Panasonic unveils Australian-first 4K Ultra HD Premium Blu-ray ready Player

New Blu-ray Player unlocks next-generation content

Panasonic has today unveiled its new flagship DMP-UB900 4K Ultra HD Premium Blu-ray ready Player, supporting next-generation content that reproduces high quality 4K images, exactly as Hollywood filmmakers intended them to look. The DMP-UB900 sits alongside the full 2016 Blu-ray range of new Recorders and Players which also launches today, with easy and flexible recording plus a new stylish design.

The Ultra HD Premium certified DMP-UB900 features new imaging technologies, including 4K high-precision chroma processing and high gradation processing that have been fostered and refined by the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) Blu-ray R&D facility to deliver more natural images with lifelike depth and vivid colours. Ultra HD Blu-ray is the next-generation Blu-ray Disc™ standard that supports 4K, as well as HDR (High Dynamic Range) to present pictures that have a greater brightness range, more contrast and a wider colour response. It achieves true-to-life 4K image reproduction with high frame rates of up to 60p and incorporates the BT.2020 wide colour gamut to further enhance colour reproduction. This means images look much more like the cinematic experience, and more accurately reflect the director’s original intentions.

“As demand for 4K video continues to expand, the DMP-UB900 offers a new video viewing experience for those who demand uncompromised quality in picture and sound,” said Maetham Roomi, Senior Product Manager, Home Entertainment, Panasonic. “Not only is it certified as Ultra HD Premium, it reproduces images with cinema-level quality at home, using unique Panasonic technologies to deliver images that are faithful to the original. By raising video and audio quality, the DMP-UB900 means you can experience an overwhelming new world of pictures and sounds.”

Bringing the cinema to your home

The DMP-UB900 offers dramatically improved audio quality. It is equipped with an optimised, large-capacity power supply unit and features many select high quality audio parts and components in its audio circuits for rich sound expression. In addition, it supports high-resolution audio formats such as DSD, ALAC, FLAC and WAV.

The DMP-UB900 renders fine details like never before, thanks to its high 4K resolution; provides life-like depth effects and vivid colours through high contrast between dark and light areas; and always displays sharp and beautiful images enhanced by smooth motion.
The attention to detail continues in design and ergonomics. The 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player has a stylish design with a ‘glass cut’ finish and a mirrored front panel to match any flat panel TV, and a high quality dot-matrix display.

The remote control carries backlighting to allow easy operation even in a dark room – perfect for home theatre systems. Also a great touch for dark room environments is the remote’s Dimmer button, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the Player’s display to match the amount of ambient light.
Panasonic plans for the DMP-UB900 to support 4K VOD (Video on Demand) services, to give users greater enjoyment of 4K content.
New line-up of Blu-ray Recorders and Players

In addition to the DMP-UB900, Panasonic has released a new Blu-ray line-up with easy and flexible recording, plus a new stylish design:
DMR-BWT760GN Blu-ray Disc Recorder with 1TB HDD and Twin HD Tuner

  • DMR-BWT460GN Blu-ray Disc Recorder with 500GB HDD and Twin HD Tuner
  • DMR-PWT560GN Blu-ray Disc Player and HDD Recorder with 500GB HDD and Twin HD Tuner
  • DMR-HWT260GN HDD Recorder with 1TB HDD and Twin HD Tuner
  • DMP-BDT380GN, DMP-BDT280GN and DMP-BD84GN-K smart Blu-ray Players
  • Panasonic will continue to offer its DMR-BWT955GL Blu-ray Disc Recorder with 2TB HDD and Triple HD Tuner in 2016

The Recorder range provides flexible recording and viewing to suit the user’s lifestyle; including the capability to record TV programs while watching Netflix, access to programs in and out of the home and viewing via TV, smartphone or tablet. The recorders offer long recording time with up to 2TB hard disk drives, capturing up to 1370 hours of HDTV.
The Recorder range has a new, sleek design with a ‘diamond glass cut’ finish, and is 35 per cent thinner and smaller than previous models. This slim and stylish look matches any TV and room style, and allows for more versatile installation. The recorders use a new dot-matrix display, which provides sharp, crisp text and greatly improves visibility. The latest range incorporates convenient features such as TV Anytime, Remote Recording, Multi-room TV Streaming, Twin HD Tuners, Miracast, Series Recording and Keyword Recording. Other capabilities include Netflix and HbbTV out of the box. Panasonic’s Blu-ray Players also offer convenient features such as Netflix support, DLNA for connection to the home network, web browsing and 4K upscaling.

High Quality Picture: Proprietary picture-enhancing technologies faithfully reproduce original images 4K High-Precision Chroma Processor (DMP-UB900)

The DMP-UB900 incorporates a newly developed 4K-ready engine, called the 4K High-Precision Chroma Processor, which delivers beautiful, natural pictures with lifelike depth and vivid colours. The DMP-UB900 also has an original 4K Direct Chroma Up-scaling function so that it can deliver 4K-quality pictures with high resolution and beautiful colours from 2K content.

THX Certified (DMP-UB900)
The THX®-certified DMP-UB900 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player reproduces the finely nuanced colours and rich, detailed images required to reproduce precisely the filmmaker’s intentions. It also achieves truly lifelike premium surround sound. Users can watch movies at home with essentially the same quality they enjoy at a commercial cinema.

Ultra HD Premium certified (DMP-UB900)
The DMP-UB900 has been officially certified as ULTRA HD PREMIUM. The Player has met the rigorous testing protocol set out by the UHD Alliance for Ultra HD Blu-ray Players, representing the next generation of products for consumers who want to enjoy the very best quality 4K HDR content with the best equipment.
Delivering a 4K Blu-ray experience (DMR-BWT760, DMR-PWT560, DMR-HWT260, DMP-BDT380, DMP-BDT280)
Panasonic’s Blu-ray models offer an outstanding viewing experience with built-in 4K up-scaling. Panasonic’s advanced image processing technology analyses the colour and luminance of every pixel and boosts the input signal to generate an ultra-high quality 4K video signal that complements Panasonic’s 4K panels. In addition, with 4K JPEG playback mode, you can view your holiday photos in 4K on a big screen.

High Quality Sound: High quality audio signal processing achieves premium, wide-ranging sound

Audio/Video Isolated Twin HDMI & 7.1-channel Analogue Audio Output (DMP-UB900)
The DMP-UB900 comes with a wide range of digital and analogue terminals to suit a diversity of users’ system environments. The new twin HDMI arrangement separates audio and video signals to suppress unwanted noise and achieve high quality audio reproduction. In addition, it supports analogue 7.1-channel audio for a direct connection to a home theatre system for lifelike surround sound. Each terminal is gold-plated to resist oxidisation and maintain high signal conductivity.
Carefully Selected High Quality Audio Parts (DMP-UB900)
The DMP-UB900 uses many high quality audio parts equivalent to those found in hi-fi audio products. Large-capacity electrolytic capacitors ensure a stable power supply and provide the sound with incredible power, while a Mica capacitor reduces internal digital noise from the power line. Digital circuitry features a LAN Common Mode Filter that decreases noise from external devices during network playback, and the audio circuitry supports high-resolution 192-kHz/32-bit Audio DAC. Essentially every part of the UB900 is designed to deliver high sound quality, from signal processing to audio device output.
High-Resolution Audio Format (DMP-UB900)
The DMP-UB900 is designed for high-resolution audio reproduction. In addition to conventional WAV/FLAC/MP3/AAC/WMA formats, DSD (5.6 MHz/2.8 MHz) and ALAC music files can be reproduced. Simply connect to a home audio system to enjoy music sources equivalent to studio master sound quality.
Digital Tube Sound with up-sampling (UB900)
The distinctive, warm sound characteristics of tube amplifiers are faithfully simulated. Six different kinds of sounds from vacuum tubes with 96-kHz/192-kHz up-sampling can be enjoyed in exceptionally high quality.

Smart Networking: Fully fledged network functionality makes it easy to enjoy a variety of 4K sources 4K Video / JPEG Playback (DMP-UB900)

Users can also reproduce 4K videos (MP4) that they’ve taken with a camera or camcorder. And they can output JPEG data in 4K resolution. This makes it possible to enjoy the memories of holidays in all their natural beauty, from magnificent landscapes to precious images of family and friends.
Users can freely share content, such as photos, videos and music, with other connected devices throughout the home. Every member of the family can enjoy the content they want, in their own style, regardless of time and place.

TV Anytime (DMR-BWT760, DMR-PWT560, DMR-HWT260)
With TV Anytime and the Panasonic Media Centre App, you can stream recorded programs or live broadcasts on your tablet or smartphone wherever you are in the world, via your Recorder’s tuner or a connected USB hard disk drive.

Multi-room TV streaming (DMR-BWT760, DMR-PWT560, DMR-HWT260)
View content in comfort from any room in the house using the Multi-room TV Streaming feature. Users can wirelessly send a recorded program or live broadcast to a smartphone or tablet for flexible viewing.
Miracast (DMR-BWT760, DMR-PWT560, DMR-HWT260, DMP-BDT380, DMP-BDT280)
Using the Miracast feature, viewers can mirror the display of compatible mobile devices to the larger TV screen. With the press of a button, images, videos, apps or games on the viewers’ smartphone or tablet (Android 4.2 operating system or higher) can be shared.

Web Browser (DMR-BWT760, DMR-PWT560, DMR-HWT260, DMP-BDT380, DMP-BDT280)
The new models also allow big-screen web browsing in the living room. An integrated web browser enables users to enjoy all of their favourite websites through the TV.

Smart Recording

Record live TV while watching Netflix (DMR-BWT760, DMR-PWT560, DMR-HWT260)
Use the recorder’s Twin HD Tuner to watch your favourite shows while recording another channel. Thanks to a new processor, consumers can now record live TV while watching Netflix at the same time. Panasonic’s DMP-BDT380 and DMP-BDT280 Blu-ray Players also support Netflix viewing.
Keyword Recording and Series Recording (DMR-BWT760, DMR-PWT560, DMR-BWT460i, DMR-HWT260)
Keyword Recording provides a convenient and quick way of automatically recording programs by selecting a keyword. For example, enter your favourite sport and the Recorder will search the electronic program guide and record all programs with this keyword.
Never miss an episode of your favourite series again. By registering TV programs with the Series Recording function, they can be automatically recorded and stored each time they are broadcast.
Remote Recording (DMR-BWT760, DMR-PWT560, DMR-HWT260)
With Remote Recording, users can set up the recorder through a web page or mobile app to remotely view a show. Also, by using this service on a smartphone or tablet while watching a TV program, you can set a different program for timer recording without interrupting the one you’re watching at home.
Twin HD Tuner (DMR-BWT760, DMR-PWT560, DMR-BWT460, DMR-HWT260)
The Twin HD Tuner enables viewers to record a program in HD quality while other members of the household are watching a different channel, or to record two programs simultaneously.

Pricing and Availability Product Availability RRP (AUD)

  • DMP-UB900GNK September TBC
  • DMR-BWT760GN May $749
  • DMR-BWT460GN May $549
  • DMR-PWT560GN May $599
  • DMR-HWT260GN May $549
  • DMP-BDT380GN Now $249
  • DMP-BDT280GN Now $209
  • DMP-BD84GN-K Now $149

For more information, please contact Panasonic on 132 600 or visit the website: