Panasonic introduces the world’s smallest and lightest* medium-telephoto fixed focal length macro lens: LUMIX S 100mm F2.8 MACRO (S-E100) L-Mount Lens

Panasonic is pleased to introduce the new LUMIX S 100mm, the world’s smallest and lightest* medium-telephoto fixed focal length macro lens, weighing approximately 298 grams and featuring a new optical design and a newly developed Dual Phase Linear Motor.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager, Imaging, Panasonic said: “This new lens is impressively engineered. At 298 grams and just 82mm tall, it is around half the weight and two-thirds the height of many other 100mm macros. Enjoy macro magic in the palm of your hand, with 1:1 life-size magnification allowing you to capture stunning close-ups in intricate detail.”

This lightweight, compact design allows for unrivalled mobility and flexibility in a variety of shooting scenarios. Benefitting from a new focus mechanism, the lens achieves superior tracking performance with fast and precise autofocus. In addition to close-up life-size photography with its 100mm focal length, the new lens produces the impressive portraits that are unique to medium-telephoto lenses, using its large aperture to capture images in high-resolution with stunning bokeh.

Moreover, the lens operates silently, thanks to the new linear motor, and focus breathing is suppressed, making it ideal for capturing video. It also offers micro-step aperture control for smooth exposure changes, as well as the ability to choose between linear or nonlinear focus ring settings. These features have become the hallmark characteristics of LUMIX S Series lenses.

The lens will be available in Australia in early February 2024 from leading photographic specialists.

LUMIX S 100mm F2.8 MACRO (S-E100GC): RRP $1999

Main Features

  1. The World’s Smallest and Lightest Medium-Telephoto Fixed Focal Length Macro Lens

  • Advanced compact optical design featuring a new Double Focus System and a newly developed Dual Phase Linear Motor
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of shooting situations thanks to its excellent mobility, such as close-up life-size photography or portraits unique to medium-telephoto lenses
  1. High Resolution and Outstanding Photographic Performance with Fast and Precise Auto Focus

  • Boasts high resolution and superior photographic performance in every area, from the centre of the image to the edges
  • Faithfully captures every detail of the subject while creating bokeh unique to medium-telephoto macro lenses
  • Fast and precise autofocus performance with excellent moving subject tracking and silent focusing
  • Enhancements in focus ring detection and control enable more precise focusing when shooting macro photography

  1. Optimal Video Functionality for Video Production

  • Silent operation thanks to a newly developed Dual Phase Linear Motor
  • Effectively suppresses focus breathing (in which the angle of view changes caused by movements in the focus position)
  • Unified design for smooth workflow – the new lens and the S Series Prime 18/24/35/50/85mm lenses feature a common positioning of controls and a similar size and centre of gravity, making it easy to switch between them.

The Panasonic and L-Mount System alliance is committed to the development of L-Mount lenses for the further expansion of its lineup, fulfilling the needs of customers.

For further information please visit or call 132 600.

* As of January 8, 2024. Among interchangeable lenses for AF compatible full-frame mirrorless cameras, and macro lenses with a magnification ratio of 1:1 with a focal length of 90mm or more.
– L-Mount is a trademark or registered trademark of Leica Camera AG.
– Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.