Panasonic expands its PRIME+ Edition Range in Australia

New Quad Door Refrigerator delivers freedom, flexibility and  fresher food storage for every entertaining occasion

Panasonic has unveiled the latest addition to its Refrigerator range – the PRIME+ Edition Quad Door range – to redefine how Australians entertain their friends and family.

The versatility of the PRIME+ Edition Quad Door’s large interior storage system allows households to customise their Refrigerator to suit their specific needs.

Building upon the same innovative technology featured in the current PRIME+ Edition models, the new Quad Door Refrigerator features two Prime Fresh compartments, offering variable temperature control and extending the life of food.


The Quad Door Refrigerator’s Prime Fresh technology features not one, but two separate compartments, delivering more freedom and flexibility with each offering variable temperature control between -5oC to 4oC. This allows you to store foods of different types separately – from cake to beverages, meat, deli plates, or pre-cooked meals – and set the temperature individually. It’s ideal for busy lifestyles or entertaining.

Using the ‘soft freezing’ capabilities of Prime Fresh when storing food such as meat or fish, nutrients and flavour are locked in, and cells are not damaged, preventing deterioration[1]. Food preparation is easier and quicker as food can be cut up easily straight from the fridge and cooked immediately.

The Quad Door’s Fresh Safe fruit and vegetable drawer in the middle section maintains up to 90 per cent[2] humidity. This is the optimal temperature to retain moisture and keep produce fresh and succulent for longer.

In the freezer section, the Prime Freeze drawer quickly removes heat and cools food, to freeze it five times faster[3] than a standard freezer – designed for food prepping while retaining flavour and nutrients.


Fitted with moveable trays, door pockets, a wine rack and a flexible divided ice box, the PRIME+ Edition Quad Door models go one step further in improving usability for every household. Featuring three separate trays with two different height levels to match food and beverage sizes, the internal environment can be fine-tuned for any occasion.

For additional convenience, the frequently used Prime Freeze, Prime Fresh and Fresh Safe compartments are placed in the most accessible position, so users do not need to stand on tiptoes or bend over to reach them. Offering separate cases and layers of storage also delivers greater hygiene and prevents the mixing of odours.

In the Freezer, as well as four storage levels, the automatic ice box can hold more than 500 ice cubes, with a divider should you need the additional space for other frozen items. Combined with the ‘Quick Chill’ feature that cools drinks in just 15 minutes, the PRIME+ Edition Quad Door Refrigerator is the perfect host. People can also enjoy a glass of cool, crisp water from the water dispenser without ever opening the door – the direct connection to the water tube makes the inside of the fridge more spacious.


PRIME+ Edition Quad Door models are supported by Panasonic’s SmartApp+, providing the convenience to control the Refrigerator with a simple tap of their smartphone. Whether changing the temperature of the Prime Fresh drawers in preparation for the next item, or selecting quick ice making for some unexpected guests, the SmartApp+ offers consumers an unparalleled level of convenience.

The app can switch to energy-saving mode as consumers leave home and will notify them when the door is left open. The Quad Door models also have a 4.5-star energy rating, the best available in the market in this class.

The NR-XY680LVSA Quad Door is available with a stainless-steel finish, while the NR-XY680LVKA Quad Door boasts a dark stainless-steel finish. Both models are available from selected consumer electronics retailers in late September 2023.

Model Pricing Features
NR-XY680LVSA $4,069 Quad Door with water dispenser, stainless-steel finish
NR-XY680LVKA $4,289 Quad Door with water dispenser, dark stainless-steel finish
[1] Data prepared by Panasonic. Effectiveness varies according to the usage conditions as well as the quality, quantity, and type.
[2] Data prepared by Panasonic.
[3] Data prepared by Panasonic.