Ultra-accessible U Series Security cameras launched

Panasonic Australia has announced the launch of its new U Series security camera range, an accessibly priced solution backed by Panasonic’s reputation for market-leading quality and reliability.

As companies become increasingly focused on security in their work environments, Panasonic is able to deliver greater flexibility and convenience to customers in key sectors including healthcare, aged care, education, retail and hospitality, government and public safety and transport and logistics.

“The U Series is an important addition to our growing security solutions portfolio, underpinned by our reputation for market-leading reliability, and promise of quality and functionality,” said Clare Goldstein, Product Marketing Manager, Security Solutions, Panasonic Australia.

“The ease of mounting, high video quality and excellent night vision of the U Series presents an excellent opportunity for our customers to establish new monitoring systems or upgrade existing systems, while taking advantage of longer recording with less use of storage space.”

Panasonic’s new range does not compromise on performance, delivering the highest image quality in all environmental conditions while using advanced technology to ensure longer recording times, and requiring less hard drive space for video storage.

Key product capabilities

Spearheading the new series are:

  • WV-U2132L 2-megapixel iA (Intelligent Auto) H.265 Varifocal ‘Indoor Dome’ Camera
  • WV-U2532L 2-megapixel iA H.265 Varifocal ‘Outdoor Dome’ Camera
  • WV-U1532L 2-megapixel iA H2.265 Varifocal ‘Bullet’ Camera

The three products each boast an impressive Full HD 1080p at 30fps, colour night vision (0.006 to 0.1 lx) and incorporate Super Dynamic 120dB to ensure sharp and clear images during day or night. Auto speed shutter control also allows the capture of the highest quality images for fast moving objects even under the most challenging and dynamic of environments.

The Intelligent Auto (iA) technology ensures dynamic optimisation of key camera settings during day or night, by monitoring scene dynamics and motion and reducing distortion such as motion blur from moving objects.

Complementing these models are a range of fixed indoor and outdoor dome cameras which include:

  • WV-U2130L 2-megapixel iA H.265 Fixed ‘Indoor Dome’ Camera
  • WV-U2530L 2-megapixel iA H.265 Fixed ‘Outdoor Dome’ Camera

The complete U Series range also includes:

  • WV-U2140L 4-megapixel iA H.265 Fixed ‘Indoor Dome’ Camera
  • WV-U2142L 4-megapixel iA H.265 Varifocal ‘Indoor Dome’ Camera
  • WV-U2540L 4-megapixel iA H.265 Fixed ‘Outdoor Dome’ Camera
  • WV-U2542L 4-megapixel iA H.265 Varifocal ‘Outdoor Dome’ Camera
  • WV-U1542L 4-megapixel iA H.265 Varifocal ‘Bullet’ Camera

Each of these additional cameras deliver between 2-4-megapixel images up to 30fps and colour night vision (0.019 to 0.3 lx), while still providing outstanding low light performance in true colour; with low noise for night time applications and incorporating Super Dynamic 102dB to ensure sharp and clear images of a walking person, during both day and night.

All security cameras in the new U Series range benefit from H.265 Smart Coding technology, which ensures bandwidth efficiency is intelligently increased for longer recording and less storage. Self-learning Region of Interest (ROI) encoding (Auto VIQS) detects movement within the image and compresses the areas with little motion, in order to reduce transmitted data while maintaining the quality of the image.

The U Series security camera range is available to Australian customers from May 2020 via Panasonic’s national Security distributor BGW Technologies.

Rob Meachem, General Manager, BGW Technologies, said: “We love the fact this new U-Series camera range is designed and manufactured by Panasonic. It means the build and picture quality will be superb, and what’s even more exciting is the new form factors and price which will only serve to complement the S and X Series cameras.”

Pricing (inc GST)

Indoor Dome Cameras

  • WV-U2130L – RRP $549.90
  • WV-U2132L – RRP $722.73
  • WV-U2140L – RRP $688.10
  • WV-U2142L – RRP $1050.55

Outdoor Dome Cameras

  • WV-U2530L – RRP $607.82
  • WV-U2532L – RRP $842.92
  • WV-U2540L – RRP $774.11
  • WV-U2542L – RRP $1188.06

Bullet Cameras

  • WV-U1532L – RRP $940.40
  • WV-U1542L – RRP $1219.31

For more information on the U Series range visit: https://business.panasonic.com.au/security-solutions/