Technics unveils SU-GX70 Grand Class amplifier plus SL-1500C turntable in stylish matte white

Expansion of Technics audio in Australia ensures greater choice and versatility across the range.

Technics unveils increased offerings today to the Australian market with the announcement of a new Grand Class amplifier and a new colour version of the renowned SL-1500C turntable. In further good news for Australian audiophiles, Technics has announced the release of a black finish version of the SA-C600 Network CD Receiver, with the globally renowned SU-R1000 Reference Class Amplifier also now available for the first time locally, in both black and silver.

The SU-GX70 extends the Technics Grand Class portfolio. This highly featured streaming amplifier combines the genes of Technics Grand Class component amplifiers with a wealth of source functions, notably HDMI connectivity and is available in elegant silver or black. The new SL-1500C direct drive turntable introduces a stylish new matte white finish to the globally successful and highly acclaimed icon, already available in black and silver.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager – Technics said: “The new SU-GX70 streaming amplifier launches on the back of our successful SA-C600 and now boasts an HDMI ARC port, meeting demand for TV integration into the home hi-fi system and delivering impressive sound on top of a host of other features.”

Aaron Waters added: “Furthermore, as vinyl albums continue to grow in popularity, with these new announcements Technics can now offer four well-matched turntable and amp pairings in its lineup so music lovers can find a sweet spot to suit their budget.”

All four new models are available from selected Technics specialist audio retailers, with the SU-R1000 available on customer order only.

Model RRP Availability
SA-C600EB-K $1,849 May 2023
SL-1500CEB-W $2,099 May 2023
SU-GX70EB-K $3,199 July 2023
SU-GX70EB-S $3,199 July 2023
SU-R1000E-K $15,499 Customer order
SU-R1000E-S $15,499 Customer order

Recommended turntable and amplifier pairings:

SL-1500C turntable + SA-C600 amplifier

SL-1200GR/1210GR turntable + SU-GX70 amplifier

SL-1200G/1210G turntable + SU-G700M2 amplifier

SL-1000R turntable + SU-R1000 amplifier

SU-GX70 Streaming Amplifier – a new chapter

The new SU-GX70 streaming amplifier marks a new chapter for the Technics brand, being the first Technics product to host an HDMI ARC port since the brand was revitalised almost a decade ago. There was strong customer demand for high-quality amplifiers allowing easy integration of a TV into the home hi-fi system for superior sound.  Consequently, this new amplifier realises very high sound quality at the HDMI ARC connection, drawing on parent company Panasonic’s comprehensive expertise in video signal treatment.

This realises the full potential of noise-free and distortion-free sound, generated by Technics’ proprietary full-digital amplification technology based on the JENO engine. The SU-GX70’s new Twin Power Supply delivers a high signal-to-noise ratio for superb, detailed sound. The Clean Power Clock Generator technology, taken from Technics’ Reference Class components, enables a stable clock signal for high-precision digital signal processing.

The SU-GX70 has a wealth of capabilities:

  • Based on the Google Chromecast platform, consumers can connect to streaming services such as Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Qobuz and Amazon Music.
  • It supports MQA and Wi-Fi, Airplay2 and Bluetooth are on board. Two line inputs and three digital inputs, as well as USB-A and B, allow connectivity to a wide range of source components.
  • Internet radio, FM and DAB+ are supported.
  • A high-grade low-noise phono EQ allows connection of a turntable with an MM pickup cartridge for a genuine audiophile experience – only to be expected from a company representing the pinnacle of vinyl record performance.

All new matte white SL-1500C Premium Class Turntable

This new model expands the widely acclaimed range of SL-1500C direct drive turntables. Delivered in a new matte white finish, in addition to the standard silver and black finishes, the SL-1500C-W launch follows the release of other Technics limited edition turntables. These products have been in high demand from enthusiasts seeking to enhance their hi-fi collection with stylish colour alternatives to match contemporary interiors. With its minimalistic look, the new SL-1500C bears justice to the excellent reputation of Technics as a manufacturer of premium audio turntables, integrating the following functions:

  • It comes with a high-quality Ortofon 2M Red MM pickup cartridge pre-mounted to the headshell, so it only needs to be fixed to the tonearm by the easy bayonet lock.
  • For maximum connection flexibility, it is equipped with a conventional Phono output and an integrated Phono EQ enabling connection to audio components without the need for a dedicated separate phono amplifier.
  • It features an automatic tonearm lift which prevents unnecessary wear of the stylus and vinyl when a record has finished playing.
  • The iron-coreless direct drive motor, in combination with the sophisticated motor control, ensures ultimate rotation stability for a classic, smooth vinyl sound.
  • The two-layer platter – in combination with the solid two-layer chassis based on aluminium die-cast and the high-sensitivity S-shaped aluminium tonearm – ensures high vibration damping and an accurate tracking process for ultimate analogue music enjoyment.

SU-R1000 Reference Class Amplifier

The SU-R1000 is the first Technics Reference Class integrated amplifier. The Reference Class products are developed in pursuit of Technics’ insatiable desire to deliver ultimate sound quality to customers, and they offer the premium musical experience the Technics brand is known for. Armed with the achievements and evaluations accumulated in the Hi-Fi market since the rebirth of the Technics brand in 2014 and backed by the results of R&D aimed at improving sound quality by focusing on digital technology, Technics launched the SU-R1000 integrated amplifier, further evolving digital amps to new heights.

SU-R1000 Development Approaches

Being a Digital amplifier, the SU-R1000 has high-accuracy signal processing not possible with analogue systems. Given that today’s mainstream music sources are digital, such as CD and streaming platforms, digital signals should ideally be processed in the original digital format. Furthermore, devices such as AD converters are also advancing, allowing high-precision digital signal processing of analogue music sources. In creating the SU-R1000 Reference Class product, Technics took the following technical approaches.

Advancement of Digital Amp Technology

Technics has developed ADCT (Active Distortion Cancelling Technology), in addition to the proprietary technologies that maximise digital amps’ advantages, such as LAPC and JENO. The ADCT realises further enrichment of sound quality by eliminating distortion generated in the power stage by speaker’s counter electromotive force and power supply voltage drop.

Advancement of Power Supply

The switching power supply system, Advanced Speed Silent Power Supply, successfully improved the S/N ratio. Furthermore, four independent power supply units provided for different circuit blocks realise superb separation and dynamic sound reproduction. What’s more, the power devices incorporate low-resistance GaN (gallium nitride).

Phono Input

There are still many analogue record enthusiasts, and they form an important market segment for Technics. The SU-R1000 is equipped with an Intelligent Phono EQ, which utilises digital technology to achieve accurate equaliser curve and delivers high sound quality by improving the crosstalk of the cartridge and enhancing the frequency characteristic determined by the matching of the cartridge and phono equaliser.

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