Panasonic launches premium multi-door refrigerator range

Featuring ECONAVI energy savings, convenient food storage compartments, and nanoeX technology to reduce bacteria and odours

Panasonic has launched a new range of premium multi-door refrigerators – with new models in a choice of 653 or 533 litres, a silver or white design, and complete with elegant glass door finishes.

The stunning new range has been developed in line with Panasonic’s goal of keeping food fresher for longer, using less energy. The multi-door design allows for optimal storage of food groups in separate compartments, complemented by nanoeX technology that effectively suppresses more than 99.99 per cent of bacteria and odours1.

Key details:

  • The main Refrigerator compartment has strong, adjustable glass shelves to store containers of all shapes and sizes, and cooling surround airflow to preserve freshness.
    – A separate Chilled Case at 0°C is perfect for storing dairy, meat and fish.
  • The independent fully-extendable Fresh Fruit and Vegetable compartment is easy to access and offers optimal cooling at approximately 6°C.
    – Includes a full-width design for extra-long produce and a separate drawer for fragile items.
  • In addition, the bottom freezer compartment allows neat storage with an upper and lower case, and includes a ‘Quick Freezing’ button to preserve freshness and flavour.
  • ECONAVI technology allows for up to 10 per cent reduction2 in energy usage.
  • The new storage sensor detects changes in the amount of food being stored and the ECONAVI technology adjusts the temperature accordingly.
  • Four new models – in a choice of 653 or 533 litres and with a silver or white design.

Chasnyn Ousmand, Product Marketing Manager, Whitegoods, Panasonic, said:

“Australians continue to spend strongly on household appliances3. We have drawn upon more than 65 years of experience in refrigerators to create these multi-door models, allowing consumers to perfectly store fresh food and ingredients to match today’s lifestyles.”

Multi compartments for optimum food storage

With three separate compartments within the fridge, Panasonic’s new range is geared towards specific food groups being stored in conditions that best suit them.

The main Refrigerator Compartment has adjustable glass shelves to allow for more efficient and flexible storage. The strong, tempered glass shelves can withstand loads of up to 150kg, so casseroles, large bottles and other heavy items can easily be accommodated. The Refrigerator Compartment is complete with cooling surround airflow, which softly envelops items and cools them evenly, helping to preserve freshness.

Panasonic’s full-width Chilled Case preserves the freshness of dairy items and perishables such as meat and fish by maintaining a temperature of approximately 0°C to chill food without freezing.

The independent large-capacity Vegetable Compartment has a slightly higher than normal position and a higher humidity level to the rest of the fridge. It helps protect vegetables from dryness and avoids the unnecessary wastage that costs Australian households thousands each year4. The two drawers are fully-extendable to easily see and access all fresh fruit and vegetables. The bottom drawer is designed for bulkier vegetables (e.g. cauliflower and lettuce), with the top providing the perfect space for more delicate fresh items such as grapes and tomatoes.

The refrigerator’s bottom freezer compartments allow users to store items separately for neat storage – the upper case is ideal for flat items such as frozen pizzas, and the lower case suitable for larger items including home-made frozen meals, chickens or legs of lamb. The compartment is complete with a Twist Ice Tray, ensuring that you will never struggle for fresh, cold beverages in the home.

The Quick Freezing function can be used to preserve more freshness and flavour within food, particularly meat and fish. The greater cooling power freezes food faster than normal freezing, so its cellular structure remains intact. This means that there is virtually no drip containing nutrients and umami components when items are thawed.

Electrostatic Touch Control Panel

Operation of the touch panel is simple, with just a soft touch needed to select the required options. With the panel being external, users can conveniently adjust settings – Refrigerator, Freezer and Quick Freeze – without opening the fridge.

nanoeX Technology – anti bacteria and deodorising

Panasonic’s highly effective nanoeX Technology is also in place throughout the new range of fridges. The antibacterial and deodorising capabilities eliminate more than 99.99 per cent of bacteria as well as suppressing odours.

Smart Cooling with ECONAVI operation

The high energy saving performance found in the new range is even more sophisticated than in previous models. Intelligent ECONAVI sensors detect usage conditions and automatically optimise performance, resulting in an energy reduction of up to 10 per cent5.

The five sensors (fridge door sensor, internal temperature sensor, storage sensor, room temperature sensor and light sensor) work together, allowing for maximum performance. The new storage sensor detects changes in the amount of food being stored using the fridge light, and determines whether a change in cooling power is needed.

653 litre multi-door refrigerator

NR-D655XGSAU – Silver model: $3599RRP
NR-D655XGWAU – White model: $3599RRP

533 litre multi-door refrigerator

NR-D535XGSAU – Silver model: $3299RRP
NR-D535XGWAU – White model: $3299RRP

The Panasonic multi-door refrigerators are available now from selected retailers. For more information, please visit or call 132 600.

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2 Comparison based on in-house testing between Panasonic ECONAVI Inverter models and Panasonic non-inverter models.

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