New Panasonic Camcorders – Create, experience and share moments at their best

Panasonic’s latest creative camcorders make it easy to create videos like a pro – with features ranging from 4K Live Cropping that ensures smooth, slow zooms and stable pans; to Auto Optical Image Stabilisation (O.I.S) Lock for rock-steady videos, even at high zoom.

HC-WXF995M (4K)$1,399 (April 2017)
HC-VXF995 (4K)
$1,299 (April 2017)
HC-VX985M (4K) $999 (March 2017)
HC-V785 (Full HD) $749 (March 2017)
HC-W585M (Full HD) $599 (March 2017)
HC-V385 (Full HD)$449 (March 2017)

Doug Campbell, Senior Product Manager, Imaging, Panasonic, said: “Panasonic offers a versatile camcorder range – from the latest 4K features to models with powerful 50x optical zoom and simultaneous recording capabilities.

“There is an affordable camcorder just for you – whether you are a student looking to make a short film; recording that amazing overseas journey; or simply wanting to make your family memories look their very best.”

Outstanding 4K at your fingertips
HC-WXF995M, HC-VXF995, HC-VX985M

These compact camcorders record 4K Video and combine a wealth of advanced imaging technologies to provide beautiful, natural images – a LEICA DICOMAR lens, back-illuminated sensor and Crystal Engine 4K with Panasonic’s 4K Cropping and 4K Photo suite. Their lightweight, stable bodies are designed to minimise fatigue that can lead to hand-shake, and stability is further enhanced with 5-axis Hybrid O.I.S+ supporting the 20x optical zoom lens.

The 4K Cropping feature allows you to easily edit 4K videos in-camera after shooting, to create professional looking Full HD videos. With 4K Cropping, you can pan or zoom within a 4K video to create a smooth and stable Full HD video while still retaining high definition and crisp detail.

For example if you’ve tracked a moving subject such as your child or an athlete playing sport, you can later crop and stabilise the image for the best footage; or record a school musical recital or solo from the audience at wide angle and then zoom in on the key elements of the video. Adjusting the cropping position also allows you to achieve smooth panning and zooming, so the finished video has a polished appearance.

All the new 4K models have Wi-Fi and Wireless Multi Cam, which can connect up to three smart devices to record two additional perspectives simultaneously; and Cinema-like Effects, which will apply creative techniques to your video, similar to those seen in the movies, such as Slow & Quick Video, Slow Zoom, Slow Motion Video, and Dolly Zoom.

The HC-WXF995M and HC-VXF995 have a tiltable viewfinder to make it easier to frame subjects more precisely. The HC-WXF995M also includes built-in memory and Twin Cam, a physical sub-camera that can record a second perspective.

High sensitivity, high zoom Full HD camcorders
HC-V785, HC-W585M, HC-V385

At the top of the Full HD Camcorder range, the HC-V785 is designed to create impressive footage with a large 1/2.3-inch sensor to shoot bright, crisp images in a range of lighting situations. The HC-V785 has a versatile 20x zoom lens, creative smooth slow motion video, and a programmable manual dial for quick access to functions.

The HC-W585M and the HC-V385 boast a remarkable 50x optical zoom and 90x intelligent zoom, to get closer to the action from sports to scenery. Both models have Wireless Multi Cam, while the HC-W585M also has built-in memory and the physical Twin Cam. All the new Full HD models have 5-axis Hybrid O.I.S+ and now have Auto O.I.S. Lock which operates automatically when scenes need stronger compensation to ensure blur-free stable images.

The new camcorders will be available from photo specialists and consumer electronics retailers. For further information, please visit or call 132 600.