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Panasonic releases new Bluetooth headphone range for musical enjoyment wherever you are

Panasonic has added to its range of Bluetooth headphones with a new line-up of affordably-priced models suitable for relaxing, playing sports or the daily commute.

RP-BTS10E Sport Wireless Earphones – your workout partner


With a naturally fitting design, deep bass and weighing in at 22 grams, the RP-BTS10E earphones deliver a rich audio experience for the most demanding exercise routines.

These ultra-light and IPX2 water-resistant earphones provide the music to your workout or run. Their light weight means you can forget they are there; while the adjustable ear clips ensure they fit securely, even during intense activity.

Connect with Bluetooth and experience crisp, strong bass with a 14.3mm Neodymium driver unit and ‘Bass Boost’. Battery life is good to go for over four hours, with a convenient 20-minute charge feature that provides one hour of usage.

The RP-BTS10E sport wireless earphones are available in a selection of stylish black, white, yellow or blue.

RP-BTS10E / RRP$99.95 / Available mid August

RP-HF400BE take-anywhere over-ear headphones – compact, stylish, wireless


The lightweight Panasonic RP-HF400BE over-ear headphones have a swivelling foldable design, so they’re comfortable and convenient to carry for work or travel, or just for enjoying listening at home.

Available in stylish black or white, the sleek Bluetooth headphones provide up to 20 hours of listening to your music library, plus a 20-minute quick charge for 120 minutes of playback. The Neodymium magnet enhances audio quality, with a 30mm drive unit and Acoustic Bass control filter for dynamic sound.

RP-HF400BE / RRP$99.95 / Available mid August

RP-NJ300B wireless in-ear headphones – perfect for the commute


Enjoy great sound in a slender, wireless design. Available in black, white or blue, the RP-NJ300B headphones are made to carry every day with a perfect fit construction, high quality audio, and a quick charge battery.

Forget tangled wires and poor audio. The RP-NJ300B delivers quality sound via Bluetooth. Full bodied bass and crystal clear treble is delivered by the 9mm driver, and the lightweight Ergofit design offers over four hours playback on a full charge or one hour playback on a quick 20-minute charge.

RP-NJ300B / RRP$99.95 / Available mid August

The new headphone range will be available from mid August 2017 at leading consumer electronics retailers. For further information, please visit or call 132 600.


Panasonic introduces next-generation fully rugged 12” 2-in-1 detachable Toughbook CF-33

Purpose-built to offer unparalleled flexibility in the most demanding and extreme mobile working environments

Panasonic today announced the next-generation Toughbook CF-33 – the first fully-rugged 2-in-1 detachable laptop of its kind, redefining rugged flexibility for those who work in demanding conditions.

The Toughbook CF-33 detachable laptop offers the best of all worlds for mobile workers; a fully rugged laptop with a detachable keyboard, and larger display tablet featuring a 3:2 aspect ratio – a world first in a fully rugged product – that can be used in multiple modes to meet a variety of business needs.

The device is ideally suited to a number of demanding industries, such as emergency services, government agencies, defence, maintenance and transport and logistics, who require unrivalled performance in mobile computing.

With the 12-inch screen and hybrid design, the latest addition to the Toughbook range offers greater flexibility and efficiency to the Australian workforce, which is becoming increasingly reliant on enterprise mobile devices to drive the top business priority of productivity.

An evolution of the best-selling CF-31, the CF-33 provides a 37% thinner and 26% lighter, easier-to-handle solution with an improved battery life of up to 10 hours, yet maintains all the fully-rugged features of previous models to perform in the harshest working environments.

Marc Amelung, General Manager, Mobile Solutions, Panasonic Australia, said:

“It’s no surprise that the rugged mobile market continues to grow when research shows that for standard notebooks, the average cost of downtime per incident (including lost productivity, breakages and IT support to fix products or replace data) is upwards of $AU4500. Another key consideration is that the rate of failure increases each year a standard device is in use, from 11% failing in the first year to 20% failing by year five . In comparison, rugged devices offer the benefit of an extended life cycle to significantly reduce this TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) over time.”

He added: “The CF-33 has been purpose-built through customer feedback across the most demanding industries to provide the very latest in rugged all-weather design and powerful processing technology. We pride ourselves on providing businesses with unparalleled rugged mobile solutions to improve productivity and, ultimately, save them money. The Toughbook CF-33 can be taken anywhere the mission goes, whether it is in-vehicle, out in the field or at HQ.”

Toughbook CF-33 – key capabilities

Longer life

The twin hot swappable batteries provide the user with the ability to extend the battery life up to 20 hours, which is particularly useful for those mobile workers with limited access to power. The ability to change the battery while in operation means the Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 can run continuously during extra-long shifts.

Highly flexible usage modes

With six different operating modes, the Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 provides the best features of a laptop and tablet for business applications. The detachable keyboard design provides five distinct modes – laptop, tablet, presentation, convertible, or vehicle docked. Compatibility with a range of existing CF-31 docks also provides a more cost effective fleet upgrade option.

Big and bright

Designed for outdoor use in bright sunlight or heavy rain, the Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 has a 12″ 10-finger capacitive dual touch QHD screen (2160 x 1440 pixels). Its 3:2 aspect ratio is ideal for viewing business applications for mobile field service professionals or Computer Aided Dispatch for law enforcement officers. Suitable for workers that need to operate touchscreens with gloves, the device uses the latest display technology, providing a new level of viewing quality for tablet users working outside with its 1200cd/m² brightness. In addition, the CF-33 includes an IP55 digitiser pen for workers that need the highest levels of writing, drawing or signature accuracy in the toughest of weather conditions.

Superior performance

The Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 is powered by the latest Intel® technology to deliver the horsepower mobile customers require, while ensuring a long and stable life cycle for years to come. The Toughbook CF-33 is available with Windows 10 Pro when configured with a 7th generation Intel Core processor, and for customers who are still transitioning to Windows 10, there is also a Windows 7 Professional downgrade option when configured with a 6th generation Intel processor. The Toughbook CF-33 with Windows 10 Pro comes with Intel® i5-7300U, 8GB RAM (16GB project option) and 256GB SSD (project option 128GB and 512GB).

Rugged yet user-friendly

The Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 draws upon its heritage for ruggedness with a magnesium chassis, IP65 rating and drop resistance up to 120 cm, making it ideal for all outdoor usage. But this latest generation of Toughbook is more mobile than ever before, weighing just 2.761 kg in laptop mode – with the detachable tablet weighing 1.527 kg

Effective communicator

The Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 is equipped with a 2MP webcam with stereo microphones and 8MP documentation rear camera so users can easily capture and share images with other workers in the field. To ensure mobile workers are always connected to the business, the CF-33 offers a 4G LTE option for connection to the office and workforce management systems, and the option for the latest U-Blox NEO-M8N GPS for precise navigation.

Supporting ecosystem

The device’s slim, purpose-built vehicle dock has antenna pass-through for the strongest communications signal while in-vehicle, and full port replication to provide users with full functionality when docked. The device can also be locked in storage mode to keep it secure or in convertible mode to allow for secure messaging and access to the GPS functionality.

The sleek Desktop Port Replicator allows the Toughbook laptop to be used as a high performance desktop device. The four bay battery charger is ideal for large organisations where the ability to charge multiple batteries can reduce worker downtime.

Availability and RRP

The Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 is available from August 2017, via Panasonic Toughbook distributors and resellers, priced at $6,499RRP.

For further information visit

Toughbook CF-33

CF-33-a CF-33-b cf-33-c cf-33-d

Panasonic brings slim-line style to award-winning Air Conditioning with new Aero Series

Enjoy the latest slim, stylish design in your home or apartment, with Panasonic’s sleek new ‘Aero Series’ Air Conditioners – the latest in Panasonic’s popular range.

The Panasonic Aero Series features a new slim design and is narrower in depth, projecting less from the wall to blend more subtly with home interiors. This new styling has seen Panasonic receive an IF Design Awardi in Europe. The unit features an elegant gloss white finish and gently rounded horizontal panel with two tapered sides.

To complement its attractive design, the Aero Series provides comfort and peace of mind with controlled airflow, purified healthy air and smart energy savings. The new Air Conditioner range includes both reverse-cycle and cooling-only models.

Trusted brand


A trusted brand with Australian consumers, Panasonic recently topped the industry in the 2017 Canstar Blue customer satisfaction review for Air Conditioning – rating five stars for overall satisfaction for the second year running. It also rated five stars with regards to reliability, functionality, ease of use, noise levels and value for money.

Joe De Bella, Senior Product Marketing Manager – Air Conditioning, Panasonic, said: “Our customers continue to show their confidence in the Panasonic Air Conditioning brand with this five star rating from Canstar Blueii.

“Our focus is on delivering a product that offers quality and durability, and keeps consumers comfortable and healthy in the home. Panasonic’s new slim-line Aero Series range is the perfect example of a product that encompasses all of our award winning qualities, so we’re confident it will be received well.”


Key features

  • Design: Slim design to complement new home and apartment installations
  • Comfort: Natural ‘Shower Cooling’ or ‘Fast Cooling’ as required
  • Health: nanoe-G eliminates micro-organisms to enhance indoor air qualityiii
  • ECONAVI: ECONAVI technology intelligently adjusts heating and cooling for energy savingsiv

Chill out with Aerowings

The ‘Aerowings’ blades on the new Panasonic Aero Series control the airflow to provide ‘Shower Cooling’, which directs cool air across the ceiling to shower down naturally, spreading over a wider area of a room and minimising any uncomfortable direct airflow chill. When ‘Fast Cooling’ is required, the blades direct airflow downwards, delivering concentrated cool air the moment the air conditioner is switched on.

A cleaner home environment

For those concerned about bacteria and allergens in the home, Panasonic’s revolutionary nanoe-G air purifying feature enhances indoor air quality. nanoe-G eliminates micro-organisms – removing 99 percent of airborne bacteria, viruses and mould. It also catches and deactivates 99 percent of bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the filter, resulting in a cleaner and healthier home.

The air purifying feature works hand in hand with the Mild Dry Cooling function, which reduces the unwanted side-effects of air conditioning, such as dry skin and mouths, by maintaining the level of air moisture in the room.

Outstanding energy efficiency with ECONAVI

ECONAVI technology uses multiple intelligent sensors – including human activity, sunlight and temperature – to automatically adapt heating and cooling power according to room conditions. With just one touch of a button, customers can reduce energy use by up to 45 percentv on heating mode and up to 38 percentvi on cooling mode.

  • Absence detection technology: Maximises energy efficiency by detecting and learning when movement in the room occurs
  • Area search technology: Directs air flow to the area of the room where people are located
  • Sunlight detection technology: Detects sunlight intensity and adjusts cooling power accordingly
  • Temperature wave: Uses input from other sensors to moderate the temperature, effectively balancing energy savings and comfort

Reverse Cycle temperature for every season

The ECONAVI range offers up to 9.0kW heating and 8.0kW cooling, meaning Australian homes can stay comfortable all year round. Heating is designed to operate even when it’s a freezing –15°C outside, with cooling effective up to a sweltering +46°C.

Panasonic Aero Series ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Inverter (Z Series)

Model number Star rating
Star rating
Availability RRP
CS/CU-Z25TKR 55.5Aug 17$1,239 plus installation
CS/CU-Z35TKR44.5Aug 17$1,439 plus installation
CS/CU-Z42TKR33Aug 17$1,599 plus installation
CS/CU-Z50TKR44.5Aug 17$1,979 plus installation
CS/CU-Z60TKR33.5Aug 17$2,159 plus installation
CS/CU-Z71TKR2.53Aug 17$2,429 plus installation
CS/CU-Z80TKR22.5Aug 17$3,129 plus installation

Panasonic Aero Series Reverse Cycle Inverter (RZ Series)

Model number Star rating
Star rating
Availability RRP
CS/CU-RZ25TKR2.53.5Aug 17$969 plus installation
CS/CU-RZ35TKR2.53Aug 17$1,169 plus installation
CS/CU-RZ50TKR22.5Aug 17$1,599 plus installation
CS/CU-RZ60TKR1.52Aug 17$1,789 plus installation
CS/CU-RZ71TKR1.52.5Aug 17$1,999 plus installation
CS/CU-RZ80TKR1.52Aug 17$2,579 plus installation

Panasonic Aero Series Cooling Only Inverter (U Series)

Model number Star rating
Availability RRP
CS/CU-U25TKR 3.5Aug-17$929 plus installation
CS/CU-U35TKR3Aug-17$1,149 plus installation
CS/CU-U50TKR 3Aug-17$1,579 plus installation
CS/CU-U71TKR2Aug-17$1,959 plus installation
CS/CU-U80TKR1.5Aug-17$2,439 plus installation

The new Panasonic Aero Series Air Conditioner range is available from leading home appliance retailers and authorised Panasonic air conditioning distributors and dealers from August 2017. For further information, please visit or call 132 600.

[iii] Available on Panasonic Aero Series ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Inverter (Z Series) models only
[iv] Available on Panasonic Aero Series ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Inverter (Z Series) models only
[v] Available on Panasonic Aero Series ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Inverter (Z Series) models only
[vi] Comparison of 3.5kW Inverter model between ECONAVI with (Dual Human Activity Sensor, Sunlight Sensor, and Temperature Wave) ON and ECONAVI OFF (Cooling).

Aussies favour efficiency over price with air conditioning

Panasonic air conditioners rated highest in customer survey

With all this talk of rising power prices, more Australians are looking at purchasing an energy efficient air conditioner, rather than a cheap one.

A Canstar Blue survey of 611 adults across the country found that 45% listed energy efficiency as their deciding factor when purchasing an air conditioner, as opposed to 44% for price. This is a slim margin, but compared to Canstar Blue’s findings in 2016, customers are spending more. In 2017 the average spend was $1,981, compared to $1,901 in 2016. Consumer habits may also be changing. A quarter of respondents (24%) left their air conditioner on when leaving the house, compared to 29% in 2016. 41% in 2017 also leave their air conditioning on when going to sleep, compared to 52% in 2016.

With many customers set to pay more in electricity bills this new financial year, energy efficiency is the main factor that dictates air conditioner use. 62% of survey respondents reduced their use of their air conditioning in the last year to save money on power bills. 69% also believed that air conditioning was the single biggest hit to their power bills.

Head of Canstar Blue Megan Doyle said, “Having an air conditioner is a necessity for much of Australia throughout the summer months, but many consumers are changing the way they use them. Fewer people are leaving their air conditioner running all night, or leaving it on when out of the house. Air conditioning is still as popular as ever, but consumers are using their air conditioner with energy efficiency in mind, and even though price is still a major factor influencing purchasing decisions, many are willing to spend more upfront to avoid increased energy use in the long term.”

Top-rated air conditioners


The research formed part of Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction review for air conditioners, with Panasonic achieving top marks, rating five-stars for overall satisfaction. This is the second year in a row that Panasonic has been rated five-stars for overall satisfaction. Six air conditioner brands in total received the minimum sample size to be included in the ratings. Panasonic was the only brand to be rated five-stars, with three brands rated four-stars, and two three-stars.

Canstar Blue’s ratings for air conditioners are based on factors such as value for money, after sales service, reliability, ease of use, functionality and noise while operating, as well as overall satisfaction. Overall satisfaction is not an average score of these other categories.

Jack Tey, Product Marketing Manager-Air Conditioning, Panasonic, said: “Our customers continue to show their confidence and trust in the Panasonic Air Conditioning brand with this five star rating from Canstar Blue. We focus on delivering a product that offers quality and durability, and keeps consumers comfortable and healthy in the home. And with rising electricity prices hitting Australians in the hip pocket, Panasonic prides itself on providing smart features to support energy efficiency.”

Panasonic is the only air conditioning brand to have topped Canstar’s ratings three times – in 2017, 2016 and 2014. For information on the latest survey see

The survey also found that consumers are keeping their air conditioner for a fairly long time, with their previous air conditioner seeing out 8.1 years of service. A lot in the air conditioning world has changed in eight years, and it’s perhaps no surprise why energy efficiency is the major purchasing factor.

“With a lot of air conditioners costing over $2,000, purchasing an air conditioner is an investment for the long-term,” Mrs Doyle said, “Customers don’t just want a ‘cheap and cheerful’ air conditioner; they want one that’s energy efficient to see them through years of service, and electricity price hikes.”

About Canstar Blue

Canstar Blue was launched in July of 2010 by CANSTAR – Australia and New Zealand’s premier researcher of retail finance information for more than 350 institutions across the finance sector. Canstar Blue measures and tracks Australian and New Zealand consumer satisfaction across over 100 different categories to help consumers make the best purchasing decisions for their needs.

What are the Canstar Blue ratings?

Canstar Blue researches, compares and rates products and services according to customer satisfaction across categories including banking, telecommunications, appliances, electronics, utilities and FMCG. Results are freely available to consumers who are encouraged to use the ratings as a guide to product excellence. The full range of results can be seen on the Canstar Blue website at