Technics wireless headphones offer a true-to-life music experience

The Technics EAH-F70N wireless headphones bring a new style of Technics sound enjoyment to today’s market.

The EAH-F70N headphones support LDAC/apt-X HD for wireless, high-res-equivalent sound reproduction and feature Technics’ original wide-band hybrid active noise-cancelling to allow immersion in music in virtually any environment.

The new headphones faithfully reproduce both delicate musical nuances and dynamic sound, via 40-mm dynamic drivers with a Composite Performance Film (CPF) diaphragm; and an optimal airflow Air Control Precision Structure.

The EAH-F70N headphones come in black, silver or copper styles, priced at $599.95 RRP and are available from November 2019 via selected audio specialist retailers.

40mm dynamic driver with newly developed diaphragm

The diaphragm consists of a newly developed composite performance film laminated with special materials to achieve high rigidity and high internal damping. The result is a powerful bass that seems to soar from the bottom depths and a spatial ambience that makes the listener feel as if they were in a concert hall.

To maximise the effect of these characteristics, the shape of the diaphragm was designed with utmost attention to detail. The bullet-shaped dome has improved rigidity. The natural and linear high-frequency characteristics provide a smooth and lustrous sound. The rib edge shape was optimised through simulation to attain high linearity across the entire input range.

Air Control Precision Structure

Detailed simulation and fine tuning achieve a structure that results in optimal air flow. The two carefully designed ports and original construction create an accurate air flow to bring out the wide-range frequency reproduction capability from the driver.

High-Resolution audio quality with Bluetooth® and LDAC technology

Fast response and high definition are achieved wirelessly; reproducing High-Resolution Audio when High-Resolution content is transmitted with the LDAC codec at a maximum transfer rate of 990kbps. When connected via Bluetooth®, LDAC supports up to 96 kHz/24 bits and apt-X HD supports up to 48 kHz/24 bits (high-res reproduction when connected by cable).

Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling – three modes

The hybrid noise cancelling system combines two different systems to realise high noise-reducing performance – a feedforward system which uses a mic mounted on the outside, and the feedback system which uses a mic located near the driver positioned close to the ear. A three-level mode selector allows noise cancelling effects according to the situation – from the high level required on an aeroplane to a low level to reduce background noise.

Smart, seamless operation with wearing playback sensor

When the headphones are removed from the wearer’s head, music stops. When they are put back, music resumes.

Ambient sound enhancer

This function lets you listen to background sounds, such as announcements made on a train or in an airport by simply touching the outside of the housing, without removing the headphones from your head.

Voice assist activation

This function activates voice assistance, such as Siri in the iPhone. By speaking, you can make a phone call, select a music title to play[i] in linkage with a music streaming service or check the weather or route guidance.

3D ball joint mechanism and stylish design

The ball joint mechanism allows three-dimensional movement of the headphones’ ear cuff to fit the ear at a comfortable angle. The shape of the ear pads is ergonomically designed and low-resilient polyurethane foam is used inside the pads to ensure a snug fit around the ears. The ear pads offer increased isolation and sound insulating performance as well as extra comfort.

The headphones have a high-grade appearance, styled in aluminium, with a spin finish and a laser-engraved and coloured Technics logo mark. A ‘swivel & fold’ mechanism makes them easy to carry and store.

[i] When using a music streaming service, it may be necessary to link the voice assistance to the account or subscribe to a flat-rate service.