Panasonic delivers ultimate Hollywood to Home experience with the world’s most cinematic television

2019 features include Hollywood and Technics tuning, Dolby Atmos, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and HLG, with an updated HCX PRO Intelligent Processor for stunning picture accuracy

Panasonic has launched its line-up of OLED and LED LCD televisions for 2019, with the next-generation GZ2000 OLED Series the flagship in the new range.
The ‘world’s most cinematic TV’ boasts notable features, including a new custom Professional Edition 4K OLED panel optimised by leading Hollywood colourist, Stefan Sonnenfeld, and a new HCX PRO Intelligent Processor delivering unrivalled detail, brightness and astounding colour accuracy.
The GZ2000 OLED Series features the world’s first built-in upward-firing speakers to support Dolby Atmos, and the audio system is tuned by Technics engineers with JENO Engine technology. This delivers the maximum effect, with a spherical soundstage that puts the listener in the centre of the action.
The OLED range and premium LED LCD TVs also support HDR10+ technology, Dolby Vision and HLG, providing users with the broadest range of dynamic HDR metadata to date, for the best possible images – regardless of the source.

Josh Marshall, Category Manager, Home Entertainment, Panasonic, said:
“Panasonic has once again raised the bar when it comes to delivering the ultimate Hollywood experience to the home. We’re proud of our 2019 TV range and confident that Australians will enjoy the enhancements made to offer the most cinematic TV on the market.”
Panasonic has enjoyed more than 20 years of collaboration with Hollywood professionals. With industry experts tuning the company’s OLED TVs, and valuing them so highly that several leading colourists use the screens on a daily basis as their large-format reference monitors, Panasonic’s TV range continues to bring the filmmaker’s creative intent to life.

Key capabilities

Panasonic has expanded its OLED Series in 2019 with the GZ2000, GZ1500, and GZ1000 Series. All three Series are available in 65-inch screen sizes, and the GZ1000 is also available in 55-inch. They benefit from the tuning skills of leading Hollywood colourist, Stefan Sonnenfeld, to create a highly accurate and truly cinematic image.
Panasonic has also released five new 4K LED LCD Series – the GX880, GX850, GX800, GX740 and GX600. The flagship GX880 and GX850 Series, like the OLED range, are powered by the new HCX PRO Intelligent processor.

Panasonic’s 2019 OLED TVs and LED LCD TVs from the GX740 Series up are the world’s first televisions to support both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, and also offer Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) and HLG Photo, with Dolby Atmos also supported.
HLG Photo means HDR is no longer just for moving images. By pairing a compatible camera, the new range of Panasonic TVs will bring breathtaking moments captured on holiday into the home, with a wider dynamic range.
Panasonic’s Smart TV platform has also been upgraded in all OLED models and LED LCD models from the GX740 Series and above, with the new My Home Screen 4.0 now smarter and more intuitive than ever. The refreshed interface features the most popular streaming applications for Australians including Stan , Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube, allowing quick and easy access to content at any time.
These models also boast support for popular voice control technology including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, to integrate seamlessly into the modern Australian smart home.
The complete 2019 TV range also showcases Panasonic’s renowned minimalist design, which enhances viewing experiences while seamlessly harmonising with living spaces. There’s no better way to bring Hollywood to the Home than Panasonic’s sleek and stylish 2019 range.

Panasonic 2019 Television line-up

OLED TV RANGE: GZ2000U, GZ1500U and GZ1000U

The new 2019 OLED line-up is colour-tuned by leading Hollywood colourist, Stefan Sonnenfeld, founder and CEO of Company 3, to deliver exceptional colour accuracy.
The colourist for some of the decade’s most acclaimed films including A Star is Born, Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World, Sonnenfeld has championed the power of colour grading to convey emotion and storytelling through film. Like many other renowned colourists, Sonnenfeld uses Panasonic OLED screens as large-format client reference monitors in his daily workflow.
The GZ2000’s bespoke Professional Edition 4K OLED panel has been customised by Panasonic’s R&D engineers to deliver exceptional control and accuracy. The average brightness level has been boosted and contrast handling enhanced, to achieve an increased dynamic range for high-impact HDR content.
In response to requests from Hollywood’s professional users, Panasonic has extended the range and reduced the interval between calibration steps at the darkest end of the RGB and gamma scales. The GZ2000 is also one of the first TVs to support CalMAN PatternGen test patterns from Portrait Displays’ CalMAN software, along with AutoCal functionality. Imaging Science Foundation (isf) calibration settings are also supported.
Across the OLED range, the HCX PRO Intelligent processor swiftly analyses and optimises the colour, contrast and clarity of 4K video content, which allows TVs to consistently deliver the most accurate colours, even in scenes where brightness levels and contrast vary widely.

This, along with the colour-optimising of Sonnenfeld, means Australians can watch Hollywood blockbusters at home as they are meant to be experienced, with the technical accuracy of their OLED screen matching the director’s creative intent.

GZ2000 – built-in upward-firing speakers capable of delivering Dolby Atmos

The 2019 OLED Series is capable of delivering Dolby Atmos content. Dolby Atmos creates a captivating sound experience, transporting viewers to the soundscapes of their favourite films and shows, to provide a powerful and breathtaking entertainment experience.
With the GZ2000 OLED Series featuring Technics-tuned upward and front-firing Dolby Atmos speakers, viewers can experience extraordinary immersive audio in the comfort of their own home.
It isn’t just the Dolby Atmos technology that makes for a dynamic sound experience with powerful bass. Each speaker in the audio system has been tuned by Technics engineers, with proprietary JENO Engine technology for accurate, refined sound.


GX880 Series 4K ULTRA HD LED LCD: TH-75GX880A

  • 75-inch big-screen viewing at its best with excellent picture quality – including the HCX PRO Intelligent Processor, a 200 Hertz motion refresh rate Super Bright Panel Plus, local dimming for clear bright images, and precise contrast and gradation.
  • Provides the smooth motion needed for fast moving action such as sports.
  • 4K HDR Game Mode with fast response times and rapid image processing to deliver crisp, finely detailed images.
  • Stylish chrome look and silver base.

GX850 Series 4K ULTRA HD IPS LED LCD: TH-65GX850A/TH-55GX850A

  • Panasonic’s 200 Hertz motion refresh rate Super Bright Panel Plus is further enhanced with Local Dimming Pro, which combines backlight control and signal processing control, so brightness can be fine-tuned in thousands of areas across the screen.
  • Features a premium slim metal bezel and Panasonic’s Switch Pedestal with adjustable feet, to conveniently adapt to the width of a TV cabinet and offer flexibility depending on furniture configuration in the home.

GX740 Series 4K ULTRA HD IPS LED LCD: TH-65GX740A/TH-55GX740A

  • Delivers impressive 4K viewing with Super Bright Panel Plus and local dimming for rich colour and detail.
  • Versatility with a Twin HD Tuner and Bluetooth audio.
  • Features Panasonic’s Switch Pedestal with adjustable feet to conveniently adapt to the width of a TV cabinet and offer flexibility based on furniture configuration.

GX600 Series 4K ULTRA HD IPS LED LCD: TH-65/55/49/43 GX600A (no IPS on 65 inch)

  • Support for HDR10 and HLG Photo.
  • Delivers impressive 4K viewing with a Super Bright Panel for rich colour and detail.
  • Features Panasonic’s Switch Pedestal with adjustable feet to conveniently adapt to the width of a TV cabinet and offer flexibility based on furniture configuration.
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