Style meets superior audio performance: Technics Premium Class SA-C600 Network CD Receiver now in matte white

The SA-C600EB-W provides a perfect colour match to the white SL-1500C direct drive turntable.

Renowned hi-fi brand Technics has launched its SA-C600 Network CD Receiver in an elegant new matte white finish, adding a crisp, fresh design to its iconic silver and black line-up.

The SA-C600EB-W is a compact all-in-one device that delivers impressive sound. From the impassioned music lover listening to a deep-toned, emotive track, to the seasoned audiophile enjoying a full-throttle beat — the unit produces clear, expressive, punchy audio quality for CDs, radio or high-res file streaming.

Part of the Technics Premium Class range, the SA-C600EB-W is a perfect colour match to the white SL-1500CEB-W direct drive turntable. Together they form a compact, highly attractive, state-of-the-art hi-fi system with top-grade materials and precise construction.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager, Technics, said: “With the C600 Receiver and the SL-1500 Direct Drive Turntable now available in white, silver and black, enthusiasts can enjoy a trio of stylish pairings that offer both elegant design and meticulous craftsmanship.”

The SA-C600EB-W is priced at $1849 RRP and will be available in Australia in May 2024 from selected Technics audio specialist retailers.

Timeless design

Building upon the Technics legacy of innovation and style, the introduction of the new matte white finish is an aesthetic integration of technology into the modern home interior. It expands the possibilities for music lovers who are increasingly interested in the style and design of their hi-fi systems. The clean white tone of the SA-C600EB-W emphasises pure, simplistic, elegant design. It employs only the minimal operational elements needed on a hi-fi receiver, with the CD mechanism placed on the top panel to give the vinyl record experience of Technics turntables while playing CDs.

Top functionality and superb sound

Silver pairing: SA-C600EB-S Network CD Receiver and SL-1500CEB-S Direct Drive Turntable

The Technics SA-C600 Network CD Receiver range offers an abundance of features and provides a luxurious audio environment courtesy of superior sound engineering from Technics.

Features include:

  • Integration with Google’s Chromecast platform for access to a vast majority of music streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz or Amazon Music, as well as DAB+ and internet radio
  • A built-in CD drive that offers state-of-the art hi-fi sound from CDs
  • Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimisation (JENO) and proprietary full-digital amplifier technology to deliver amazingly powerful and detailed music reproduction into a wide variety of speakers
  • A high-quality Phono-MM input that allows turntable connectivity for high level playback quality of vinyl discs
  • Space Tune that enables optimal fine-tuning to suit any location and environment and delivers a superb listening experience, meaning the same audio quality no matter where it is placed in the home
  • Fully controlled by a remote control or through the Technics Audio Centre app via tablets or smartphones
  • Various analogue and digital inputs to hook up external source components if needed to create bespoke, attractive listening experiences

All these qualities ensure that the SA-C600 amplifier family are not only unique audio components, but also offer an array of music content options and a sleek, timeless, and fuss-free design.

The available pairings now include:

White: SA-C600EB-W Network CD Receiver and SL-1500CEB-W Direct Drive Turntable
Black: SA-C600EB-K Network CD Receiver and SL-1500CEB-K Direct Drive Turntable
Silver: SA-C600EB-S Network CD Receiver and SL-1500CEB-S Direct Drive Turntable

About Technics

Technics is the brand name of hi-fi audio products owned by the Panasonic Corporation headquartered in Osaka, Japan. The Technics brand was founded in 1965. Driven by a constant desire for innovation and excellence within the audio field, countless legendary hi-fi components have been released by the Technics brand, with many of them having set new standards in the audio world.