New Panasonic viewfinder lets operators see the entire picture at a distance and offers fast response

Panasonic Australia is set to release a new 1.5-inch viewfinder – the AJ-CVF50G – with a large display that supports continuous images so camera operators can see the entire picture within the viewfinder at all times, even when their eye is at a distance from the frame.

Matthew Alexander, Product Marketing Manager, Broadcast and Professional Video, Panasonic, said:

“This new viewfinder supports operators at live locations such as sports, where they need to keep the subject in the frame, while simultaneously observing the scene for any new events. High speed response ensures they can capture fast action as it happens.”

“The large 1.5 inch viewfinder ensures there’s no unintended magnification, as there’s no need to open and close the lens barrel or move the visual point between the LCD and viewfinder.”

The viewfinder will display continuous images without burn-in, so users don’t have to switch off the display periodically. A button on the front of the viewfinder allows quick switching between monochrome and colour mode.

Panasonic products supported include the P2 Series models AJ-PX5000G, AJ-HPX3100G AJ-PX800G, AJ-PX380G, and AG-HPX610/600; and the camera systems AK-UC3000, AK-HC5000, AK-HC3500, and AK-HC3800.


Pricing and availability

The new viewfinder will be available from authorised Panasonic Broadcast distributors and dealers in December 2016. Pricing will be available closer to the release date.