Panasonic releases LUMIX LX100 II with new 17-megapixel multi-aspect 4/3-inch sensor

Featuring F1.7-F2.8 LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX Lens and 4K Video

Panasonic releases LUMIX LX100 II with new 17-megapixel multi-aspect 4/3-inch sensor

Panasonic is proud to introduce the LUMIX LX100 II – the 7th generation of Panasonic’s world-renowned LX high-end compact camera series.

The LUMIX LX100 II delivers outstanding performance for the enthusiast, with an enhanced 17-megapixel multi-aspect 4/3-inch high sensitivity MOS Sensor, and a LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX lens. What’s more, the camera backs its excellent imaging credentials with Panasonic’s latest 4K suite.

For even greater convenience, the camera now boasts a touch screen with access to Touch Pad AF and Post Focus. Sharing of images with smartphones or tablets is streamlined with Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy connection.

Scott Mellish, Product Marketing Manager, Imaging, Panasonic, said:

“The LX100 developed a cult following among enthusiasts, and now the LX100 II rewards our fans by delivering their most-requested upgrades. The camera offers a new level of finesse with excellent capabilities – including a brand new sensor, touch screen, 4K Photo interface and Bluetooth capability.”

The LUMIX LX100 II is priced at $1399rrp and will be available from photographic specialists and consumer electronics retailers from October 2018.

Rich imaging with impressive performance

The F1.7-F2.8 LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX lens (35mm camera equivalent: 24-75mm) offers impressive performance, and combined with the large MOS sensor, the rich amount of light produces impressive shallow depth of field. The 9-blade aperture diaphragm produces bokeh with a smooth, circular shape. The versatile zoom range of 24-75mm (35mm camera equiv.) is suitable for a variety of photography from street shooting to portraits. Landscapes can be captured in dynamic 24mm ultra-wide angle in 4:3, 3:2 or 16:9 using the aspect switch on the lens barrel. An aperture ring allows direct control to take maximum advantage of this high-speed lens. Stunning macro shots with intricate detail can be taken with a minimum working distance of 3 cm.

New, large 4/3-inch High Sensitivity MOS Sensor and Venus Engine

The LUMIX LX100 II incorporates a 4/3-inch, 21.77-megapixeli High Sensitivity MOS Sensor to achieve even higher resolution than its predecessor, the LX100. The effective area in the 4:3 aspect ratio is 17.0-megapixels, more than 1.6xii larger than that of a 1-inch sensor. This new high-resolution MOS Sensor supports low-light shooting at ISO 25600. The Venus Engine renders vibrant, true-to-life high quality images with excellent resolution, high contrast and impressive color reproduction.

High resolution Live View Finder and intuitive control

The 2760K-dot equivalent LVF is controlled via an Eye Sensor. It offers approx.100% color reproduction, with a 16:9 wide screen that provides 0.7x (35mm camera equiv.) magnification and 100% field of view. The new 3.0- inch large rear monitor offers 1240K-dot resolution and enables touch control, incorporating Touch Pad AF. The LX100 II also allows intuitive operation for the experienced photographer with dedicated rings and dials including aperture ring, control ring, aspect ratio switch, shutter speed dial and exposure compensation dial. The camera can be customised to the user’s personal shooting style with 10 programmable Function buttons –five physical Fn buttons on-camera and five on the touchscreen.

4K Video recording featuring 4K Photo mode

The LX100 II is capable of smooth, high quality video recording in 4K (3840 x 2160, at 100mbps/25 fps in MP4). 4K Photo mode allows photographers to capture spur of the moment shots by extracting individual frames from 4K video to create a 3840 x 2160 8-megapixel equivalent JPEG image.

On this new model, Panasonic has made it easier to select the best shot from hundreds on the 4K Photo reel with Auto Marking, which highlights images that contain movement or faces. In addition, the in-camera Sequence Composition function allows a sequence of images to be shown within one shot – for example the trajectory of a motorbike jump, the arc of a diver leaving the board, or the movement of a dancer.

The camera also incorporates the full range of Panasonic’s 4K capabilities, including 4K Photo with 4K Pre-burst mode which shoots 30 frames per second before and after the shutter is released. Users can also select any aspect ratio (4:3, 3:2, 1:1 or 16:9) when shooting in 4K Photo mode by using the aspect switch.

Light Composition mode saves the brightest pixels from a series of shots in-camera, to produce more dramatic images of night scenes such as fireworks. Post Focus mode allows the user to choose the focal point of an image after the shot has been taken, while Focus Stacking combines focal points to achieve complete foreground to background focus.

High speed response and stunning mobility

The LX100 II integrates Panasonic’s DFD (Depth From Defocus) technology which shortens the time to acquire focus. As a result, the LX100 II achieves high speed AF of approx. 0.10 seciii to capture fleeting photo opportunities. This improvement achieves greater benefits as focal length increases. The camera boasts high speed burst shooting at 11 fps (AFS) / 5.5 (AFC) to capture fast moving subjects. Starlight AF captures subjects such as stars in the sky at night using autofocus.

The LX100 II is capable of releasing the mechanical shutter at max.1/4000 sec and 1/16000 with electronic shutter, which reduces washouts even under strong sunlight.

Bracketing modes available include focus, aperture, exposure and white balance bracketing. Focus bracketing allows the user to capture up to 999 shots at different focus points with just one shutter press – ideal for shooters who want maximum image quality and the ability to stack focus in post-production. With aperture bracketing, at a single press, photographers can quickly capture multiple shots at varying depth of field. When shooting with shallow focus it can be challenging to quickly decide on the optimum amount of focus that is best for a shot, so this feature provides the security of alternative choices.

Other Features:

• Creative filters with 22 options for photo and video
• L.Monochrome and L.Monochrome D mode to create film-like black and white shots
• Streamlined sharing of images with Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy connection and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi® (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
• Highlight/Shadow Control
• RAW data development in-camera
• Focus Peaking to show the peak of focus in MF and AF+MF mode
• Level Gauge to detect the horizontal/vertical angle of view
• Multi-Aspect Bracket allows a still image to be captured in 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 and 1:1 with a single shutter release
• USB charging

For further information, please visit or call 132 600.

Panasonic releases LUMIX LX100 II with new 17-megapixel multi-aspect 4/3-inch sensor Panasonic releases LUMIX LX100 II with new 17-megapixel multi-aspect 4/3-inch sensor Panasonic releases LUMIX LX100 II with new 17-megapixel multi-aspect 4/3-inch sensor Panasonic releases LUMIX LX100 II with new 17-megapixel multi-aspect 4/3-inch sensor

i Multi-aspect count
ii Approx.
iii Based on the CIPA standard. At wide-end, when using Live View Finder at 60 fps.