wi-fi, which saves both time and battery power when there is no need to transfer images. The Image App will be updated at the same time as the GH5 firmware release.
  • When using ‘Auto Transfer’, the GH5 will now automatically resume image transfer in situations where the camera is powered off and restarted.

12. Other improvements

  • When reviewing shots, the user can assign a rating using a customisable Fn button
  • The following functions can now be assigned to Fn buttons – ‘Constant Preview’, ‘6K/4K PHOTO Bulk Saving’, ‘Min. Shtr Speed’, ‘RAW Processing’, ‘Rec/Playback Switch’, ‘Destination Slot’ and ‘Mic Level Adj’.
  • The DISP. Button can be locked.
  • In Relay Rec, there were cases where the video file number was not able to be reset. This has been corrected.
  • In Relay Rec, there were cases where the video file number was reset after formatting the SD Memory Card. This has been corrected.
  • In Backup Rec, there were cases where the file number was not reset even after applying resetting. This has been corrected.
  • The image quality when applying the following settings is improved: Extended low ISO, [i.Dynamic] (Intelligent D-range Control) and Highlight Shadow.

The new DC-GH5 Firmware Version 2.0 is scheduled to be released at the end of September 2017 at the following LUMIX Customer Support website.

LUMIX DC-GH5 Firmware Ver.2.0

[i] An SD Memory Card with Video Speed Class 90 is recommended for ‘Loop Rec’ in ‘6K PHOTO’.
[ii] An SD Memory Card with Video Speed Class 60 or higher is recommended for 4K ALL-Intra video recording. Operation is confirmed with Panasonic SD Memory Card with Video Speed Class 90.
[iii] Recorded in HEVC
[iv] High Resolution Anamorphic Mode records motion pictures with an aspect ratio suited for an anamorphic lens, 4:3. The effective picture size for this mode is equivalent to the number of pixels produced by 6K (approx. 6,000 (horizontal) x 3,000 (vertical) images (approx. 18 megapixels).
[v] High-resolution Anamorphic mode
[vi] High-resolution Anamorphic mode
[vii] High-resolution Anamorphic mode
[viii] High-resolution Anamorphic mode


Panasonic Integrate 2017 preview

Panasonic to showcase latest laser and 4K solutions for retail, education and large venues

At Integrate 2017, Panasonic Australia will showcase its expanding display solutions – from new products that bring the benefits of laser and 4K technology within the budget of classrooms and lecture theatres; to innovations that enhance the guest experience at large venues; and solutions for the retail space. The exhibition runs from 29-31 August, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The PT-MZ670 Series of projectors – the company’s first 3LCD Solid Shine laser range – combines the affordability of 3LCD with the brightness, long-life performance and cost-savings of Panasonic’s laser technology. The MZ670 Series will deliver an offering within the budget of installations in small to mid-sized meeting rooms, classrooms, and lecture theatres. The range will be available in November, providing one of the most versatile and cost-effective projection solutions in its class. Other developments in projection technology include the PT-RZ21K Series. Available in December, this is a game-changing addition to Panasonic’s staging laser projector lineup, with class-leading colour performance, continuous operation and compact size providing the ultimate flexibility for large venues.

“Panasonic is committed to providing solutions that help customers enhance the stakeholder experience, with industry-leading performance, versatility and efficiency that will meet their needs well into the future,” said Peter Huljich, General Manager, Media and Entertainment, Panasonic Australia.

The company will also demonstrate its ‘Space Player’ hybrid spotlight and laser projection device. Available in black or white, the Space Player is a compact cylinder that resembles a regular shop spotlight but can highlight in-store displays by blending video, stills, graphics, and text-based digital signage with multiple spotlighting effects in virtually any combination desired. Thanks to a flexible universal joint, Space Player can project in all directions below its horizontal axis, and is mountable on conventional lighting tracks, making installation and relocation easy. Data is stored on SD Card, and ‘Space Player’ can be updated over a Wi-Fi network, including capabilities such as Intel® Pro WiDi to mirror screens of supported mobile devices and PCs. Other applications include museums, showrooms, hotels, function halls, exhibitions, or in any area where spotlighting is used to capture attention.

Panasonic’s touch-screen interactive display – the 75-inch 4K direct LED panel (TH-75BQE1) – makes digital whiteboard communications more affordable and effective for business, government and education institutions, and provides an extra-large, highly detailed display with vivid, sharp 4K resolution. The interactive panel is a practical and efficient tool for schools and businesses, and gains an array of features with Panasonic’s whiteboard collaboration software when connected to a PC via USB cable and HDMI/VGA cable.

Panasonic Integrate Showcase

PT-MZ670 Series 3LCD SOLID SHINE Laser Projector

The innovative PT-MZ670 Series of installation projectors is Panasonic’s first 3LCD range to feature its acclaimed SOLID SHINE Laser technology. The series comprises four compact 3LCD lens-interchangeable models, the PT-MZ670 (6,500 lumens ANSI) and PT-MZ570 (5,500 lumens ANSI), both with WUXGA resolution, and the PT-MW630 (6,500 lumens ANSI) and PT-MW530 (5,500 lumens ANSI) with WXGA resolution.

The new projectors are ideal for ceiling-mount applications in small- to mid-sized meeting rooms, classrooms, and lecture theatres. When developing the new range, Panasonic placed emphasis on delivering brilliant high-contrast images in bright environments, streamlining installation and operation, lowering maintenance costs, and offering a choice of wired and optional wireless interfaces to enable closer collaboration.

The projectors meet consumer demand for high-brightness solutions, combining the affordability of 3LCD with the long-term cost-savings of Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE Laser.

PT-RZ21K 3-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE Laser Projector

A game-changing addition to the SOLID SHINE Laser projector lineup, the PT-RZ21K Series delivers 20,000 lumens and 20,000:1 contrast in WUXGA (PT-RZ21K) or SXGA+ (PT-RS20K) resolution. A cooling system and filter-free design for continuous operation make the PT-RZ21K Series ideal for large venues. The compact size – up to a third less volume than other models in its class – also makes it easy to handle. The latest 3-Chip DLP technology and image processing engines assure class-leading colour performance, white balance accuracy, motion handling and more.

Together with powered lens shift and optional lenses, the PT-RZ21K Series can be mounted in any configuration (360-degree) without picture distortion temporarily or in permanent applications. Single LAN cable DIGITAL LINK connectivity simplifies installation, reduces cabling and associated costs, and enhances reliability. Built-in Geometric Adjustment supports a wide range of mapping functions via dedicated software, such as multi-screen set-up. With the optional ET-CUK10 Automatic Screen Adjustment upgrade kit and multi-screen calibration via camera, complexity is greatly reduced during set-up.

Space Player

Available now, the Space Player (PT-JX200 Series) features a 1-Chip DLP™ imaging device and a robust laser light source providing 2,000 lumens at XGA resolution. Panasonic hybrid colour-wheel technology produces very rich and vibrant images for such a compact device. The filterless design requires no maintenance for up to 20,000 hours of 24/7 operation.

Space Player is also very simple to use, requiring only content stored on SD Card to commence playback. When connected to a local network, Content Manager allows playlist scheduling and access to brightness/power supply settings, all easily editable over Wi-Fi. Included Wireless Manager software enables wired or wireless transmission of images displayed on PC screens to the Space Player, while a Wireless Projector app is offered for iOS and Android™ devices. Terminals include SD Card slot, HDMI, USB Type-A for power supply, and RJ45 supporting PJLink™, Art-Net, and Crestron software.

TH-75BQE1 Professional Touch Panel Display

Making dynamic presentations on a digital whiteboard affordable for companies and schools, the new TH-75BQE1 75-inch 4K UHD Direct-LED display gains deep versatility when interfaced with free downloadable Panasonic Whiteboard Software via USB and HDMI/VGA cables. Software dovetails with the touch-panel for effortless operation, and in Whiteboard Mode, allows users to write and draw on screen with a tool palette for line thickness and color adjustment. Included PowerPoint Link Mode enables import, modification, and resaving of PowerPoint files, while expanded presentation tools such as Loupe, Spotlight, and Fade-out Marker assure professional-level presentation. Video-capture and screen-capture functions are useful for recording presentations, and pages of work can be saved for later distribution.

Facilitating up to 10-point touch, the panel enables natural notation with an included stylus pen. A simple USB memory viewer decodes media on USB sticks; front-facing speakers deliver clear audibility in classrooms; and 4K resolution presents viewers with bright, clear, and legible pictures. With its large size and detailed resolution the TH-75BQE1 is also perfect for interactive signage applications such as wayfinding. The TH-75BQE1 is available now, priced at $12099RRP.

Panasonic offers ultimate home entertainment solution: 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player and Full HD Recorder

Panasonic is offering consumers the ultimate Player/Recorder with the release of the DMR-UBT1 – a 4K Ultra HD Premium Blu-ray Player and Full HD Recorder – delivering premium 4K UHD playback; a versatile Twin HD Tuner; plus a huge two terabyte hard disk drive with Full HD recording.

Doug Campbell, Category Manager, AV and Imaging, Panasonic, said: “This unique new model provides Australians with incredible quality and convenience through the brilliant viewing experience of 4K; as well as the versatile smarts of Panasonic’s Full HD Recorders– all in the one device.”

The DMR-UBT1’s stunning 4K resolution displays the latest movies and series with outstanding clarity, lifelike depth and vivid colours, whether you’re watching 4K UHD Blu-ray discs or 4K Video on Demand.

The Recorder suite of features provides flexible recording and viewing to suit the user’s lifestyle – from recording in Full HD to the 2TB HDD or Blu-ray/DVD disc; viewing via TV, smartphone or tablet; using the Twin Tuner to record free to air TV programs while watching Netflix; and access to TV programs in and out of the home. Catch up with your favourite content – whether it’s Netflix or the latest HbbTV. And with Panasonic’s ‘TV Anytime’ you can effortlessly stream TV to your smart device wherever you are in the world.

Panasonic’s 3D glass cut design in a compact body features a stylish bevel cut finish on all four sides; making the DMR-UBT1 perfect for complementing any flat-panel television.

The DMR-UBT1 is available in late September from leading consumer electronics retailers, priced at $1099rrp.

Stunning 4K Blu-ray viewing and high-quality audio

The DMR-UBT1 delivers uncompromising quality in picture and sound. At the heart of the player, Panasonic’s HDR 4K engine, the HCX (Hollywood Cinema Experience) Processor for Ultra HD Blu-ray, delivers the most accurate movie playback, true to the filmmaker’s intention. In addition, the 4K Direct Chroma up-scaling function delivers 4K-quality pictures with high resolution and rich colours from 2K content. Users can also view 4K videos (MP4) that they’ve taken with a camera or camcorder and can output JPEG data in 4K resolution.

The unit provides excellent audio to match the viewing experience. The DMR-UBT1 switches off unnecessary circuits – such as the HDMI or coaxial output – to reduce noise and enhance performance. In addition to conventional WAV/FLAC/MP3/AAC/WMA formats, DSD (5.6 MHz/2.8 MHz) and ALAC music files can be reproduced. Simply connect to a home audio system to enjoy music sources equivalent to studio master sound quality.

With conventional Blu-ray Players, the images in dark scenes can be difficult to see in bright room conditions. Panasonic’s HDR Adjustment function faithfully reproduces dark and bright areas regardless of the viewing environment. In this situation, the user can activate the function to forcibly raise the brightness of low-brightness areas. Even when switched to a bright scene, the image is analysed and optimised.

Convenient recording and networking smarts

Panasonic’s ‘TV Anytime’ and the Media Centre App support multi-room TV streaming, remote viewing and remote recording using your smart device. Wirelessly send a recorded program or live broadcast to a tablet to view content in comfort from any room in the house; or stream them to your smartphone or tablet wherever you are in the world.

The unit’s versatile recording capabilities include a two terabyte hard disk drive that captures a massive 1370 hours of HDTV, with the ability to attach an optional external HDD.

The DMR-UBT1 has a host of recording smarts. Series Recording ensures you’ll never miss an episode of your favourite series again. By registering TV programs with the Series Recording function, they can be automatically recorded and stored to watch when you please. With Keyword Recording, enter a favourite category such as ‘sport’ and the Recorder will record all EPG programs with this keyword. Using the Panasonic Media Centre App, you can set recordings remotely anywhere in the world.

Twin HD tuners allow two different programs to be recorded simultaneously; and consumers can record live TV while watching Netflix at the same time. It’s also possible to Pause and Rewind live TV.

Other useful features include built-in Wi-Fi, Mirroring, DLNA and a web browser. Viewers can mirror the display of compatible mobile devices to a TV screen. With the press of a button, images, videos, apps or games on a smartphone or tablet (Android 4.2 operating system or higher) can be shared.

DLNA allows content such as photos, videos and music to be shared with other connected devices throughout the home. Every member of the family can enjoy the content they want, regardless of time and place. For big-screen Internet in the living room, an integrated web browser allows favourite websites to be enjoyed through the TV.

Panasonic offers the broadest range of Blu-ray players and recorders on the market today. For more information, please contact Panasonic on 132 600 or visit the website:

Panasonic launches stylish trio of French Door Refrigerators in black, silver and white

Featuring sleek design, the latest freshness features, and energy savings

Panasonic has launched a new range of premium French Door Refrigerators with full-flat glass panels, featuring three 547 litre models available in sleek black, stylish silver (stainless colour) and classic white.

The stunning new range has been developed in line with the Panasonic philosophy of offering Australians a design that is both attractive and functional, features that keep food fresh without wastage, and smart energy management.

Key details:

  • Panasonic’s three new 547L French Door Refrigerators –available in black, silver (stainless colour), or white -feature a stunning full-flat glass panel, free from frames for a seamless finish
  • Innovative ‘Prime Fresh’ technology maintains flavour, texture and nutrients of food, and light freezing makes it easy to prepare
  • ‘Fresh Safe’ vegetable case with up to 90% humidity keeps produce fresh and juicy
  • Panasonic’s smart ECONAVI technology saves energy
  • The NR-CY54B models are priced at $2499rrp and are available in late August

Chasnyn Ousmand, Product Marketing Manager, Whitegoods, Panasonic, said: “Today, the fridge is the heart of the kitchen. Modern, open plan design, plus a focus on healthy living, means your appliances have to look good and store good food for you. Our elegant new Refrigerators have a flat, seamless design, and at a convenient 547 litres, offer consumers a capacious fridge that can still fit into their standard kitchen space.”

Ms Ousmand added: “Keeping food fresh and making it last longer is important for both taste and reducing waste. Our ‘Prime Fresh’ technology lightly freezes food, extending life and keeping flavour and making it easy to prepare; while ‘Fresh Safe’ keeps fruit and veggies juicy and delicious and stops them spoiling prematurely.”

Panasonic Refrigerators include smart technologies to keep food fresher for longer

Panasonic’s convertible ‘Chilled Case’ can be set to -3˚C for ‘Prime Fresh’, or 0˚C to chill items. Panasonic’s latest ‘Prime Fresh’ refrigeration technology softly freezes fresh meat and seafood to approximately -3˚C. Since food is only lightly frozen, it extends the life of perishable food, whilst maintaining nutrients, flavour and texture. Odours are also minimised, ideal for storing seafood and other strong smelling food. ‘Prime Fresh’ offers food preparation convenience as it’s easy to slice and cook it immediately.

For fresh, juicy vegetables, the range’s easy-access, centralised ‘Fresh Safe’ vegetable case ensures produce is stored in optimum conditions thanks to an airtight design. This keeps humidity levels high, up to 90 per cent, and prevents produce from drying out.


In addition, surround cooling evenly distributes chilled air from the rear panel throughout the refrigerator for gentle cooling without dehydrating food and to maintain a constant temperature. The powerful Ag antibacterial and deodorising filter cleans circulated air, minimising mould and bacteria that could cause food to spoil more quickly, and eliminating unpleasant odours.

Modern, functional design to complement any kitchen

The stunning French Door design features a full-flat glass panel, free from frames, bumps or depressions, to create a seamless finish. The stylish recessed curved handles match the flat design.

The slim-line doors are perfect when kitchen space is tight, and as they can be opened individually, they also prevent unnecessary cold air escaping which contributes to energy savings.

The Electrostatic Touch Control Panel has a striking mirror finish and also gives consumers complete control over settings and temperature levels.

Panasonic’s popular full-extension bottom freezer drawer sits low, making it incredibly easy to put in and take out food, and see items in the freezer. All new refrigerator models benefit from having separate cases in the freezer which offer tidy storage, as well as minimising food odours. In addition, 100kg tempered glass shelves inside the refrigerator can hold heavier items such as casseroles.

ECONAVI technology for effortless energy savings

Panasonic’s clever ECONAVI technology has been designed to automatically and intuitively save consumers energy, whilst delivering an advanced cooling performance via the Inverter motor.

Exclusive to Panasonic, ECONAVI technology uses four intelligent sensors to monitor usage patterns, and energy output is then adapted accordingly. This revolutionary technology allows your refrigerator to monitor the level of lighting and temperature in the room, when and how often the refrigerator doors are opened, and the refrigerator’s internal temperature. It then analyses and responds to this information to maintain cooling and the most efficient operation of your refrigerator.

Panasonic’s new NR-CY54B 547 Litre French Door Refrigerators are priced at $2499rrp and are available in late August from selected retailers. For more information, please visit or call 132 600.