Panasonic narrows the gap with its thinnest ever bezel video wall

Boasting a bezel-to-bezel width of just 1.8mm, Panasonic’s new 55-inch ultra-thin video wall delivers impressive visual impact from digital signage environments to the control room.

Chris Maw, Product Marketing Manager, Panels and Projectors, Panasonic, said:

“With our thinnest-ever bezel, customers can create massive video walls that can be tiled in any vertical and horizontal layout configuration.

“This premium bright, Full HD display suits demanding 24/7 applications from showrooms to exhibitions, control rooms, flagship shopping malls, and hotel and convention lobbies and concourses.”

With 1.8mm the combined bezel distance between two adjacent screens, the efficient 700 cd/m2 direct-lit LED panel will meet the demands of brightly lit retail or staging environments, while pixel-free Full HD resolution positions the TH-55VF1H for multi-screen use in monitoring rooms.


Key features

Panasonic’s premier professional signage display, the TH-55VF1H combines new generation image enhancement technology with a robust IPS panel. This works to preserve natural colour accuracy and high visibility when viewed off-axis. In addition, anti-glare screen surface treatment reduces reflections from artificial lighting.

Image optimisation technology includes: pre-calibrated display modes to suit different venues and content; a Refine Enhancer engine that clarifies details following image enlargement; and for multiple screens, sophisticated colour-matching and frame-synchronisation/reverse scanning capability for fluid, flicker-free motion reproduction.

Engineered for 24/7 commercial operation, the VF1H features high quality electrical components to extend reliability in long-term installations and consumes less energy thanks to efficient backlighting and contrast control. It features a single-cable DIGITAL LINK daisy-chain solution as well as a modular video-wall frame that dramatically reduces the effort and expense associated with installation, while ensuring a high-precision fit.

A failover/failback video-signal backup function maintains transmission where video display cannot be interrupted, such as for control/monitoring and large signage networks, while a synchronised USB media player allows 4K and Full HD media content to be simultaneously copied and updated to USB memory via PC over LAN.

The TH-55VF1H will be available in December 2016 from specialist Panasonic display panel distributors and resellers. For more information visit or call 132 600.

VF1H Specifications