Panasonic releases latest battery technology for unique Australian conditions

Panasonic has launched a new 5.3 kilowatt (kWh) residential storage battery system into the Australian market which will be marketed by energy companies including Snowy Hydro’s Red Energy and ActewAGL.

Releasing the new storage battery system is the next step following the energy distributors’ battery storage technology pilot project, which included months of testing across local households. Panasonic’s lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries have proven reliable in all Australian conditions, performing well across the country.

Panasonic Australia’s Managing Director Paul Reid said that while the company was always assured that Panasonic’s battery system would prove effective, it was great to see the system performing so well in Australia’s variable and dynamic climate conditions.

“We’re now evolving with this new 5.3kWh battery system, to support the needs of Australians who have adopted clean solar energy, balancing affordability, capacity and performance and delivering for retailers and consumers alike.”

The new LJ-SK56A Li-ion system, which will be available from December, has a ten-year warranty, with 5.3kWh usable capacity and 2kW output.

Modelling by Panasonic has shown that battery storage has the potential to reduce household dependence on the electricity grid by between 30 and 60 per cent. The system’s battery storage demand response platform software and DRED interface compliance allows retailers to dispatch charge/discharge programs to address the pressures and network inefficiencies that plague Australia’s energy sector.

Ramy Soussou, General Manager – Sales, Storage Solutions & Regulatory Affairs, Red Energy, said the company has closely monitored the original trial of systems installed in Australian homes and been impressed with the performance.

“The Panasonic brand is a well-known and trusted brand in Australia and synonymous with quality and reliability and the latest release of the new battery system follows in that tradition,” he said.

“This offering caters for the energy usage patterns of an average Australian household, and is another step in Red Energy’s search for new solutions and choice for customers in a deregulated and increasingly competitive energy market.”

ActewAGL General Manager Retail, Ayesha Razzaq, says ActewAGL is pleased to partner with Panasonic as it works towards innovative solutions to help customers manage their energy use.

“ActewAGL customers are seeing positive results from their solar and battery system; for example, our first installation created expected savings of up to 50% on one family’s annual electricity bill. On the back of these results, we’ve now included the Panasonic system within our solar product suite.

“The battery storage industry will continue to grow as an important companion for renewable energy systems and these technologies will increasingly have a positive impact on the ACT’s renewable energy target of 100% by 2020.”

Key Features

Panasonic’s Residential Storage Battery System reduces the reliance of Australian households on the grid during peak periods. For consumers, it means access to clean solar energy during the evening peak and the opportunity to reduce the energy bill.

For energy distributors and retailers it reduces the grid infrastructure expense, better managing the time of use during peak periods and offering longer term contracts and savings to the consumer.

Panasonic’s Residential Storage Battery System has 5.3kWh usable capacity and 2kW output, using lithium-ion battery technology to maximise the benefit of residential photovoltaic (PV) energy. It has a slim, stand-alone design and is capable of retro-fit installation to existing residential solar PV systems. For outdoor installation, it is robust, dust and waterproof and IP54 rated.

Demand Response Software allows programmed charge/discharge, remote control charge/discharge and controls and monitors usage through the LJ-NA02 Network Adapter. It aids utilities’ fleet management to meet peak shaving opportunity and improve stability across the distributed energy network. One utility server can control up to 20,000 storage systems and monitor their time of use tariffs and control of demand load.

For distribution enquiries, contact Panasonic on 132 600.

About Panasonic’s Residential Storage Battery System Business


Panasonic’s Residential Storage Battery System delivers a double revolution to Australia’s energy sector, bringing new flexibility to distributed energy and lower energy costs to consumers. It is manufactured by Panasonic in Kansai, Japan. With more than 40 years of expertise in the field and sales of more than 10 billion lithium-ion cells to date, Panasonic Corporation has a global track record of producing world leading battery technology and innovation over many decades.

LJ-SK56A Residential Storage Battery System