Panasonic launches new premium range of refrigerators

Combining elegant design, advanced freshness, and energy-saving technologies

As a global leader in home appliance technology, Panasonic has expanded its popular range of refrigerators with a new collection of stylish and innovative models. The new range combines sophisticated design with the latest advancements in keeping food fresh, energy–saving technologies, user-¬friendly convenience, and improved storage.

Key details:

  • Panasonic’s new French Door model features a stunning full-flat glass panel, free from frames for a seamless finish
  • Selected new BX Series models feature innovative ‘Prime Fresh’ technology which maintains the flavour, texture and nutrients of produce
  • The ‘Vitaminsafe’ vegetable case featured in the French Door model uses blue and green LED lights to ensure fruit and vegetables stay fresher for longer
  • Panasonic’s unique energy saving ECONAVI and Inverter technologies save consumers energy and money
  • Panasonic has released five new refrigerators including a 547 litre French Door model; and the new 450L and 407L BX Series.

Panasonic Refrigerators include smart technologies to keep food fresher for longer

Consumers will enjoy Panasonic’s ‘Prime Fresh’ technology, which is a key feature of selected BX Series models. This revolutionary new refrigeration technology softly freezes fresh meat and seafood to approximately ¬-3˚C. Since food is only lightly frozen, it extends the life of perishable food, whilst maintaining nutrients, flavour and texture. Odours are also minimised, ideal for storing seafood and other strong smelling food. ‘Prime Fresh’ offers food preparation convenience as it’s easy to slice and cook it immediately.

The range’s new easy-access, centralised vegetable case ensures produce is stored in optimum conditions thanks to an airtight design. This keeps humidity levels high, up to 91 per cent, and prevents produce from drying out.

In addition, the French Door model has a ‘Vitaminsafe’ vegetable case which uses blue and green LED lights to mimic the sun, ensuring the nutrients of fruit and vegetables are protected, so they stay fresher for longer. Underneath, the chilled case maintains a temperature of 0˚C to preserve the freshness of chilled foods, without freezing them. It’s perfect for storing meat, fish and dairy products.

All models feature surround cooling which evenly distributes chilled air from the rear panel throughout the refrigerator for gentle cooling without dehydrating food and to maintain a constant temperature. The powerful Ag antibacterial and deodorising filter cleans circulated air, minimising mould and bacteria, and unpleasant odours.

ECONAVI technology for effortless energy savings

Inside, consumers will find Panasonic’s clever energy¬-saving ECONAVI and Inverter technologies, which have been designed to save consumers energy and money, whilst delivering an advanced cooling performance.

Exclusive to Panasonic, ECONAVI technology uses four intelligent sensors to monitor usage patterns, and energy output is then adapted accordingly. This revolutionary technology allows your fridge to monitor the level of lighting and temperature in the room, when and how often the fridge doors are opened, and the fridge’s internal temperature. It then analyses and responds to this information to maintain cooling and the most efficient operation of your fridge.

Premium, sleek, modern and functional design

Panasonic’s new premium refrigerators have a sleek, modern and flat design, which will perfectly complement any kitchen.

The stunning French Door model features a transparent full¬-flat glass panel overlaid on a stainless colour backing, free from frames, bumps or depressions, to create a seamless finish. The stylish recessed curved handles match the flat design.

The Electrostatic Touch Control Panel on selected models has a striking mirror finish and also gives consumers complete control over settings and temperature levels.

The French Door refrigerator features Panasonic’s popular full-¬extension bottom freezer drawer, which sits low, making it incredibly easy to put in and take out food, and see items in the freezer. All new refrigerator models benefit from having separate cases in the freezer which offer tidy storage, as well as minimising food odours.

Mr Emile Redden, Group Manager, Home Appliances and Air Conditioning, Panasonic, says: “We have drawn on our extensive history of over 50 years in refrigeration innovation to create these advanced models. The new Panasonic range is designed to improve user convenience, and offer effortless temperature control, as well as save energy and money in the home.

“With a sleek and sophisticated design, coupled with a wide range of outstanding features and technologies, these fridges are perfect for Australian households.”


547L Full-flat glass French Door model:
Panasonic premium refrigerator with transparent full¬-flat glass panel overlaid on a stainless colour backing

  • Large 547L capacity
  • Vitaminsafe vegetable case protects nutrients and keeps produce fresher for longer
  • Chilled case keeps meat and fish chilled, without freezing them
  • Features Panasonic’s energy-¬saving ECONAVI and Inverter technologies
  • Electrostatic Touch Control Panel gives complete control over settings and temperature levels
  • Spacious full¬ extension bottom freezer drawer offers smooth and easy access
  • Ag Clean anti¬bacterial and deodorising technology eliminates mould, bacteria and odours

BX Series – Bottom Mount Range:
Panasonic premium flat bottom ¬mount refrigerator

  • Available in 450L and 407L capacities
  • Available in a premium flat stainless colour or white metal finish
  • Stainless colour models feature Prime Fresh technology which keeps meat and fish fresh, without freezing them
  • Vegetable case keeps produce fresher for longer with its airtight design
  • Chilled case keeps meat and fish chilled, without freezing them
  • Features Panasonic’s energy-¬saving ECONAVI and Inverter technologies
  • Stainless colour models feature an Electrostatic Touch Control Panel for complete control over settings and temperature levels
  • Ag Clean anti¬bacterial and deodorising technology eliminates mould, bacteria and odours


French Door

NR-CY54AGSAU 547L French DoorGlass panel and stainless colour finishRRP $2,499Available Now

BX Series

NR-BX46BXSAU 450LStainless colour finishRRP $1,999Available Now
NR-BX46BVWAU 450LWhite metal finishRRP $1,799Available Now
NR-BX41BXSAU 407LStainless colour finishRRP $1,699Available Now
NR-BX41BVWAU 407LWhite metal finishRRP $1,399Available Now

Panasonic’s new refrigerators are available now from selected retailers. For more information, please contact Panasonic on 132 600 or visit the website: