Panasonic Announces New LUMIX GH7, Mobility Meets Mastery

Panasonic is proud to introduce the LUMIX GH7 – a stunning new flagship LUMIX G Series Camera into the Micro Four Thirds mirrorless family.

The GH Series pioneered the video hybrid camera category in response to the demand for high-quality video content with exceptional portability, and the series has always broken new ground for world-first technologies. The GH7 is no exception, newly equipped with Apple ProRes RAW[i] internal recording and world-first 32-bit float recording[ii] directly into video files, which eliminates the need to adjust sound recording levels during shooting.

The LUMIX GH7 delivers outstanding video performance, wide dynamic range with a newly developed 25.2MP BSI CMOS sensor and improved AF performance with the inclusion of on-sensor PDAF (Phase Detection Auto-Focus).

Further enhancing flexibility for video creators, Panasonic is proud to introduce a new SFU3 Software Upgrade Key (sold separately) compatible with both the LUMIX GH6 and LUMIX GH7. This unlocks a new log profile for the LUMIX range by allowing video creators access to ARRI’s LogC3[iii],  providing seamless colour matching with ARRI’s digital cinema cameras. The image processing of the ARRI LogC3 curve on the LUMIX GH7 has been certified by ARRI for the implementation of this function. The option for Log recording, which provides rich colour information and wide dynamic range, has been expanded to include ARRI LogC3 in addition to the conventional V-Log, further improving LUMIX’s workflow compatibility.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager, Imaging, Panasonic said: “The GH Series has been pioneering the video hybrid category since 2009. Since that time, in collaboration with our GH community we have developed many sought-after features and the GH7 is no exception. With the inclusion of internal ProRes RAW and the world’s first 32-bit float internal recording[iv], the GH7 sets a new benchmark in workflow for the video producer. It vastly improves the quality that they can capture in-camera as a single or small crew operator. The optional ARRI LogC3 provides creators with access to cinema ARRI looks, a streamlined workflow and the ability to use the LUMIX GH7 alongside ARRI digital cinema cameras in high-end productions.”

The LUMIX GH7 will be available in Australia in July 2024 from leading photographic retailers.

Body only



LUMIX DC-GH7M Kit: DC-GH7GN Camera & H-FS12060E Lens: RRP $4,199
LUMIX DC-GH7LEICA Kit: DC-GH7GN Camera & H-ES12060E Lens: RRP $5,099
LUMIX DC-GH7LPRO Kit: DC-GH7GN Camera & H-ES12035GC Lens: RRP $5,399


DMW-XLR2E: XLR2 Microphone Adaptor: RRP $899
DMW-SFU3AGU: ARRI LogC3 Software Upgrade Key: RRP $349
DMW-AC11GN: USB Power Supply: RRP $179
DMW-DCC18GU: USB-C DC Coupler: RRP $69

LUMIX GH7 Main Features

1. High performance, fast response, and excellent mobility

  •  25.2MP BSI CMOS sensor with high resolution and fast response, along with 13+ stop dynamic range boost with rich gradation.
  •  Adopts PDAF for fast and reliable AF, with advanced AI subject recognitions with the ability to track Humans (Eye, Face, Head, Body), Animal (Eye, Body), Motorcycle (Helmet, Bike), Car (Body, Grill/Helmet), Train (Cabin, Body) and Airplane (Nose, Body). These modes are easily selected and switched via the AF mode button.
  • Improved image stabilisation technology, including perspective distortion correction for videos and High mode in Active I.S. to enable powerful compensation when shooting on the move.

2. Enhanced video quality and optimised workflows from shooting to post-production

  • Internal recording in 5.7K 30p ProRes 422 HQ and ProRes RAW HQ.
  • World’s first 32-bit float recording , eliminating the need to adjust audio recording levels during shooting when using the new XLR microphone adaptor, DMW-XLR2 (sold separately).
  • Allows users to load original LUT files and apply new colour looks directly to videos and photos with REAL TIME LUT.
  • Enables proxy recording for workflow efficiency and supports native Camera to Cloud integration with Adobe’s, enabling images and videos to be automatically uploaded, backed up, shared, and worked on jointly via the cloud.
  • Open Gate recording to allow flexible framing for any social media platform or client needs.
  • Recording to USB-C SSD allows for the seamless offloading of large media files within short time. This is supported by the release of a new DC-Coupler (DMW-DCC18GU) with a regulated USB-C Power Delivery cable, which allows the camera to be powered via USB such as portable power packs, while freeing the camera’s USB-C port for data extending recording time.

3. Reliable in the video production field

  • Unlimited video recording made possible with efficient heat dissipation processing and the integration of a cooling fan .
  • Convenient tilt-free angle monitor that does not interfere with HDMI or USB cables when tilted.
  • Able to withstand harsh environments with dust and splash resistance , and freeze-resistance down to -10 degrees Celsius.

4. Seamless integration with ARRI Cinema Cameras

  • Video data shot with LUMIX GH7 in ARRI LogC3 can easily be converted to your favourite look. The ARRI Look Library contains 87 high-quality ARRI Looks to choose from. It is also possible to store the LUT package for 709 conversion (ARRI Look Library LogC3 to Rec709 3D-LUTs) in the LUT Library of the LUMIX GH7, and combine it with the REAL TIME LUT function to capture videos with ARRI LUTs straight out of the camera.
  • Using the ARRI Look Library (log-to-log), you can colour grade videos recorded with ARRI LogC3 and apply the desired ARRI Look within the log space. Additionally, by using the LUT package (ARRI_LogC3_v1-2_LUT_Package) you can convert the colour space of various display devices, allowing you to output the ARRI Look according to the desired colour space in SDR and HDR.
  • The LUMIX GH7 can easily match colours in shooting situations where cinema cameras, such as the ARRI ALEXA Mini, are used as the main camera. Furthermore, when DMW-SFU3A is installed, ARRI LogC3 in the LUMIX GH7 employs a curve that conforms to the standard sensitivity of ISO 800 of the ARRI camera. As the gamma curve does not change depending on the ISO sensitivity, users can use the same editing workflow no matter which ISO they shoot at. It also enables recording at ISO Auto, which is unique to mirrorless cameras.
  • ARRI LogC3 recording can also be used on the LUMIX GH6 in the same way as the LUMIX GH7 by using the SFU3 Software Upgrade Key, excluding the REAL TIME LUT function which is not available on this model.

For further information please visit or call 132 600.

[i] Recording is not possible on the SD card.
[ii] For an interchangeable lens digital camera, as of June 5th 2024. According to Panasonic’s research. When used with the XLR microphone adapter DMW-XLR2 (sold separately)
[iii] ARRI LogC3 is a Log gamma developed by ARRI and used in ARRI digital cinema cameras. Please note: ALEXA 35 uses ARRI LogC4. On the LUMIX GH7, ARRI LogC3 can be used for 10bit recording in Creative Video mode.
[iv] For an interchangeable lens digital camera, as of June 5th 2024. According to Panasonic’s research. When used with the XLR microphone adapter DMW-XLR2 (sold separately)
[v] Dynamic Range Boost is not activated when shooting HFR/VFR video of 61fps or higher, or with SH burst shooting. Also not activated at shutter speeds slower than 1/15 during still image shooting, depending on the ISO. When shooting video over 60 fps (including VFR), latitude will be 12+ stop.
[vi] Recording is not possible on the SD card.
[vii] For an interchangeable lens digital camera, as of June 5th 2024. According to Panasonic’s research. When used with the XLR microphone adaptor DMW-XLR2 (sold separately)
[viii] When shooting at C4K/60p or lower. There are temperature restrictions for resolutions exceeding Cinema4K, VFR/HFR, and ProRes. Recording time depends on battery and memory card capacity.
[ix] Dust and Splash Resistant does not guarantee that damage will not occur if this lens is subjected to direct contact with dust and water.  To avoid damage when using the camera under these conditions, it must be used in accordance with associated instructions in the manual.
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