Panasonic encourages families to get cooking together with versatile and easy-to-use convection, grill and combination microwave

Ease of use and variety of models to help busy families provide healthy meals for children

Panasonic has launched its latest convection, grill and combination cooking microwave, designed for versatile cooking by busy Australian parents.

With challenges such as late hours at work and extra-curricular activities preventing parents cooking and eating with their children as much as they would like1. Panasonic’s new 27L model offers an efficient and convenient solution to bring families together in the kitchen.

The NN-CD58JS model (RRP $549) allows for simultaneous combination cooking and is complete with Panasonic’s own Junior Menu feature – a convenient, pre-programmed auto menu with eight options for children, ensuring even the fussiest eaters can still enjoy healthy delights.

The intelligent design of the microwave – with the fan being moved to inside the top of the unit – has created room for a spacious 34cm turntable, allowing for larger plates and dishes. What’s more, the overall size of the microwave has been reduced by 20 per cent compared to conventional models, allowing for more counter space in compact kitchens.

Samantha Dawson, Product Marketing Manager, Microwaves, Panasonic Australia, said:

“We’re very confident that our latest convection, grill and combination microwave will prove that this household appliance can be a mainstay in the kitchen and provide an excellent solution for efficient and healthy cooking, especially among time-poor families.”

“We also know that the average Australian home is also decreasing in size2 and families are looking for practical solutions for smaller kitchens. The versatility and slim-line design of Panasonic’s NN-CD58JS model is perfect for any home or apartment where kitchen space is a prime consideration.”

Panasonic’s latest microwave range includes:

NN-CD58JS (RRP $549)
This slim-line 27L Microwave offers Convection, Grill and Combination cooking for the versatility to create a range of meals, from grilled fish to the family roast chicken. The 34cm turntable and spacious interior fits larger plates and dishes. A Junior Menu creates tasty treats from pureed fruit and vegetables for babies, to junior pasta bakes and vegetable fries, to replace less healthy alternatives.

NN-ST64JW (RRP $259)
The 32L White Fascia Inverter Microwave Oven features Panasonic’s Inverter Technology which provides graduated power control to deliver more evenly cooked food, preserve texture and flavour, and prevent spill overs and burnt edges. The Inverter Turbo Defrost setting also dramatically reduces defrosting times, a convenient feature for families with busy schedules. Auto Cooking menus and Auto Reheat are also included.

NN-ST65JW (RRP $279)
The 32L White Inverter with Sensor Microwave Oven features Panasonic’s Inverter Technology. Sensor cooking automatically chooses the correct power level and cooking time. A reheat sensor also automatically adjusts the time and power level when food is being reheated. Inverter Turbo Defrost is also included.

NN-ST67JS (RRP $369) – stainless steel front, half mirror glass door and silver chassis
NN-ST69JS (RRP $395) – stainless steel front and silver chassis
These 32L models are complete with Panasonic’s Inverter Microwave Technology, Sensor Cooking Menus and Turbo Defrost. The sensors automatically choose the power level and cooking time to suit – meaning no more guesswork. Touch pad panels and an LCD display are also on show.

The NN-ST64JW, NN-ST67JS and NN-ST69JS models all have an optional Trim Kit to integrate the microwave into kitchen cabinets for a sleek, stylish look.

NN-ST25JW/NN-ST25JM (RRP $139)
This compact model is packed with outstanding features for its category; offering nine Auto Menu Cooking categories, Auto Defrost Menu, Auto Reheat and five variable power levels. The model is available in both metallic silver and white to fit in with the vast majority of kitchen décor designs.

Panasonic’s NN-CD58JS model is available in September and all other models will be available from mid-August at major consumer electronics retailers. For further information, please visit or call 132 600.

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