Cook family-sized meals to perfection with a Panasonic 44 Litre Microwave

With Australia’s No.1 Microwave brand, create delicious family fare while your Microwave does the cleaning up.

Panasonic has launched its latest family-friendly Microwave range to satisfy creative cooks and busy households – with brand new models featuring a swag of convenient features, including an extra-wide turntable to fit a range of larger dishes, precise and even cooking with Genius Sensor and Cyclonic Inverter technology, and intuitive one-push reheat. Sit back and enjoy a delicious meal while ‘steam clean’ keeps your microwave sparkling and smelling fresh.

Designed to complement modern benchtops, the four new 44 Litre microwaves come in stainless steel, white and black finishes – guaranteed to look stylish in any kitchen. Optional trim-kits are also available for lovers of sleek built-in cabinetry.

Panasonic Microwaves have a history of over 50 years’ innovation and continue to be recognised as Australia’s No.1 brand[i]. The latest Canstar Blue survey of Australians across the country has seen Panasonic Microwaves achieve top marks, receiving the 2020 Award for Most Satisfied Customers.

Tory Rooney, Product Marketing Manager, Microwaves, Panasonic Australia, said: “We know Australians love to make healthy home-cooked meals, but being time-poor is a challenge, particularly on weeknights[ii]. So, we’ve made it easier with our new range of Microwaves – designed to support kitchen heroes around the country in whipping up family favourites without the fuss, and helping you a little with the clean-up as well.”


Large 44 Litre capacity for cooking freedom

A turntable that is 380mm wide means that cooks have greater scope to enjoy the time-saving speed and convenience of microwave cooking. There is space to fit hearty meals to feed the hungry hordes – such as a delicious lasagna with second helpings to spare.
And there is far greater flexibility to use your favorite casseroles and baking dishes worry-free, with ample room for bigger pots and irregular-shaped trays.

Ditch the guesswork and enjoy precise cooking with Genius Sensor   

The Genius Sensor is designed for cooking precision and is a real time-saver. It monitors humidity levels and the steam generated by the food that is being heated, to achieve optimal heating and cooking results.

Parents with little ones will love the ease and control of ‘One-Push Reheat’. Simply pop food in the microwave, and at the tap of a single button, it is heated to the perfect temperature. There is no need to guess the right heating time and wattage, and you can say goodbye to the frustration of an over or under-cooked meal. Several Auto Menus also work with the Genius Sensor, meaning the correct cooking or reheating time is applied without needing to select the power, time or weight.

Cyclonic Inverter technology delivers delicious meals 

Panasonic’s ‘Cyclonic Inverter’ technology cooks a variety of foods efficiently and evenly by distributing microwave energy gently throughout the oven cavity. This results in perfectly cooked, heated or thawed meals, regardless of their shape and size, allowing you to confidently create a range of healthy meals to nourish your nearest and dearest. No more undercooked centres or dried out edges!

Keep your Microwave clean and lemon-fresh with “Steam Clean”

Being a creative cook is fun, but cleaning up afterwards can sometimes be a bit of a chore. Panasonic Microwaves and accessories are designed to be easy to wipe down and wash,
and we have now taken away some of the elbow grease and added a little extra ease with the dedicated ‘Steam Clean’ function.

Simply place tap water and sliced lemons in a microwaveable container. Press ‘Steam Clean’ and ‘Start’. The program runs by itself for 20 minutes, leaving you with an easily wipeable surface to give you a clean, odour-free, fresh-smelling microwave that is ready for the next meal.

Meet the 44 Litre Microwave team

Panasonic NN-SD79L 44 Litre Cyclonic Inverter Microwave

  • Stylish ergonomic dial and buttons for effortless control over key features
  • Adds elegance to any kitchen with a stainless steel face and half mirrored window
  • RRP: $549.00

Panasonic NN-ST78L 44 Litre Cyclonic Inverter Microwave

  • Give your kitchen a modern upgrade – this model boasts a touch pad panel, black glass door, white backlit display and stainless steel face.
  • RRP: $499.00

Panasonic NN-ST75LB/NN-ST75LW 44 Litre Cyclonic Inverter Microwave

  • The versatile NN-ST75L offers a choice of a black or white design to match kitchen décor. The sleek exterior with minimal framing will fit perfectly into your colour scheme.
  • RRP: $300

The new Microwaves are available from leading consumer electronics retailers.

For further information, visit or call Panasonic on 132 600.

[i] Source: Euromonitor International Limited, Consumer Appliances 20ed, per Microwaves’ brand retail volume sales in 2019

[ii] Source: – More Australians cook at home, ditching takeaway, meal kits but have 30 minutes to make dinner