Panasonic announces high-impact, high-reliability video wall

The new 55-inch LED video wall promises high visibility, reliability and installation flexibility

Panasonic has released a new 55-inch LED video wall display that offers high impact, high reliability, and installation flexibility. The new TH-55LFV70 video wall has a bezel that is only 3.5mm wide at each join, for a near seamless appearance.

The panels can be mounted in landscape or portrait mode to suit the application, with up to 100 panels able to be configured and controlled in a single wall. The 55-inch panels are built to offer high visibility wherever they are installed. To ensure excellent performance from all angles in brightly lit showrooms or shopping concourses, they offer 700 cd/m2 brightness, an IPS LED panel with a wide viewing angle, and an anti-glare surface that reduces the reflection of ambient light.

Chris Maw, Product Marketing Manager Panels and Projectors, Panasonic, said: “Video walls now offer greater ease of installation, operation and affordability, with reduced total cost of ownership giving them appeal to a much broader range of customers.” “They are an excellent solution for customers wanting a high-impact display to promote sales such as car dealerships or boutique clothing stores. They stand out from the crowd and are ideal for displaying information in large areas from airports to convention centre lobbies.”

Panasonic video walls are simple to install, saving on labour and time. The panels are shipped with colour pre-calibrated so there is no adjustment necessary during installation and the modular mount uses magnets to ensure all panels are perfectly aligned. Additionally, a wall is easy to maintain as the panels can simply be removed from the mount. Video, audio, and control signals can be distributed to up to nine panels using a DIGITAL LINK single cable daisy chain. This removes the requirement for a splitter and simplifies the control of a multi-screen system.