New Panasonic Earphone and Headphone lineup creates next level entertainment

Panasonic is rolling out a range of new earphones and headphones designed for an exciting and immersive entertainment experience – anytime, anywhere.

The stylish and compact new RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W wireless earphones deliver exceptional noise cancelling and wireless freedom with stable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted sound and excellent voice quality for seamless and clear phone conversations.

Panasonic’s latest wireless headphones – the RB-M700B, RB-M500B, and RB-M300B – have enhanced bass performance, delivering an audio experience of full immersion in bottom-heavy tracks, wherever you go.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager – Audio and Video, Panasonic Australia, said: “Our latest range of wireless earphones and headphones combines premium sound, fit and functionality – perfect for Aussies wanting to tune-in on the go. With excellent noise cancellation, powerful bass and superior connectivity, listeners can get immersed in their music, physically feel the beats and enjoy being in the zone – no matter where they are.  This wireless range offers the freedom of listening to incredible sound at a click of a button and I believe our customers will love the convenience and performance combined.”

Model NumberColoursRRPRelease Date
RZ-S500WBlack & White$349.00Available now
RZ-S300WBlack, White and Green$249.00Available now
RB-M700BBlack and Beige$349.00Available now
RB-M500BBlack and Beige$269.00Available now
RB-M300BBlack and Beige$229.00Available now

RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W Wireless Earphones

With Panasonic’s two new true wireless earphones, the RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W, on-the-go smartphone users can enjoy listening to music, watching videos, playing games and talking on the phone –  with superior sound that enhances each experience and convenient, seamless connectivity which doesn’t fail.

Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology (RZ-S500W only)

The RZ-S500W employs two systems to deliver an impressive noise cancelling effect that allows listeners to fully engage with their music.

With Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling, two microphones in each earphone provide effective Feedforward Noise Cancelling (FF-NC) and Feedback Noise Cancelling (FB-NC) to combat noise from outside and inside the ear, respectively. Digital and analogue processing of the captured noise ensures rich, distraction-free rendition of your favourite tracks – perfect for commuting and tuning out background noise.

Stable Connection and Design Comfort

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity delivers an uninterrupted listening experience, even in high-traffic areas, to ensure important phone calls are received loud and clear, and favourite songs never miss a beat. Panasonic’s integrated Bluetooth antenna and touch sensor design provide a reliable connection, while ensuring the earphones are both compact and comfortable. In addition, the independent right/left channel signalling system maintains sound balance, allowing users to enjoy immersive content in any environment, regardless of the smartphone or operating system (OS).

Excellent Call Sound Quality

Three high-performance Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) microphones in each earpiece further contribute to the earphones’ noise cancelling performance. The microphones, combined with a unique labyrinth structure, suppress wind noise and other interference for clear, natural call quality.

Ambient Sound Mode

The touch sensor allows users to switch between Ambient Sound mode, Noise Cancelling mode and Off with the tap of a finger, further enhancing the listening experience.

IPX4 Splash-proof Compact and Lightweight Design

Expertly crafted to fit comfortably in the ear, the earphones’ rounded, compact and lightweight design offers users a comfortable listening experience. In addition, they are splash-proof[i] equivalent to IPX4.

Panasonic Audio Connect App

Compatibility with the free Panasonic Audio Connect[ii] app means the earphones can be completely customised via your smartphone. Monitor balance levels, fine-tune your noise cancelling level and configure pre-set sound modes to suit your favourite type of music and listening preferences.

RB-M700B, RB-M500B and RB-M300B wireless headphones

XBS DEEP Delivers Premium Bass That Moves

Equipped with Panasonic’s bass playback technology “XBS DEEP[iii] (Extra Bass System Deep)”, the headphones are built for enjoying low frequency music with thumping bass vibrations that you can actually feel.

A Free-Edge Driver System uses a highly elastic nanofiber diaphragm to generate impressive bass with maximum precision and minimum distortion.

The RB-MB700B also offers Active Noise Cancelling, providing the freedom of blocking out all distractions for total immersion.

Experience Concert-Quality Bass Sound (RB-M700B, RB-M500B)

Further improving the bass performance is the built-in Bass Reactor which amplifies low frequencies with actual vibration in response to the track’s bass sounds. The Bass Reactor simulates deep, booming bass, like that in a night club, by transmitting amplified low-end sound directly to the ears as real low-frequency vibrations.

Bass-blow Port

The headphones’ structure further contributes to the bass performance with optimal positioning of the air outflow port in the cabinet, allowing the diaphragm’s precise piston movement to crisply reproduce low-end frequency outlines.

Designed for Comfort and Long-Term Wear

The headphones are designed for comfortable, long-term wear, with Side Pressure Dispersion Technology which evenly spreads pressure around your ears. This ergonomic design delivers all-day comfort, making the headphones perfect for long commutes or gaming sessions.

[i] Only the earphones are compatible with IPX4. It does not include the charging cradle.

[ii] Compatible with smartphones and tablets that are equipped with Android™ 6.0 or higher and supports Google Play™, or an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch equipped with iOS9.3 or higher.

[iii] XBS DEEP (Extra Bass System Deep) is a fusion of three technologies: Harmonic Tuning EQ, Free-Edge Driver System, and Bass-Blow Port.


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