Technics SL-G700E Grand Class Network and Super Audio Player launched in Australia – tailormade for aficionados of premium sound

The Technics SL-G700E is a multi-digital player designed for aficionados of premium sound.

Engineered to deliver maximum musical enjoyment from many sources, it covers a wide gamut of the digital audio media available today, from SACD/CD to the latest high-res and popular streaming services, playing them all back in the highest possible quality.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager – Audio and Video, Panasonic said: “This is a digital solution for the audiophile who will enjoy the unmistakable audio signature of a Technics device – in a single unit that will allow them to be entertained with their favourite remastered discs, while taking advantage of support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and streaming with Airplay, Spotify and Tidal.”

The SL-G700E is finished to precise Technics standards for jitter and noise elimination, ensuring outstanding music reproduction. To increase rigidity and stability and minimise vibration, a 7mm thick aluminium plate is used for the front panel, along with an aluminium die-cast disc tray featuring a triple chassis structure. Quality parts and an uncompromising circuit layout design ensure high-grade signal processing.

The SL-G700E Grand Class Network and Super Audio CD Player will be available in store from July via selected Technics audio specialist retailers, priced at $4949 RRP, and with a choice of sleek silver or black.

This award-winning digital source has recieved international accolades including a five-star review in What Hi-Fi, and a Stereonet Product of the Year Award 2020 for “Best CD Player“ as well as a Stereonet Applause Award.

Technics SL-G700E Network / Super Audio CD Player

Covers A Broad Gamut Of The Digital Audio Media Available Today

The SL-G700E supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Apple AirPlay 2 with its high wireless connectivity. It is also compatible with streaming services, such as Spotify, TIDAL, and Internet Radio, and offers Google Chromecast built-in and compatibility with Google Assistant[i].

It is equipped with an MQA decoder for playback. When the MQA decoder is turned on, MQA files and MQA-CD are fully decoded. DSD native playback performs the D/A conversion process for the DSD signal in the SACD recording format without converting it to a PCM signal, thus delivering the full potential of the DSD signal.

The unit also has a dedicated SACD/CD playback mode. In this mode, all power supplies except those to the circuit blocks necessary for SACD/CD playback are shut off, thus improving the quality of sound from the disc media.

With High-Res Remaster, digital signal processing capable of expanding the bandwidth and bit depth can convert 44.1-kHz/16-bit music data recorded on CDs and lossy compression audio sources such as MP3 to high-res signals of up to 192 kHz/32 bits. When used together with the latest audio devices familiar music sounds richer, with enhanced quality.

Grand Class Sound Design

High-Speed Silent Hybrid Power Supply

The SL-G700E is equipped with a dedicated power supply unit for analogue audio output, resulting in high-fidelity sound reproduction. Its non-feedback power supply suppresses switching frequency fluctuation. Combined with the original power supply, this dedicated power supply unit provides stable power with low noise. The discrete circuit structure does not use any general-purpose ICs but a discrete layout and meticulous tuning provides power optimised for analogue circuits, thus realising a high signal to noise (S/N) ratio and superb reproduction, the hallmark of Technics sound.

Premium High-grade D/A Converter & Dual Mono Construction D/A Circuit

For analogue audio output, the D/A circuit is one of the most important circuit blocks since it recreates the original analogue waveform from a digital source, such as a CD. The power supply for the D/A converters is separated into five sections according to the application, and supplied individually. The power supply for the clock employs an original battery driven circuit system to achieve high-accuracy D/A conversion. The Dual Mono Construction and symmetrical layout eliminate mutual interference between left and right channels, taking the reproduction of sound imaging and sound space recorded in the source to a higher dimension.

Discrete AMP Module

For analogue audio output, the filter circuit located after the D/A conversion determines the quality of the sound. Instead of incorporating an operation amp IC, the SL-G700’s filter has an amp module of original discrete construction. As result, the SL-G700 provides highly linear and faithful sound reproduction which recognises even the smallest nuances recorded.

Battery Driven Clock Generator

In the processing of digital audio signals, the quality of the clock affects the sound quality to a large extent. The best power supply for delicate circuitry such as the clock block in the DAC and the audio system clock circuit is one entirely isolated from any noise or fluctuations in the mains supply. Additionally, the audio system clock is supplied from an Ultra-Low Jitter Clock Generator. A low-noise power supply and a high-quality clock circuit realise a sound with the highest transparency.

Optimally Activated Circuit System

The optimally activated circuit system allows the operation of various digital modules to be stopped – such as those used for display , analogue and digital interfaces – to minimise the noise generated when music is playing.

High-Quality Headphone Output

The SL-G700 is equipped with a dedicated D/A circuit for headphones which is independent from that for analogue output. This circuitry incorporates Technics’ original sound processing LSI, the JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimisation). Separation of the analogue output from the headphone output eliminates interference between the two circuits. As a result, both outputs provide maximum performance.
Furthermore, the SL-G700 has an operation optimisation system that automatically turns on the JENO Engine when a pair of headphones is connected. This eliminates the adverse effect of the analogue output on the sound quality when headphones are not connected.

What’s more, the Class AA system headphone amp uses separate amp circuits for the audio signal voltage amplification and current amplification. The high-grade operation amp amplifies voltage, and the separate operation amp with high power supply capacity amplifies current. This enables high-precision conversion of the high-resolution PWM signal output from the JENO Engine to an analogue signal. Achieving ideal drive of headphones with a wide range of load impedance, it delivers low-distortion sound across a broad frequency range.

High-Quality Technics Design

Four-Section Configuration

The SL-G700 uses a four-section construction with partitions installed between the circuit blocks according to the signal level handled and circuit type. This eliminates interference between blocks, thus achieving clear sound quality. This construction also enhances chassis rigidity, which in turn suppresses the vibration of electrical parts, minimising deterioration in sound quality.

High-Rigidity Drive Mechanism

The CD drive mechanism features a triple chassis structure to ensure accurate reading and to prevent vibration from transmitting unwanted noise. A stable, aluminium die-cast disc tray with a high-vibration-damping, quiet structure ensures high-accuracy disc playback.

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[i] Google Voice-activated Speaker must be included in the same network.