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Panasonic enters the Australian Hair Care market with revolutionary technology proven to tackle visible hair damage



Australian women can finally split up with their split ends, fight frizz and say hello to hair that has it all.

In an exciting move, Panasonic is entering the Australian hair care market with its on-trend, premium rose-gold hair dryer range, the EH-NA98 and EH-NA65. Backed by more than 80 years of hair care research and development, the internationally acclaimed hair dryers are set to impress Aussie women. Panasonic has combined trademarked moisture infusing technology, intelligent air-flow design and heat control sensors, to create two game-changing hair dryers which reduce hair damage[1] and create shinier hair, all whilst drying hair in record time.

The secret ingredient? The uniquely shaped design which facilitates the key advantage of the new range – Panasonic’s innovative Nanoe™ technology. Nano-sized, atomised water particles flow from the top of the chassis and penetrate deep into hair, maintaining 1000 times more moisture than a regular hair dryer[2]. Users can enjoy shinier, more hydrated hair – all day, every day.

Additionally, the intelligent Quick Dry Nozzle varies the air-flow pressure, shortening drying time and reducing tangles – perfect for on-the-go styling and busy lifestyles.

The flagship Advanced Moisture Infusing Hair Dryer (EH-NA98) boasts premium features including: mineral ions which work to reduce split ends and frizz, making hair less damaged and more resistant over time; a dedicated Scalp Mode to improve the condition of the scalp; and an intelligent temperature sensor, which continuously adjusts the dryer heat to prevent any heat damage and scalp dryness.

With 88 per cent of EH-NA98 users recording a visible improvement in split ends after five weeks[3], and 91 per cent noticing a reduction in frizz[4], the Advanced Moisture Infusing Hair Dryer is here to put an end to bad hair days.

Tory Rooney, Product Marketing Manager, Hair Care, Panasonic Australia, said:

“We have leveraged 80 years of Panasonic innovation and research to create a new hair care range which gives women what they need. This is an exciting step for Panasonic and helps to further bolster our increasingly compelling personal care and beauty range.”

“We know that women are constantly worried about hair damage but often lack the time, know-how or technology to do anything about it. Our hair dryers are the perfect solution as they do the work for you: reducing visible damage and frizz, while boosting shine with each use. Women can now expect more from a blow-dry, they can expect healthy hair that has it all.”

To launch its hair care range in Australia,Panasonic has collaborated with

leading beauty influencer and renowned YouTuber Michelle Wong (also known as Lab Muffin), who said:

“I am always interested in the science behind a product and whether the technology can speak for itself. Panasonic’s new hair dryers left my hair noticeably shinier and smoother, with each blow dry making my hair feel even more hydrated and refreshed.”

The Panasonic EH-NA98 and EH-NA65 are available from Price Attack from 25 October 2019. Please see RRPs below:





For further information, please visit or call 132 600.

[1] Tested at proDERM, Germany, 2017

[2] Nanoe-sized atomized water particles offer 1000 times more moisture by volume than standard negative ions.  They penetrate deep into hair, ensuring optimal moisture balance.

[3] At home five-week test with 71 users, UK, 2019

[4] At home, five-week test with 71 users, UK, 2019