Capture the big picture: Panasonic announces 2018 Camcorders

Camcorder range delivers outstanding imaging and ultra-smooth shooting – incorporating 4K, large sensor, LEICA 24x optical zoom, and new stabilisation system.

Panasonic Australia has announced four new camcorders designed to inspire. The new 4K and Full HD models feature excellent low-light performance delivered by a large back-illuminated MOS sensor; a high-performance LEICA lens with a bright F1.8 aperture and 24x optical zoom; plus a newly-designed ultra-smooth optical image stabilisation system incorporating ‘Ball O.I.S’ and ‘Adaptive O.I.S’.

The new sensor ensures low-light scenes are vivid and true-to-life; and the powerful 24x zoom combined with advanced stabilisation provides amazing versatility and shake-free performance. Now you can truly take advantage of every opportunity – from atmospheric night footage to wide angle shooting and getting right up close to the action.

Scott Mellish, Product Marketing Manager, Imaging, Panasonic, said:

“There’s a model to suit your shooting style, from those who simply want to capture fantastic moments with family and friends; to advanced users stepping up to manual controls. Now everyone can easily capture vibrant videos in impressive quality.”

The new Panasonic camcorders have an attractive and ergonomic design. The lens barrel is housed in a circular chassis, and the body has a stylish textured look. The HC-WXF1M and HC-VXF1 models also offer a manual ring at the front of the body to fine tune focus, iris and zoom; and a tiltable viewfinder for accurate framing.

HC-WXF1M (4K)$1399 (April 2018)
HC-VXF1 (4K)$1299 (April 2018)
HC-VX1 (4K)$999 (April 2018)
HC-V800 (Full HD)$799 (April 2018)

Key features

Brilliant videos even under low light

The new large back-illuminated MOS sensor, combined with the bright F1.8 LEICA lens, provides excellent low-light shooting in situations from dimly lit indoor party scenes to outdoor events. When shooting in 4K, low-light performance is improved by around 70% compared to the previous Panasonic 4K models.

Versatile 24x optical zoom lens

The new LEICA lens has a powerful 24x optical zoom that ranges from 25mm wide angle to 600mm telephoto. The stunning wide-angle capability makes it easy to fit large groups into the frame, and is also convenient for recording selfies with the rotatable LCD. A 4-Drive lens system drives the four lens groups independently, and achieves high zoom in a compact body.

Enhanced Optical Image Stabilisation technologies

Panasonic’s latest camcorders offer 5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S. + which now incorporates the ‘Ball O.I.S. System’ and ‘Adaptive O.I.S’. This maximises the shooting capabilities of the 24x zoom lens, further reducing blur caused by hand-shake and ensuring smooth movement and clear, sharp images even at full zoom. In addition, the Level Shot function automatically detects and corrects tilt.

Premium image quality with 4K (HC- WXF1M, HC-VXF1, HC-VX1)

The new Panasonic 4K camcorders offer 4K Video, 4K Cropping and 4K Photo modes, allowing even the novice user to create polished videos and amazing stills.

4K Cropping takes advantage of the stunning quality of 4K, allowing the user to edit in-camera after shooting, select the best angles and achieve smooth panning and zooming, while still retaining Full HD resolution and crisp detail. When recording in 4K Photo mode, the camcorders can capture 8-megapixel still images of decisive moments, shot at an incredible 30 frames per second.

Other features

  • Wi-Fi and Wireless Multi Cam can connect up to three smart devices to record two additional perspectives simultaneously.
  • Twin Cam, a physical sub-camera on the LCD body, can record a second perspective. (HC-WXF1M only)
  • Cinema-like effects allow users to apply creative techniques to videos such as Slow & Quick Video, Slow Zoom, Slow Motion Video and Dolly Zoom.

The new Panasonic camcorders will be available from photo specialists and consumer electronics retailers. For further information please visit or call 132 600.